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12 bottles of J2o orange and cranberry @ Booker Sunbury for £1.18
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th FebLocalLocal
12 bottles of J2o orange and cranberry @ Booker Sunbury for £1.18£1.18
12 bottles of j2o orange and cranberry at Booker cash and carry for those who are members dated end of March 98p a case of 12 plus vat

Obviously. Like it says.


Like it says in the description for those who are members.


Don't you need to be a member for makro/booker!?

Frozen Whole turkeys £3.30 per KG @ bookers (Stoke)
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Posted 11th Dec 2019Posted 11th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Frozen Whole turkeys £3.30 per KG @ bookers (Stoke)£3.30
Whole British turkeys frozen half price @bookers Stoke and even cheaper when you buy 2 Massive sale when I went in today cheapest I've seen around for the grade

As you say your daughter owns a gym so is a genuine business owner even though you may or may not have lied to fit the criteria to get access. I have access to the company shop with prices which are way below wholesale but no point posting as unless you qualify to get in you can’t. Everyone loves a bargain but publishing prices that your local shop buy in at serves no one.


It depends on your local bookers manager. Some will let you join just by saying you run a tuk shop etc. My stepdaughter owns a gym and so I shop there. TBH loads of stuff is cheaper in normal shops, unless its booker basics stuff, which is real wholesale prices.


Already eaten, for thanksgiving.


Turkey is gross.

Seven kilos?? How many people are coming to your house ? Can I come ?

36 x 330 ml cans of Coca Cola instore at Bookers for £8.40
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Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019LocalLocal
36 x 330 ml cans of Coca Cola instore at Bookers for £8.40£8.40£97%
Hi Bookers have 36 cans of original coke for £7.00 plus vat so £8.40 for 36 cans. Next years code on as well

I have a Bookers membership card. I'm a computer repair/IT support business and have absolutely no need of anything from Bookers to run my business. Also, the only proof that they needed was an invoice addressed to my business. I'm also not VAT registered. So the next time you order some ink cartridges online (which is the invoice I showed), or stationery, or even a USB stick, just fill the "company name" field with whatever you like and you'll have sufficient evidence as far as Bookers is concerned to be eligible for membership.


and I assume that those are not for individuals resell?


booker wont let you in unless you can prove you are a registered business


Yeah and I think only certain businesses can get one not like Costco


dont you need a membership card

Diet Coke 24 x 330ml cans instore at Booker for £4.80
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Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019LocalLocal
Diet Coke 24 x 330ml cans instore at Booker for £4.80£4.80
Hi Bookers have 24 cans of Diet Coke for £4.80 inc vat found in st Austell
Coke Zero 24 x 330ml cans instore at Booker for £4.80
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Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019LocalLocal
Coke Zero 24 x 330ml cans instore at Booker for £4.80£4.80£4.994%
Hi Bookers have Coke Zero with good dates on for £4.00 plus vat so £4.80. Got in st Austell amazing price

is the membershp free??


Good Find, Is it national?


I shall be going to the St. Austell one myself later :) thanks for the heads up.

Olmeca reposado tequila 700ml £13.54 from bookers
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Posted 19th Jul 2019Posted 19th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Olmeca reposado tequila 700ml £13.54 from bookers£13.54
As above, clearance price

It’s £13?


What’s good about this one?


Tough crowd (lol)


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Jura 10 yo £20.39 @ Bookers
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Posted 18th Jul 2019Posted 18th Jul 2019
Jura 10 yo £20.39 @ Bookers£20.39
10 yo jura at a good price. 40% abv, chill filtered and colour added. Probably worth a punt!
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They do home delivery for members but I think it's £100 minimum spend. Some good whiskies at reasonable prices online!


Good whisky at this price - heat added.


Do they have online shopping with home delivery etc


Card holders only on this.


Ends 6th August.

Monster Hydro Tropical Thunder 12 550ml Bottles £4.18 @ Bookers/Makros
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Posted 10th May 2019Posted 10th May 2019
Monster Hydro Tropical Thunder 12 550ml Bottles £4.18 @ Bookers/Makros£4.18
Works out roughly 34p a bottle. Yes I know only available if you have a Bookers/Makros card but worth it if you do have one.

4 for a quid home bargains day in day out


24p a bottle in poundstretcher


This is "Just Okayish" when Ice Cold ..

