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Bomb Cosmetics - £50 of Product for only £30 - Lucky Dip Box!
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Posted 21st Jun 2019Posted 21st Jun 2019
Bomb Cosmetics - £50 of Product for only £30 - Lucky Dip Box!£30
**LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE!** A collection of at least £50 worth of products for only £30! Your package may include Bath Blasters, Mallows, Soaps and Candles. Shelf life is for 30… Read more
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This is what I got in mine today: 3 soaps 1 giant shower soap 1 hand wash 5 bath bombs 3 bath mallows 3 bath oils 1 candle I'm chuffed to bits with the contents - all lovely scents and only one which has glitter. I am aware that their plastic wrap isn't ideal, but I'm not a saint and I'm going to enjoy these goodies after having a terrible day.


Sounds like a move in right direction but some products may still have the un environmentally friendly glitter in them


They have been saying that for a long time now, I emailed the same question last Christmas and last summer as I wanted to see if I could get products without glitter in them. They won't do a glitter free mystery box. I voted hot but I wouldn't buy their stuff again.


Just trying to share a deal with people who might be interested guys. There are far worse companies out there for non-environmentally friendly practices. I have had these boxes before and received some nice goodies. I'm not keen on the glitter either, and I emailed them about it, to which they replied that they are changing over to an environmentally friendly alternative.


They also use plastic stars! Not content with glitter going down the drain but stars too.

Bomb Lucky Dip Boxes are back £60 worth of christmas products for £25 delivered @ Bomb Cosmetics
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Posted 19th Feb 2019Posted 19th Feb 2019
Bomb Lucky Dip Boxes are back £60 worth of christmas products for £25 delivered @ Bomb Cosmetics£25£6058%
Bargain for a lucky dip of Christmas bomb products delivered. Love Christmas smells and so does the wife.

Thank you


Thank you


Actually found another one after I took this


Pretty good for the money


Got another 3 of them

Bomb Cosmetics Boxing Day Sale 50% Off - Bath Blasters £1.50, 12 Days of Christmas £17.50, Gift Sets from £3.99, Candles £4.50​
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Posted 26th Dec 2018Posted 26th Dec 2018
Bomb Cosmetics Boxing Day Sale 50% Off - Bath Blasters £1.50, 12 Days of Christmas £17.50, Gift Sets from £3.99, Candles £4.50​£1.25
Bomb Cosmetics Boxing Day Sale 50% Off - Bath Blasters £1.50, 12 Days of Christmas £17.50, Gift Sets from £3.99, Candles £4.50 Fantastic products here which would make lovely gif… Read more
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Still good stuff there, wish there were more creamers as I love them! X


Thanks OP I’ve managed to get some bath bombs - good spot!


Most of it is out of stock.


Shame not many melts or creamers on offer. I love their products but far too many of them contain glitter which will stick to you and your bathtub like b***rry



Bomb Cosmetics Black Friday Sale Up to 50% Off e.g. Blueberry Sundae Bath Creamer £1.10
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Bomb Cosmetics Black Friday Sale Up to 50% Off e.g. Blueberry Sundae Bath Creamer £1.10£1.10
Bomb Cosmetics Black Friday Sale Up to 50% Off Free delivery on orders over £25. Bath Creamers from £1.10 Bath Mallows from £1.25… Read more
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If you email customer services that can advise you on the best products that suit your needs. Plus they are pretty speedy at replying


Thank you so much


Don't know, but good Q.


No you'll get them all in one box that is filled with food safe colourful puffs which protect the items during transit They are individually plastic or paper wrapped for the small creamers. The creamers are actually nicer than the bombs in my experience.


