Book and toy gift sets £2.50 at tesco

Book and toy gift sets £2.50 at tesco

Found 27th Dec 2013
Book and toy gift sets all scanning at £2.50 at tesco. I bought

The snowman and the snow dog RRP£12.99
The giraffe and the Pelly and me RRP£12.99
Princess Evie's ponies RRP£10.99
Paddington bear RRP£10.99
Guess how much I love you RRP£9.99
Spot the dog RRP£10.99
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Good deal! ..are they labelled a different price then ?
Also just got
I love my kitten
Don't worry hug less Douglas
Peppa pig
The tiger who came to tea
Dinosaurs love underpants
Hello kitty

Some are marked at £2.50 others at £5.00 but all scan at £2.50
Will have to look tomorrow. Thanks.
I got a Julia Donaldson stick man and tabby Mctat board book set with stickers for £2.50 today too.
great got the snowdog and dinosaur one the other week at full price
Great Deal
Found a few more fly Freddy fly
Commotion in the ocean and Ben and Holly's little kingdom. There is lots of other sets with stickers and cooking ones with cookie cutters but where all too old for my little girl
Great Deal
Gd deal, hope they some at my tescos
Tesco Transit Way Plymouth have these!
They're in asda too :o) bought santa needs a wee and they also had a few others x
I also saw an Enid Blyton set for £2.50 but not exactly sure which one it was.
Also 1D with a bear was at ours.
Enid Blyton The Magic Faraway Tree Collection. only £2.50 for the three books in Tesco
One or two of each title at Liverpool Prescott extra store. Only one title was marked as £2.50. The rest were still marked five pounds but scanned in a £2.50 or £3.
Thanks can this be deleted please
already posted but yours shows more what is on offer than other post will have a look for these tomorrow thank you
Can't figure out how to upload photo in the app. There are loads more deals I bought quite a few of these a few days ago. When I figure out how to post a photo through the app will Post a photo
Kids used their Christmas money to get some, son chose Snowman and the Snowdog, daughter got Peppa Pig. Loads left at the weekend at Notley Green store.
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