500g Quality Street Pouch £1.99 (£2.39 including VAT) @ Bookers/Makros
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Posted 3rd Apr 2019Posted 3rd Apr 2019
500g Quality Street Pouch £1.99 (£2.39 including VAT) @ Bookers/Makros£2.39£2.9920%
Ok not for everyone but if you have a card well worth it for the price!



Thanks for posting, I have both cards so will have a look in the morning (y)

FREE 12pk 500ml 7up free when you buy 5x selected 12pk 500ml packs @ Booker
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Refreshed 5th Mar 2019Refreshed 5th Mar 2019
FREE 12pk 500ml 7up free when you buy 5x selected 12pk 500ml packs @ Booker
Buy 5x 12pk 500ml bottles of Tango Orange, Tango Apple, 7up free or Pepsi Max and get 1x FREE 12pk 7up free! (usually £5.49+VAT)
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Solero Tropical 25 x 90g and various Magnum ice creams very reduced! £2.62 @ Booker wholesale
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Posted 27th Sep 2018Posted 27th Sep 2018
Solero Tropical 25 x 90g and various Magnum ice creams very reduced! £2.62 @ Booker wholesale£2.62
Solero Tropical 25x90g - 2.62 with vat per box! Magnum double choc coconut 20 pack 5.02 with vat. + others Sadly only for people with a booker account but I am sure some on here … Read more
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Thanks Op, just picked up a load at my local


Long dates to! 07/2020 on soleros!


Wow. They have a branch near me, that's astronomical. Just called up - may worth putting this edit in. TO SIGN UP (I called a branch): - You have to either have a BUSINESS or be a CHARITY (not quite literally lol) You sign up online and take a proof of ID into the branch you wish to go to, after signing up online. And I think that's that?

TicTac Strawberry Fields 24PK £1.20 @ Bookers WholeSale Perth
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Posted 16th Aug 2018Posted 16th Aug 2018LocalLocal
TicTac Strawberry Fields 24PK £1.20 @ Bookers WholeSale Perth£1.20£12.8891%
First You NEED Bookers Card! On the reduced shelves next to the checkouts Past the BEST BEFORE DATE About 4 Left
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Strawberries are lovely. Strawberry fields on the other hand are covered in horse muck and hay. I'm not sure i would apperciate that nuanced flavour delivered direct to my tender pallette via Tic Tac.


Doesn't matter. 4 packets in Bookers in Perth 1h 20 min ago. Are they still there? Is it worth the trip? Will you jump in the Tay, distraught that you've travelled all that distance, joined Bookers, only to find the person in the queue in front buying the last pack. probably best to wait till the OP reports back tomorrow with an update on the quantity remaining and the price. :)


£1.20 or £1.24 ?


My sentiments exactly.


I'm not honestly sure how this is hot , four multi boxes of out of date sweets , in a cash and carry that most people won't have access to . It's a bit like giving heat to a local Tesco in store end of day reduction. Apologies OP ,.just how I see it .

Thornton’s classic 248gms - £1.50 @ Booker Wholesale
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Posted 30th Mar 2018Posted 30th Mar 2018LocalLocal
Thornton’s classic 248gms - £1.50 @ Booker Wholesale£1.50
That’s a good price for Thornton’s. Same price for Thornton’s continental 142 gms. To get this price u need to take out of the case n get charged for single item incase if u r buy… Read more
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6 bottles of Jameson 20cl at bookers for £7.20
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Posted 29th Dec 2017Posted 29th Dec 2017LocalLocal
6 bottles of Jameson 20cl at bookers for £7.20£7.20
I have posted the same deal at bit higher price. But this is really mad price now. They r clearing it out now. That’s like a 70 cl bottle of Jameson for £4.20 ..Got the last one fr… Read more
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I think it's a Makro then you don't need a card for the off licence which sits adjacent to the main store


Is there a way to be a member without having a business?


