Bonded by Blood (DVD) - £3.93 Delivered @ WH Smith

Bonded by Blood (DVD) - £3.93 Delivered @ WH Smith

Found 17th Apr 2011
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Charting the notorious rise of southern England’s most famous gangsters, Tony Tucker, Patrick Tate and Craig Rolfe, BONDED BY BLOOD is a thrilling biopic that will leave your nerves frayed. The trio of drug suppliers and career criminals were found in 1995, blasted to death by a shot gun in a Range Rover in Essex. A stronghold of fear and violence that allowed them to maintain a large, drug fuelled empire perhaps led to their untimely deaths.

In a world where loyalties are constantly pushed to breaking point, your closest friend can quickly become your worst enemy, and before long the boys find themselves in a fight for life or death.

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This is a load of s***e and by far the worst take on the Essex Boys story.
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