Book of Spells + Wonderbook (PS3) - £7.99 used OR £9.99 new @ Grainger Games

Book of Spells + Wonderbook (PS3) - £7.99 used OR £9.99 new @ Grainger Games

Found 8th Apr 2013
A lot cheaper than elsewhere online.

Wonderbook is a physical book made of paper and card which brings to life a thousand stories with a brand new series of adventures and experiences to explore. A powerful storytelling vehicle and tool for the imagination, Wonderbook will bring exclusive content in immersive new ways by putting you at the heart of the action, using augmented reality technology to transform the world around you. Bringing mystery and discovery to your living room, Wonderbook titles will draw you into new worlds, and give you the chance to live in the stories you love.

The first story: Wonderbook Book of Spells

Book of Spells is the first title for Wonderbook, the latest addition to the PlayStation experience. Written by Miranda Goshawk over two hundred years ago, Book of Spells can be found in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts library. It is an advanced textbook for students, which will assist them on their journey to becoming an accomplished witch or wizard.

Book of Spells provides students with a safe environment in which to read, discover, learn and practise spells they already know and love, such as Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa and Expelliarmus, as well as discover mischievous notes and spells scribbled into the margins by previous Hogwarts students, and humorous anecdotal facts relating to the spells. J.K. Rowling has written a conundrum that leads you through the experience, providing insight into the values a witch or wizard has to learn, and inviting you to journey through the book to unlock new content, rewarding successful students along the way.
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Great price, Thanks Jas.......think i'll pick it up for the kids now
Superb deal, thanks!
hot... if you need the camera its £4 in cex
I have been out bid on eBay loads trying to get hold of one of these, thanks op, my daughter is going to be so pleased. Great price

or they are selling it with the camera & controller for … or they are selling it with the camera & controller for £29.99

A shortcut for you…778
I want to have a go at this but I get so self concious seeing myself on the screen, wah! X)
Thank you. Fancied this for a while.
I manged to pick this up about a month ago when Morrisons were selling it for £9.99. It's not a bad a game and it's worth the price. I do hope Sony make more games for the Wonderbook.
Have been waiting for this to drop in price on-line...ordered and a huge thanks to you OP for posting it...
Is this worth bothering with? I've heard so many mixed reviews. My nearly 6yr old mentioned he'd like it when it came out but didn't want to pay the price, wondering if it's worth getting now at this price?
Nice. Will pick this up for the...errrm..."Kids"

Alright I admit it, I'm buying it for myself.

Both now OOS
Arrived today, good service from GG
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