Bomberman Ultra for PS3 only £2.49 at Playstation Store

Bomberman Ultra for PS3 only £2.49 at Playstation Store

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Found 5th May 2018
I still think the latest Bomberman game is a bit pricey even around the £27 mark, so for anyone who has a ps3 kicking about and mates for local multiplayer (up to 7) I though this might help pass the time until the new one goes down in price.

No doubt it's already mentioned on some epic list already, but I think it's too easy for some people to skim past on hidden gems like this.

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Good find @scroterot ! Shame I can't actually buy it... All I get when I try to pay for it is "We've encountered an error while processing your order. Please try again later." 😔

Edit: never mind... It seems I forgot to update my payment details!
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Yeah, the new game defo needs to come down in price if it’s to stand a chance, I love Bomberman and have spent countless hours on it, but it’s way too much of a premium price for a game that has a pretty basic (yet very effective) formula
new one is coming out on ps4 next month
Not backward compatible with ps4 ?
Nice spot mate cheers. I want bomberman r on switch but like you say its still a lot and considering the ps4 version isn't even out and its the same price as the switch version
Thanks just purchased, along with Metal Gear Solid 1 and VR missions
boss91199914 h, 9 m ago

Not backward compatible with ps4 ?

I wish it was also
I want ps2 hardball but compatible with ps3 or ps4 the hardball was the best bomber man you get golf, baseball and tennis aswell as original bomberman its AWESOME. IVE 2 COPIES BUT MY PS2 DIED AFTER 22 YRS SERVICE. shes in the cupboard 😣
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Dont want another ps2 jus for 1 game. Ive also got alot ps1 games but my ps3 plays them no bother.
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