Bookeen Cybook Opus ereader £49.99 plus £4.95 P&P @ Waterstones

Bookeen Cybook Opus ereader £49.99 plus £4.95 P&P @ Waterstones

Found 30th Nov 2011
Why should you consider one of these instead of a Kindle?
- its nearly half the price
- it takes epub books
- its nearly half the price :-)

Downside is that it not wireless, its a 5 inch screen and screen quality not quite as good as the new Kindle.

Be a good one to buy for children (in case they lose or break it) or for people who aren't sure if they are going to like ereaders.

Despite weighing only 140 grams the Cybook Opus is still packed full of heavyweight features giving you a fantastic eReading experience.

Easy on the eye: With a 5” screen designed to look like paper, you’ll soon forget you’re no longer reading a paperback as you become immersed in your favourite novel.

Change the text size: Reading glasses are a thing of the past with 12 different font sizes to suit your reading style, more than any other eReader.

Ready to read: With an instant reading function your book is ready to read in just 1 second so no waiting for the device to load.

Weeks of reading: With unrivalled battery life you can get weeks of reading on a single charge of the battery.

Reflection-free screen: eInk® screens have a matte finish meaning you can read anywhere including in direct sunlight without glare or the eye-fatigue that’s common in computer and mobile phone screens.

A whole library in your Pocket: With 1GB of internal memory you can store up to 500 ebooks giving you access to your entire library in your pocket.

Expandable memory: If you simply can’t get enough of your favourite eBooks then upgrade the memory using the Micro SD card slot that supports up to 32gb additional memory. That’s another 16,000 eBooks

This product comes with a 12-month warranty backed-up by Waterstone’s dedicated eReader support giving you access to a UK-based team of eReader experts without the premium-line costs.
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I'd prefer this to the recently posted and similar priced (refurbished) sony ereader. Mainly because it's expandable and has more internal memory.

Seems like a good reader.
Better value than a Kindle at this price.
Certainly cheaper than a Kindle, but can you live with a 5" screen?

Certainly cheaper than a Kindle, but can you live with a 5" screen?

Depends how fast you read.....if you're a fast reader no but if you're a slow reader then I'd say yes....
Bought the iriver cover story for my self, and was so impressed i decided to order this one too (as a present)

Looks very solid, I'm not surprised both went out of stock so quickly on the waterstones site.

If it ever comes on for this price again i can highly recommend both ereaders
Waterstones are doing the covers for the Iriver for £6 on their ebay store..........kind of think the Cybook Opus will appear on their ebay store......
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