Nice to see you got something to line your stomach first

Lindt Linder 200 gms orange n white chocolate favours - £1.57 @ Booker Wholesale
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Posted 23rd Dec 2017Posted 23rd Dec 2017LocalLocal
Lindt Linder 200 gms orange n white chocolate favours - £1.57 @ Booker Wholesale£1.57
None of the white chocolates left but plenty of orange favours on the shelf though. Again it may b available at makro as well
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Quality street 600gms jars - £2.40 @ Booker Wholesale
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Posted 22nd Dec 2017Posted 22nd Dec 2017LocalLocal
Quality street 600gms jars - £2.40 @ Booker Wholesale£2.40
It’s bookers deal sorry guys. But I thought it worth posting... 600 gms quality street jars for £2.40 including vat. That’s a good price that. U can buy single units don’t need to… Read more
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I lost the post. Starting again... not sure of advantages mate. If u have a business I think it’s a good one. For personal shopping I don’t really think it’s worth a visit saying that they do come up with good deals. Their clearence are top notch. For example one of my last deal was Jameson 20 cl costed me just over £2 each. One I felt very good was tanquery gin 35 cl was down to 3.50 and u get £12 worth of fevertree tonic water bottles for free when u buy three of those gin bottles. Even some times their reductions on fresh food is too good good thing they do reduce then 3 days or so before use by date I heard Their 1 day or three day deals are generally very good for retailers


None left in Sheffield as an FYI - I popped in today. :)


I've never used Booker's. Is it worth signing up with them? What are their advantages compared to the supermarkets? Thanks.


Thank you everyone who voted hot. That’s my first 500 hot. Thank you all


Thanks for the heads up. I was going to have a look in Makro tomorrow on the off chance (y)

6 20 cl bottles of Jameson £13.18 @ bookers
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Posted 19th Dec 2017Posted 19th Dec 2017LocalLocal
6 20 cl bottles of Jameson £13.18 @ bookers£13.18
This deal is for definitely for very few folks with bookers card. (Its not hard to get their card and is free.) i was shopping at bookers with a friend I find this in clearence. I … Read more
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Pretty sure booker is trade only and need proof of business to get a card


I'm interested, too - was told you need a receipt from a trade purchase and/or company letterhead on your card application. I'm not a good liar, so if you could provide us with the easy answer it would be much appreciated. Heated


It's a good deal then for anyone with access to a card, voted hot.


Looking at the description and receipt it would appear that is correct


Will post u the answer tomorrow got to go no

Bookers..........walkers 40 pack mixed - £2.39 instore (Hull)
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Posted 8th Apr 2017Posted 8th Apr 2017LocalLocal
Bookers..........walkers 40 pack mixed - £2.39 instore (Hull)£2.39
walkers 40 variety pack £1.99 + vat = £2.39 dated end of May.......seen in Hull store should be national

None in Wrexham


Aww dam :( so me, regular joe can't just walk in n open an account.. cry


Bookers is trade if your workplace buys things that you sell or use in-house that's how I've an account


Was just about to ask that very, same, question??


Wow, good buy.. do u need an account for that store?

Warburtons Bread 20p each - Bookers Farnworth
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Posted 4th Dec 2016Posted 4th Dec 2016LocalLocal
Warburtons Bread 20p each - Bookers Farnworth£0.20
All Warburtons bread is going for 20p each, in order to make room for new stock delivery on a Monday. This will be happening every Sunday from now on. Majority of bread has at le… Read more
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No - I'd sign up for other stuff. As u say though, some stuff is more expensive than supermarkets but some stuff is cheaper. The same as some things are cheaper in Asda and others in Morrisons.


yeeeeh but youu cna buy booze at hallf sevn in thw morninggggg *hic*


Bookers always reduce their short dated bread, some warehouses reduce it more than others. Most bookers will also let you in if you know the account number, card not required


Any ex-rangers manager is less than this. Unless you're Ally, oh Ally Ally. .


no disrespect but would you go to all the bother of signing up for cut price bread? Everything else in there is normally expensive like makro and other cash and carrys

fresh turkey crown £3.99 kg  Bookers
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Posted 11th Nov 2016Posted 11th Nov 2016
fresh turkey crown £3.99 kg Bookers£3.99
Hi Went to bookers today and got my Xmas turkey £3.99 kg fresh turkey as you can see I paid £17.41 for nearly 4.5 kg Pretty cheap for fresh

It says use by 31/11/2016 I would wait


​thats about standard trade price


Is Booker not trade only?


But it will be frozen at xmas.....? not fresh


Be double the price at Xmas !