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£2 Bonus Cashback on £5 Spend @ Topcashback

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

New bonus TCB offer for all members - £2 bonus cashback from £5 spend.

As always, don't forget to opt in.


Terms & Conditions:
During this promotion members of TopCashback are able to receive an additional £2 cashback when the below Terms and Conditions are met.

Please do not worry if your bonus does not track straight away. Some merchants may take longer to track, please allow up to 7 days before raising a support ticket.

  • To be eligible for the £2 Cashback Bonus promotion, you must be a member of TopCashback.co.uk and have received an email to your registered email address. You must activate the offer by clicking through the link in the email or the link below, which will take you to the activation page and activate the promotion, prior to making an eligible transaction, activations will be reported back to TopCashback.
  • You must make a purchase through TopCashback between 00:00:01 and 23:59:00 on 30/11/2022
  • You are eligible for a Cashback Bonus for a maximum of 1 individual purchase.
  • You can earn a maximum of £2.
  • Tell-A-Friend, Sign Up bonuses, Free Cashback merchants and Snap & Save transactions will not count as one of your purchases towards the Cashback Bonus.
  • Your purchase amount should be £5 or more, this is the purchase amount reported back to TopCashback. Some merchants may not include delivery charges.
  • Cashback Bonus will appear in your account as a new transaction, only when cashback for the initial purchase reaches the pending stage.
  • Cashback Bonus will be payable when the initial purchase becomes payable.
  • If you cancel your order, or the merchant deems the transaction as ineligible for cashback, the Cashback Bonus will be removed.
  • Only one TopCashback.co.uk account per person is allowed.
Topcashback More details at Topcashback
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For those looking for Argos or Sainsbury’s GC, you can get one by choosing "YouChoose All Access" on TopGiftCard (min. £10). Then go to YouChoose website, redeem the TGC which will put £10 credit on your account and then use it to buy a Sainsbury's or Argos gift card from YouChoose.

You have to make an account on their site but it can be easily and quickly deleted from the site settings section once you have received and claimed the gift card. Hope this helps.
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  1. Avatar
    Darn, Morrisons minimum gift card now £50. Used to just grab a £10 card to trigger these bonuses.
    Nah, click on 'other amount' and enter 5.00. Works for me. Thank me later!
  2. Avatar
    Don't forget to buy Youchoose All access vouchers from Topgiftcards to get Sainsbury's & Argos vouchers. Works every time but £10 min purchase & a bit of extra effort.

    48880314-QLJfi.jpg (edited)
    Yeah, a bit of extra effort, but £10 gift card gave me an extra £0.58 cashback on top of £2 from TopCashback. Brilliant! Thanks.
  3. Avatar
    NOTE: Morrisons gift card expires after a year! Asda is 2 years
    Who's waiting a year to spend a gift card?
  4. Avatar
    Last £2 still pending 😴😴
    If you want a quick payout on the bonus I suggest purchasing a giftcard from TopGiftcards.
  5. Avatar
    It’s not £50 minimum Topgiftcards at Morrisons - just click other, and enter £5 or more underneath
  6. Avatar
    Folks purchasing a giftcard from TopGiftcards, you can select "Other Amount" and manually enter the giftcard amount you would like.

  7. Avatar
    Is it just me that doesn't get how hot these deals get?

    I get the whole "it's money I would have spent anyway" argument, but...

    If I found a £5 item on here for £3 would it get as much heat?

    All this for £2 saving 🤦🏻‍♂️
    But it's not £2 off a single £5 item.
    It's a £5 spend on any item thru TCB, and anybody can get it.

    Try selling £5 notes for £3 with free postage. That would get hot! (edited)
  8. Avatar
    £5 morrisons card for me as can use for petrol.
    £5 fuel at current prices will probably get you out of the station then you will need to top up again.
  9. Avatar

    (Make your qualifying purchase before 30/11/2022 00:00)

    You got the time wrong. The time 00:00 on 30/11/2022 is in the past now.

