Bonnie & Clyde DVD only £2.99 or less delivered @ HMV!
Bonnie & Clyde DVD only £2.99 or less delivered @ HMV!

Bonnie & Clyde DVD only £2.99 or less delivered @ HMV!

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The true story of one of America's most feared bank robbers.

Based on the true-life exploits of the notorious depression-era bank robbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, BONNIE AND CLYDE has become a part of popular American culture and is recognized as one of the most violent films to come out of mainstream Hollywood. Bonnie is bored with life and wants a change. She gets her chance when she meets a charming young drifter by the name of Clyde Barrow. Clyde has dreams of a life of crime, and freedom from the hardships of the depression. The two fall in love and soon begin a crime spree that extends from Oklahoma to Texas. They rob small banks with skill and panache, soon becoming minor celebrities known across the country. People are proud to have been held up by Bonnie and Clyde; to them the duo is doing what nobody else has the guts to do. To the law the two are evil bank robbers who deserve to be gunned down where they stand. Warrren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are marvelous as the young criminal lovers, delivering subtle and complete performances. Also excellent are Gene Hackman as Clyde's brother, Buck; and Estelle Parsons as Buck's wife, Blanche; and the always enjoyable Michael J. Pollard as C.W. Moss. The extremely violent film has made a large impact on American culture, expressing the mood of rebellion rampant in the late 1960s and beyond.

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great film with excellent acting .... when I saw it at the movies I walked in and saw the last ten minutes of the film thinking I had missed the start ... if you have seen it you will appreciate what that did for me!! This of course was in the days when you could sit in the cinema all day and watch the same films a couple of times ..... happy days
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