Boogiepop Phantom - Vol.4 DVD £2.99 +Quidco

Boogiepop Phantom - Vol.4 DVD £2.99 +Quidco

Found 7th Jul 2009
Best price around for volume 4 of the Anime series, was looking for the others at a good price too but no luck so far anyway details below:

An ambitious series that bears a striking resemblance to LAIN, BOOGIEPOP PHANTOM is no less fascinating, and certainly, in many ways, takes that series' concept to another level. Taking place in a bizarre alternate universe, Boogiepop is a shady organisation that protects the world from supernatural menace that materialises in the form of a young girl clad in a yin-yang cloak. The series begins with the disappearance of some high school students, the discovery of a young man who sees people's regrets as spiders and can eat them, and the appearance of a detective who tries to tie the strands of these mysteries together.

Episodes on this volume:

Poom Poom: Poom Poom came down from Heaven. He holds a balloon and travels floating around to the flower country and the doll country and the dinosaur country. And, in the world of Poom Poom where everything is perfect, in the amusement park where there are no grown ups merely there are powerful children who live without pain...

Under The Gravity's Rainbow: Manaka knew nothing of the world. Trapped in the house by her grandmother, life became more and more impossible and one day, it ended. She knew that Death wasn't something to be feared, that there were things beyond. And, although she couldn't possibly know what it meant, she also came to know what Echoes was. And, what Echoes is.

A Requiem: A year after the Rainbow disappeared, life returned to normal. Time unwinds itself and the darkness retreats. It does not, however, vanish. Some understand that strange events happened. Quests continue, but the veil has been lifted and sunlight has returned. Maybe...

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