Unfortunately, this deal has expired 8 October 2023.
Posted 4 September 2023

Boneless Variety Deal - Mini Fillet Burger, Small Popcorn Chicken and Medium Fries

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New offer shows on KFC under “Bucket for one”.

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  1. lugsy3's avatar
  2. djbooth77's avatar
    Saw this at St Helens branch, looks like you don't need the app for the offer. Unsure of other stores though ...50923830-PfdOW.jpg
  3. ZeroTheGhostDog's avatar

    I feel this is a better deal, personally.

    Fries, x2 hot wings, x1 mini fillet, x1 normal piece and a gravy

    NeverBagHolding's avatar
    For sure, the wings and the 1 pc sell theirselves that’s all I need
  4. cainer1's avatar
    I see on their menu they've swapped out the Teriyaki fillet burger for a BBQ fillet burger,
    They also have a Zinger Supercharger burger which i think is new?
    From what i can see though they're both only available as 'Tower burgers'

    Also on KFC via Uber Eats they're doing 2x Zinger burgers + 2x reg fries for £9 which may help someone
    But unfortunately they've dropped the £1.98 Twister wrap of the day off the menu (edited)
  5. Pistols's avatar
    Not available for delivery, only available for pickup/eat in at my local.
    Could be why some people are having trouble finding it.
  6. Gregglesj's avatar
    Not for me
    johnc77's avatar
    It shows under the buckets for one section not the offers section on mine.
  7. JamPau's avatar
    The hell?

    johnc77's avatar
    The mini fillet version isn't under the offers section it's under buckets for one section on the app.
  8. AJJ67's avatar
    The £2.99 deal does not include a drink. Nevertheless it is good value.
  9. SkipjackUK's avatar
    djbooth77's avatar
    Warren Dobson knows what's up...
  10. lucas's avatar
    Meh, think the best deal is still the £1.99 wrap of the day
    confusedx's avatar
    not available in my local KFC anymore......possibly national?
  11. laughingman's avatar
    wish they would improve their fries
    NeverBagHolding's avatar
    Same they used to actually be good back in the day. Now they taste soggy and they go in the bin usually for me tbh.

    If I’m really hungry I might put them in the air fryer for longer to make them crispy
  12. mrew42's avatar
    Sounds like my Marriage, without the Variety
    faceache's avatar
    Once past a certain age for many (of whom I am one) it's the hint of an opportunity not the variety that one misses most.
  13. BrynDiesel's avatar
    Problem with kfc is the inevitable chicken slopper that follows
    scrounger's avatar
    Don't you mean slapper?
  14. KingOfSpades's avatar
    Free for me yay
  15. clarke20's avatar
    I had a KFC for first time in years the other day, I highly recommend the Zinger double stacker burger! Was really nice but yet £7 for just a burger 
    NeverBagHolding's avatar
    Yeah I only go zinger burger, I can’t have the fillet it’s too plain
  16. Shenx's avatar
    Am not downloading the app again to see no offers.. as the saying goes fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Lol
  17. onitslastlegs's avatar
    Variety? A fillet and some popcorn?
  18. weswart's avatar
    isn't the mini fillet burger the size of a fish finger?
    NeverBagHolding's avatar
    Yeah but with popcorn chicken and chips you will be bloated, that’s coming from me as a usual big eater.
  19. matthew.ashton's avatar
    kamranRus's avatar
    Same here
  20. northerngeezer's avatar
    They showing now on my offer page
  21. Beanbag's avatar
    £4.49 on off er for me in London N1
    cainer1's avatar
  22. surreyspireite's avatar
    My local KFC (Staines) is horrendous in every way... no offer would get me back there.
  23. HottUKDealer's avatar
    The only boneless that matters

  24. DaveNovell's avatar
    Thanks for posting deals like this, I never look through the app and would miss deals like these without the super hero’s that make these posts. I salute you.
  25. thatscheap's avatar
    1st World Problems!!
  26. Rousetika's avatar
    Mini is the correct description
    bargainhunter2409's avatar
    Micro would be a better description or 1 bite burger
  27. northerngeezer's avatar
    Nothing showing in the offers section as yet.
    Presume they will be updated later today
  28. BodisBest's avatar

    Seems a good price.
  29. BKji's avatar
    Nothing showing on my app too.
    jayzone1998's avatar
    I think it's just a normal meal, shows up when ordering. Offers will come out later today
  30. rayman1970's avatar
    Nothing showing yet for me
  31. BodisBest's avatar
    Not for me.
  32. oldsystem's avatar
    The other offer on mine is fillet burger, small popcorn and fries for £4.49
    katw's avatar
  33. leatherskirt's avatar
    Love KFC
  34. BrianButterfield's avatar
    Whatever happened to their old Zinger wraps? I had one the other year when Deliveroo kept doing deals where you basically got your meal for free. The new wraps are so bad....
  35. WrinklyPhallus's avatar
    Assume this is only at participating stores because it's showing at one store near me but not the other
  36. benabean's avatar
    Just a heads up, I ordered this from the "buckets for one" section in KFC though it's not shown up as an "offer" on the app yet, price was £2.99 direct from the menu.
  37. Chekers88's avatar
    Yum. Bargain
  38. ministrymason's avatar
    £4.49 on my app
    cainer1's avatar
    Come on dude read some comments, it's been mentioned many many times...

    "The mini fillet version isn't under the offers section it's under buckets for one section on the app"

    it's also mentioned in the description (edited)
  39. bargainhunter2409's avatar
    In my local ( Barnstaple ) drive thru about to get this when a cat sized rat walked right in front of my car with a chicken leg or at least I hope it was in its mouth , right outside the order window , I asked for a refund my appetite wasn't the same afterwards lol however minus the rats this is a good offer. And I assume there aren't rats at every KFC lol
    BargainHwnter's avatar
    There's an extra charge for having a side order of rat.
  40. scrounger's avatar
    Is this made from 100% chicken breast?
    PaulandPam's avatar
    The mini fillet chicken burger is made from breast meat, the popcorn pieces are made from the stuff that gets scraped of the floor and machinery when they clean the factory.
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