Don't get glittery ones from Bomb. They'll leave you and the bath very greasy and sticky, covered in glitter, and both in need of a full shower/clean after the bath, which rather defeats the object. I am giving a load of mine away that I got in a lucky dip box, because 8/10 have glitter in

Bomb Cosmetics Lucky Dip Box - £24 with code @ Bomb Cosmetics
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Posted 27th Jul 2018Posted 27th Jul 2018
Bomb Cosmetics Lucky Dip Box - £24 with code @ Bomb Cosmetics£24
Lucky dip box back - usually £30 for £50 worth of products - but price comes down to £24 with code BOMBBABE20

Mine were finally delivered late on Friday - pleased with my selection! Here's what I got: Buttter Chunks Icandy soap slice Clean Getaway soap slice Let's go disco soap Cloud Nine solid shower gel Sherbet lemon lip scrub Chilli & chocolate candle Fields of Joy bath mallow Pineapple Expressed bath blaster Jelly & Custard bath blaster Cotton Flower bath blaster Up Up & Away bath blaster Twister bath creamer Ocean shower mixer Strawberry shower mixer Raspberry shower mixer Cookie shower mixer 17 items with an RRP of £55.47 for £24.00 - thanks OP! Would be nice to know what you guys got in yours - please share!


Phoned Bomb Cosmetics yesterday as I still haven't received these. Was promised an email with the tracking number (dispatched via Yodel) but I never received an email. Just messaged BC again. Anyone else had theirs?


Has anyone received theirs yet? Had an email to say they were despatched 2 days ago but no signal of them yet. The suspense is killing me - I want to know what goodies I have! :/


This is the second one I've bought my wife for Xmas. Put them in the advent calendar we do.


I love bomb.... my boyfriend buys me loads!

**£50 of Product for only £24!** Lucky Dip Selection @ Free delivery!
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Posted 27th May 2018Posted 27th May 2018
**£50 of Product for only £24!** Lucky Dip Selection @ Free delivery!£24
Great price for these. Use code BOMBBABE20 for 20% off as these are £30 on the website. (Thanks to @lee.richardson for the code! (y))

Looks like we got the dandy lion bath bomb which is the only thing I don't like the smell of, let me know what it's like when you use it =D


Was gonna keep mine til Monday but couldn't resist any longer. Sad I didn't get a candle and 2 of my 4 bombs have glitter =( but there's a lot of stuff to try. Some of mine don't have English descriptions or instructions on though, mix of German and French.18 items for £24 is good thoughHonolulu healerSecret garden savon Dr douche frenchJelly and custardDandy lionFlying highFab u lousCloud 9 massage barRuby vegasIcandyBerry the hatchetSkin envyKontiki fizzBlaxkberryCranberry lip balmShooting starsChuckle?Fields of joyStrange fruit


I got very m I got very much the same as the picture above with some colour/scent variations. and I dont know what that Honolulu Healer thing is, I got a Chocolate /Chilli candle. And instead of that heart soap I got an expresso massage soap. I have to wonder who on this earth wants to come out of a bath smelling like coffee ? ewww. Im not sure it would be worth the original £50 but I think it was okay for £24.


What did everyone get in theirs? Mine arrived today but waiting until Monday to open it on my birthday


Mine arrived just now very happy with it. I love the multi coloured foam noddles inside (lol) (lol) (lol)

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Bomb cosmetics 50% off sale
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Posted 26th Dec 2017Posted 26th Dec 2017
Bomb cosmetics 50% off sale
Not on main website home page but link takes you to sale items. Christmas bombs, mallows, candles and gift sets are half price

Thanks for posting. Just ordered 3 Christmas presents & some stocking fillers for next year. It also let me use BDAY20% code <3


Brilliant thank you, got some for my daughter for her birthday, she won't care that they are christmasy :D


BDAY20% gets 20% off everything even what not Birthday (I’ve used 3 times this year)


Thanks so much for that. Ill order some later


I wondered that & it states if they are unopened they will last 30 months, so bought teachers & a few others presents for next year! Thank you for posting

£50 of Bomb Cosmetics Products for £27 Delivered (Lucky Dip)
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Posted 24th Jul 2017Posted 24th Jul 2017
£50 of Bomb Cosmetics Products for £27 Delivered (Lucky Dip)£27
Bomb Cosmetics have their £50 worth lucky dip for £30 on again. Use code BOMBBABE10 for 10% off. Free delivery over £25 I personally love these, more so than Lush as they don't ma… Read more

'Lucky dip' = all the unpopular stuff they can't sell


Stuff was perfectly good, fragrance very very weak, if you're used to stuff from lush, this isn't that at all.




