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£2 Bonus Cashback on £5 Spend (16th December) @ Topcashback

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

New bonus TCB offer for all members - £2 bonus cashback from £5 spend.

As always, don't forget to opt in!


Terms & Conditions:
During this promotion members of TopCashback are able to receive an additional £2 cashback when the below Terms and Conditions are met.

Please do not worry if your bonus does not track straight away. Some merchants may take longer to track, please allow up to 7 days before raising a support ticket.

  • To be eligible for the £2 Cashback Bonus promotion, you must be a member of TopCashback.co.uk and have received an email to your registered email address. You must activate the offer by clicking through the link in the email or the link below, which will take you to the activation page and activate the promotion, prior to making an eligible transaction, activations will be reported back to TopCashback.
  • You must make a purchase through TopCashback between 00:00:01 and 23:59:00 on 16/12/2022
  • You are eligible for a Cashback Bonus for a maximum of 1 individual purchase.
  • You can earn a maximum of £2.
  • Tell-A-Friend, Sign Up bonuses, Free Cashback merchants and Snap & Save transactions will not count as one of your purchases towards the Cashback Bonus.
  • Your purchase amount should be £5 or more, this is the purchase amount reported back to TopCashback. Some merchants may not include delivery charges.
  • Cashback Bonus will appear in your account as a new transaction, only when cashback for the initial purchase reaches the pending stage.
  • Cashback Bonus will be payable when the initial purchase becomes payable.
  • If you cancel your order, or the merchant deems the transaction as ineligible for cashback, the Cashback Bonus will be removed.
  • Only one TopCashback.co.uk account per person is allowed.
Topcashback More details at Topcashback
Community Updates
For those looking for Argos or Sainsbury’s GC, you can get one by choosing "YouChoose All Access" on TopGiftCard (min. £10). Then go to YouChoose website, redeem the TGC which will put £10 credit on your account and then use it to buy a Sainsbury's or Argos gift card from YouChoose.

You have to make an account on their site but it can be easily and quickly deleted from the site settings section once you have received and claimed the gift card. Hope this helps.
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    I have bought some gift cards in the past from TopGiftCards with this bonus offer. I can't find the emails received which are sent with the gift card(s) - I've searched in my mail inbox for 'TopGiftCards' but can't find them. Can you please tell me the email details as to where the cards are sent from so that I can find mine - do they come from TopGiftCards or Topcashback? Much appreciated. Thank you.
    Try searching 'wegift'. My last email was from 'noreply@mail.wegift.io'
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    Still waiting for my £2 from the previous deal.
    @TopCashbackRep have become like Quidco.
    I've found Topcashback slower recently, but still reliable.

    "Interestingly" Quidco was set up by the same people as HUKD!
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    I rather orders get tracked, confirmed and paid than these bonuses. Quidco isnt great either tbh so most of time i dont bother much anymore

    Great for those it actually works for (edited)
    Have you tried using an incognito tab? It's worked for me (so far) - everything tracked & payable in time.
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    Combine this with the 10x points and the normal 1% for an ebay purchase
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    Just to remind those that might not know. You can use Morrisons gift cards to purchase petrol or diesel. Although £10 is the minimum gift card purchase via TCB. Airtime Rewards offers 4% on their gift card purchases and you can edit the amount to what you want. (edited)
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    top cash back havent been great for about past 5 deals ive clicked through with them always doesnt show and have to file a claim then wait 4-5 months
    Same here Bud.
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    This is the fifth time I’ve had this offer on two accounts. Always bought £5 Asda vouchers. Using chase card to buy 5p, £2 offer to begin with, 8p cash from Top Cash  and 10% Blue Light Card off at Asda 50p  it works out at £2.37 each time. Fantastic offer
    I would suggest purchasing £5.01 GC using Chase to take advantage of their 5% round up (edited)
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    Anyone having problems accessing the You Choose gift card?
    49062598-rTe0L.jpg (edited)
    YES! I am having trouble with The John Lewis voucher. Won't load and the timed out. Hope it gets fixed!
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    My TCB usually tracks but last time i did this offer it didn't, made an eBay order of multiple items, perhaps it's for single items only but nowhere in terms does it say so.
    You could buy one single item that reaches the minimum spend excluding the postage costs. To get the cashback and bonus. Or buy multiple of the same item from one seller as well. As both of these are classed as one transaction.
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    Not spent last gift cards yet Crikey,cheers @merb0786 and TopCashBack (edited)
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    Nice spot
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    Sainsburys voucher again...via the 'You choose' workaround
    Which did u pick? They're 50 quid for the lowest?
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    Topgiftcard here i come!!!

    thanks op
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    Thank you 🔥🔥
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    I only just spent my last giftcard from the previous offer today, so this is great thanks (edited)
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    Very nice new user
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    Thanks @merb0786
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    Hot, hot, hot.
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    Another GC to add to the collection. Rather annoying though the last few times I've had to chase TCB for the bonus to change to payable when the tracked purchase had been payable for a long period
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    You have successfully activated this promotion. Simply make your qualifying purchase before 17/12/2022 00:00:00, and the bonus will be added to your account.
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    Asda voucher again, may as well, got a delivery coming on Saturday
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    Thanks, another £5 gift card for Waitrose, popping in for a free coffee and paper later.
    Cashback and bonus tracked within 5 minutes.
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    Just used a couple of ASDA gift cards yesterday, so good timing.
    4 more bottles of Champion Ale for £3.

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    Always John Lewis/Waitrose for me.
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    Thank you, OP! Have a merry Xmas, everyone! Keep warm!
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    Thanks for highlighting this OP!
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    £10 Morrison's card, 2.5% cashback. Think I may have forgot to click the link on the last one of these, it never tracked for the 1st time ever. Heat added 🔥
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    About to buy more unnecessary vouchers will will no doubt expire, just like the other £200 quids worth. Happy days...
    Are you buying the right ones? The ones I buy get consumed for groceries within a month. I get the Digital VAR one and use that to buy Sainsbury's.
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    Thanks again!
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    Used this for the first time last time it was posted end of November to get a £5 Morrisons (topgiftcards) voucher. Voucher purchase and bonus are both confirmed but it still says 5 weeks until payable (originally said 6 weeks). Is this the usual time frame? (edited)
    Used to be payable in around 24 to 48 hours. It takes a day or so longer since they changed suppliers, but defo not 5 or 6 weeks.
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    Thanks op(y)
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    Thank you x
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    thanks OP!
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    Now just need to figure our what giftcard to get instead of George with the bad luck I've had with their deliveries lately
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    Another morrisons card ordered x
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    Not used the last one yet, too good to miss!
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    Thanks OP
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