    It should read: 'before 01/12/2022 00:00:00'. (edited)
    Yeah should be Simply make your qualifying purchase before 01/12/2022 00:00:00
  10. Avatar
    I made a £5.69 purchase at Toolstation for collection (was about to do it anyway). The bonus has tracked, as has the Toolstation purchase, but amount reported back to TCB is £4.74 which is the ex VAT price and so below the £5 threshold.
    Mention is made in T&Cs of delivery but there is no mention of reportable prices being ex-VAT which is a bit naughty.
    It’s all mentioned if you’re looking in the correct places

    The Bonus T&Cs

    6. Your purchase amount should be £5 or more, this is the purchase amount reported back to TopCashback. Some merchants may not include delivery charges.

    Toolstation T&Cs

    This merchant calculates cashback excluding VAT, delivery and any other charges. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Does any one know if you use the adidas app does it track?
    Nope, need to use a web browser.
  12. Avatar
    Would use on funko Europe but a purchase I made on black Friday got tracked as £65 yet cashback is £0.00.
  13. Avatar
    Took a while before transaction and bonus both appeared on account. Also noticed that Topgiftcards payable date is much longer than usual:

    "Estimated Payable 6 Weeks"
  14. Avatar
    Can you do few 5£ transactionsto be eligible for 2£ cashbackf fir each transaction?
    No only 1 per account
  15. Avatar
    If you buy ASDA TopGiftCards using this £2 bonus please be aware that when you spend them via Topcashback you will not receive a Topcashback bonus ( currently £2.55 existing users ) as you have used a gift card . From Topcashback ` I'm afraid that the merchant has again taken the decision to decline your claim and stand by their original resolution as a gift card was used.` I have had nine claims rejected.
    This is nothing new with cashback sites, you have to read the small print on their T&Cs for every merchant. Same reason why I don't bother if I use a discount code (unless it's actually listed on the page). (edited)
  16. Avatar
    So what we buying for £5?
    Anyone found anything cool or useful?
    Just get a giftcard from Topgiftcards if you gotta ask. Save it for a day you actually need to buy something like a ASDA giftcard.
  17. Avatar
    Does this work for eBay?
    Yes just checked on tcb and ebay is on 1% cashback. Make sure you've activated the offer before you click through.
  18. Avatar
    Nice one.. Topgiftcards here i come
  19. Avatar
    Why are ppl buying Asda gift cards here ?
    To get £2 off a £5 grocery shop.
  20. Avatar
    Nice merb. Always gets this before anyone even knows about it. Heat added
  21. Avatar
    Thanks - Giftcard and Bonus tracked - last months was fixed in a few days by TCB and some missing cashback claims also paid recently

    P.S. People just getting £5 giftcards arent being as clever as they think they are - you'll get around 2% cashback on the whole giftcard amount so youre just missing out
    £5 Asda GC for £2.92 after cashback - I think you may be mistaken on this one fella
  22. Avatar
    Bueno !!!
  23. Avatar
    Thanks for that.

    Just ordered some printer paper for work that I can claim back on expenses.
  24. Avatar
    Nice spot 🔥
  25. Avatar
    My previous 2 £2 Bonuses are still pending
  26. Avatar
    Thanks OP, Asda gift card on the way
  27. Avatar
    Great thanks. Gift card purchased and bonus tracked in 5 minutes.
    Off to Waitrose for a free coffee & newspaper, and £2.12 off a £5 spend. (edited)
    Do you know if you can get them free without buying anything and just scanning the card?
  28. Avatar
    What's so special about this ?
    Is it 2£ off of Every 5£ spent?
    What is making it so hot?
    What am I missing here?
    All the details are in the T&Cs above and on the TCB website.

    Your purchase amount should be £5 or more
    It's a minimum 40% cashback on a £5 spend
  29. Avatar
    IT'S ON!
  30. Avatar
    It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes (I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off)
    If only that was true and HUKD heat our homes! It would be cheaper buying deals than paying for gas.
  31. Avatar
    Many thanks.
    Another ASDA giftcard.
    Must start spending them.
    Haha same, got about 50 quids worth now. Must drop by ASDA soon for a weekly shop!
  32. Avatar
    Nice thanks Merb
  33. Avatar
    thanks OP!
  34. Avatar
    Feelin' hot, hot hot!!
  35. Avatar
    Cheers Merb
  36. Avatar
  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    Heat @merb0786 , topgiftcards here i come!
  39. Avatar
    The obligatory Costa card purchased.
  40. Avatar

    Thanks @merb0786

    TCB do a great job.