Books at Poundland for funnily enough £1

Books at Poundland for funnily enough £1

Found 11th Dec 2008
Roddy Doyle, Oh Play That Thing(doesnt have a price)
Irvine Welsh: The Bedroom Secrets Of The Master Chefs (doesnt have a price)
Thomas Harris: Hannibal Rising (retail price 17.99)
These were in my local poundland edinburgh. Could be nationwide but I dont know for sure about that.



Why on earh is this cold? The OP has listed the books.


Why on earh is this cold? The OP has listed the books.

Probably because they are not available in all stores. I tried to get 'Himalaya' in my local Poundland after seeing it posted on here - not available. Also the Amir Khan book (posted on here) not available either.

i got Himilaya today, they were just putting a load out. went fast though.

Got hanibal rising a week ago in great condition and handy for a stocking filler aswell....I hear its a good read also....sorted! last time i was in they had patrick viera and amir khans booked...cant go wrong for a £1 hardback also!

i got some Horrid Henry ones the other week.

Luck of the draw!!

they have all these books mentioned and a gary barlow autobigraphy at stockton !

and in ipswich

I've had loads of great books from Poundland lately,different ones seem to be in each day. I think they are getting Asda's surplus stock or something, as I've had a few with crossed out Asda stickers on.

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they also had a Richard Hammond book
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