Are bomb products animal free ?

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Posted 2nd Feb 2017Posted 2nd Feb 2017
Bomb cosmetics have released the end of their Christmas stock and reduced it up to 50% Free delivery on orders over £25 Free candle on orders over £35 Free giftset on orders over £… Read more

page not working :|


​thanks for reply, ordering some then. Thanks also for storage tip, i will store them as you suggested :)


[/quote] thanks, will be ordering some then :)


Iv kept for 10 month !! Really are very good value :) quote=gemz1269]How long can you keep these? would they keep a for 3 or 4 months? i want to buy the less festive ones as a token birthday prezzie but will they still be ok? or do they need to be bought closer to the time?. I've never used bath bombs myself as my skin doesn't react well to strongly fragranced bath products, so any help would be fab, thanks[/quote]


Delivery very slow placed my order with them,they all seem to smell the same,they were individually sealed which was good .I think I'll stick to Lush.

BOMB COSMETICS LUCKY DIP £30 for £50 worth of products free delivery on orders over £25
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Posted 26th Dec 2016Posted 26th Dec 2016
BOMB COSMETICS LUCKY DIP £30 for £50 worth of products free delivery on orders over £25£30
Deal is back on. Also check out the boxing day sale pages.. quite a few bombs half price. Also free gifts if u spend over certain amount. Foot cream and gift set.

I must resist - I only bought this last month!

Bomb cosmetics sale. 50% off Christmas bag
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Posted 26th Dec 2016Posted 26th Dec 2016
Bomb cosmetics sale. 50% off Christmas bag£10
Santa Says Relax Gift Set My kids prefer these to lush and allot cheaper Free delivery over £25

Last I heard are putting some freebies in. Someone on FB posted a picture of what they got and it was even better than what they ordered. So fingers crossed


Had a phone call saying due to high demands they was outta stock. I could have a refund or wait for new stock, so will be waiting for new ones. They've been in touch a couple of times via email, so good communication from the sellers.


I got an email today apologizing for the delay and said that they will put two extra ones in as a goodwill gesture. I was putting them away for next year, so doesn't matter to me what they are either. Actually better if they aren't Christmas


hi :) any of you ordered and recieved your items yet? got my santa says relax gift set delivered today, but im pretty sure, they are different bath bombs? And not in a gift bag! Had a mail last week, that the delivery is delayed, nothing about replacments x still happy tho ;)


Wow I love this site now x

Bomb Cosmetics Boxing Day Sale
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Posted 26th Dec 2016Posted 26th Dec 2016
Bomb Cosmetics Boxing Day Sale
Bomb Cosmetics Boxing Day Sale. Receive a free foot creme if you spend £35 Receive a free specs appeal gift box if you spend £45 Free shipping over £25. Also £50 of good for £30 o… Read more
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​exact same thing happened to mine just not worth it sorry I'd rather buy lush


Me too! The bath blasters left a load of glitter all over my bath which took me ages to clean off!


had stuff from here before and was really disappointed!:(


the bomb cosmetics products are nice but the smells are way too subtle.. if you like the way lush products smell.. this may not be if you like lush but found them smelling too strong and wanted something understated.. then bomb cosmetics are great.


great alternative to lush, and a website that hasn't crashed. it's a shame this company is lesser known because this deal should be hot

£50 worth of product for £30 and free delivery bomb cosmetics
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Posted 28th Nov 2016Posted 28th Nov 2016
£50 worth of product for £30 and free delivery bomb cosmetics£30
Had these before and they are excellent value for money. Spend another £15 to get a free bomb gift set. No code needed.

