Bombay Sapphire Gin (1 Litre) £22 @ Tesco

Bombay Sapphire Gin (1 Litre) £22 @ Tesco

Found 4th Aug 2016
Almost bought a bottle of this in Asda for £30.00 bargain at £22.00


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wow! I'm glad I didn't buy two bottles...


Gordon's gin is better for me.

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Gordon's- lol, pull the other one mate

Horrible infusion, this used to taste nice, better off with a Gordon's or splash out on a bathtub gin, gin mare, or London no 3, there are so many better gins on offer.

Gordons is great, try a blind taste test

Don't really need to spend more than £20 a litre on Bombay Sapphire as it is frequently on offer.
Not keen on Gordon's but I would recommend Aldi's own gin which is £9.99 for 70cl and £13.99 for a litre.
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