Bon Jovi - The Circle CD £3.95 delivered @ Zavvi
Bon Jovi - The Circle CD £3.95 delivered @ Zavvi

Bon Jovi - The Circle CD £3.95 delivered @ Zavvi

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Bon Jovis eleventh album has in some ways, as its title suggests, come full circle. There are reminders scattered throughout of the undiluted, heads-down rocking of their pre-"Living On A Prayer" days. In other ways it is exactly what it says it is on the tin; i.e. there are no efforts to reinvent the wheel here. Theyre an older band than they once were, so there are noticeable limits to their respective ranges, but there's some gutsy fretwork from an on-form Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovis hoarse, varnished croak does what it has to do, and both will undoubtedly please fans. There are plenty of crunching, air-punching moments and choreographed anthems, but pleasingly they don't feel nearly as forced as much of their post-2000 output. This free and easy approach has worked wonders, making Bon Jovi seem like less of a formula-entrenched machine and more open to the odd light touch and nuance. To leave you in no doubt of their heritage, "When We Were Beautiful" employs Don McLeans "American Pie" sha-la-las under a slick, high-budget rock sheen, but "Superman Tonight" is so warm and universal it could pass for Snow Patrol or Coldplay under the right stadium lights. Credibility may not be something they especially crave, but still, "Work For The Working Man" sounds patently ridiculous coming from the mouth of a millionaire. The balance is redressed a little by "Fast Cars" and also by the fact that the song is pure Slippery When Wet. A surprisingly deft proving of form.

1.We Weren't Born To Follow
2.When We Were Beautiful
3.Work For The Working Man
4.Superman Tonight
6.Thorn In My Side
7.Live Before You Die
9.Love's The Only Rule
10.Fast Cars
11.Happy Now
12.Learn To Love


Brilliant find andywedge. Something to spend my Xmas £2.50 on!
Edit: Actually, no rep to give: You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to andywedge again.

Good album and good price.

Everything said about this album being a return to the old sound is a lie. And a ridiculous lie at that. If this didn't have Jon's voice on it it could be absolutely anyone. The most anonymous Bon Jovi album so far. Such a disappointment.

Best price around though, if you really must own it.

It's not like the old stuff, it's like the current stuff. Which is MOR rock that all sounds a bit samey. here are some good tracks, and it's better than Lost Highway, but it's not great.

rubbish album, JBJ's loves getting the fans cash, good price though if you really must indulge

roll on Richie Sambora's solo album lol

Not the best of Bon Jovi's albums by a long way but a steal at this price. Who is going to help the working man indeed at the June concerts this year, tickets are well over priced but what a legend when it comes to the live concerts. Was on the golden circle at the richo the last 2 gigs they did at coventry and will be at the o2 on 11th June. Heat added

Jovi recently gained a nomination at the grammy's for Best POP performance, nuff said

Gotta disagree with many here, I loved this album, best in years from them, and I've been a fan for 20 years...
Anda great price too if you ain't got it yet.

Bon Jovi used to be great. Before they sold out, this album is really spitting on the legacy of Bon Jovi and might as well be called Some stuff we churned out to rip our fans off a bit more.

Little or no effort has been put into these songs and it's quite obvious that Bon Jovi do not care about the music that they produce to their fans anymore.

At £3.95 I would say that this was still a steep price to pay for what is truly a shocking album.

have to disagree in my OPINION, this is a great album, i am a big Bon Jovi fan so some may say i'm biased. But this is a great deal. Certainly not there greatest album comparing it to Slippery, New Jersey, KTF & These days and Have a nice day.

But to say they sold out is a bit rich, to be honest the album rocks in my opinion, great lyrical content and to be fair not many singers from the 80's sounds this good. For the age they are at there ain't many bands who i can honestly say can hold there voice, exceptions of Sebastian Bach, James Hatfield.

They are certainly one of the biggest bands in the world, still selling out stadiums, and best time to see them is live. Lots of great tracks on the album, superman tonight, we weren't born to follow, brokenpromiseland, love's the only rule, bullet. The lyrical content has always been as strong.

But everyone's entitled to there opinion.

But wether you judge the band is up to you, and i'm voting hot for the deal and because i love the album
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