Got mine today-17 items including 1 candle, 1 lip gloss and 2 soap slices (the rest bombs and melts). What did everyone else get...?


didn't come up as a duplicate when I posted so didn't realise x


Great products, but already posted:


I bought thier stuff before and it was good. I did however expect it to be stronger smelling like lush.. if you buy these the smells are subtle. if you like that then these are for you.


what sort of box do they come in? was thinking of ordering as a gift x

£50 of Product for only £30 Lucky Dip Selection @ Bomb Cosmetics
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
£50 of Product for only £30 Lucky Dip Selection @ Bomb Cosmetics£30
Cracker of a deal if there is someone you know and likes all those smelly items. A collection of at least £50 worth of products for only £30! This lucky dip gift pack will contai… Read more
£50 worth of bomb cosmetic products for £24 plus free delivery
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Posted 27th May 2016Posted 27th May 2016
£50 worth of bomb cosmetic products for £24 plus free delivery£24
This deal will not be for everyone.... Iv had this bargain box before and it is fab. Plus free delivery on orders over £25, free body cream on orders over £35 (I think) and a fre… Read more

I got almost the same - only difference I got a Hypnobath bath blaster & not the Flying Saucers bath blaster!


Did anyone get the free body cream? It smells divine :)


Mine were exactly the same too! I guess they were having a clear out of certain things, but I'm still really happy with mine. I'm on the mailing list now, so looking forward to the next sale. Going to run a bath - decisions, decisions... X)


Wonder if everyone else got the same . Not that I'm complaining as I love everything :p


Mamof3 - mine came today same contents as yours!!

Bomb cosmetics lucky dip £50 worth of products for £30 and free delivery
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Posted 6th Jan 2016Posted 6th Jan 2016
Bomb cosmetics lucky dip £50 worth of products for £30 and free delivery£30
Bomb cosmetics lucky dip £50 worth of products for £30. Free delivery. ''Contains a selection of products including Bath Blasters, Mallows and Creamers and Candles among others'' S… Read more
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I'm assuming this offer has ended as I can't see anything about it on the website?


Thanks OP! Why the cold votes everyone?


I ordered some sets in the sale and they've just been delivered - the packaging is really nice on them. Tempted by this but I'm going to try and resist. Have some heat anyway xx


are these products comparable to Lush? Want to try them out xx :)


Sounds good to me :)

Bomb cosmetics 1/2 price sale on Christmas items
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Posted 29th Dec 2015Posted 29th Dec 2015
Bomb cosmetics 1/2 price sale on Christmas items
Bomb Cosmetics 1/2 sale on christmas items @ Includes gift packs @ £6.50 candles @ £3.50-£4.00 blasters @ £1.15 Creamers @ £1.05 Mallows @ £1.12 Soaps @ £… Read more
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Hello. It's currently 2016 and I was wondering about when does the sale start???? It hasn't started yet, and it's the 12th


I used one of these bombs for the first time today, thought I'd buy some more so googled it and came across this offer on their site. Thought I'd check on here first before posting but obviously hukd already knew about it ;) I'm a bit late but managed to order some to put by for Christmas gifts. Great offer! It was only a small bomb that I used but I'm pretty impressed, made my skin feel so good.


Mine finally turned up too. They look to be lovely products and i'm looking forward to trying them. What a faff for you only getting part of your order. I shall think twice about ordering again, but then again, they were a bargain.


Got my order and out of 20 items I got 7. Still charged me for them all though. They resent missing ones but what a hassle to get them to do it. Never again.


Oh wow! That's an awful lot of orders! No wonder there's a delay.

Bomb cosmetics online sale prices start at £1.15
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Posted 2nd Jan 2015Posted 2nd Jan 2015
Bomb cosmetics online sale prices start at £1.15£1.15
Just come accross the Bomb cosmetics sale, prices start at £1.15 gift boxes are £7 each free delivery if you spend £25 ;-)

How do Bomb Cosmetics compare to Lush in terms of product quality (not ethics)?


But the bath bombs are all about the fizz, bout the fizz, no smelly.


Poor stuff. Their bath bombs smell nice before use, put them in a bath & it's just all fizz & the nice smell goes straight away :(


PROPS! Highly rated brand, I was surprised myself.


Thank you :)