Books at £1.25 @ Amazon (Excellent Filler Items)

Books at £1.25 @ Amazon (Excellent Filler Items)

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Found 7th Jun 2009
I thought rather than pay for postage at Amazon that these books at £1.25 would make great filler items to take your total cost over £5 if you are buying stuff that costs between £3.75 and £4.99

Can I suggest either of the Dostoevsky books (especially The Double). Bit heavy going but awesome.

The Back Book: The Best Way to Deal with Back Pain; Get Back Active

The Turn of the Screw (Dover Thrift)
Henry James

Sonnets (Dover Thrift)
William Shakespeare

Great Speeches (Dover Thrift)
Abraham Lincoln

Oedipus Rex (Dover Thrift)

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Dover Thrift)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Great Ghost Stories (Dover Thrift)

Antigone (Dover Thrift)

Doctor Faustus (Dover Thrift)
Christopher Marlowe

100 Best-loved Poems (Dover Thrift)

A Modest Proposal (Dover Thrift)
Jonathan Swift

Native American Songs and Poems: An Anthology (Dover Thrift Editions)

Poetics (Dover Thrift)

Bacchae (Dover Thrift)

Tao TE Ching (Dover Thrift)
Lao Tze

Herland (Dover Thrift Editions)
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Beggar's Opera
John Gay

Wit and Wisdom from Poor Richard's Almanack (Dover Thrift Editions)
Benjamin Franklin

Tartuffe (Dover Thrift Editions)

The Wisdom of the Buddha: The Unabridged Dhammapada
F. Max Meuller

The Suicide Club (Dover Thrift Editions)
Robert Louis Stevenson

Notes from the Underground (Dover Thrift)
F.M. Dostoevsky

The Double (Dover Thrift)
F.M. Dostoevsky

Happy New Year! and Other Stories (Dover Thrift Editions)

Heart of Darkness (Dover Thrift)
Joseph Conrad

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Dover Thrift)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Bacchae (Dover Thrift)

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Excellent idea Andy, now when I order a low brow comedy I can counteract by buying one of these with it :-)

Have some heat (too soon for any more rep I'm afraid).
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