Books for free @ healthyplanet
Books for free @ healthyplanet

Books for free @ healthyplanet

Take it, love it, pass it on

Do you really give away books for free?

Yes we do! "Books for Free" rescues unwanted books otherwise destined for landfill or pulping. Healthy Planet redistributes these books - for free - throughout communities via our 36 volunteer-run Books for Free centres on high streets nationwide.

Books for free is part of Sustainable Community, where in three years we have helped save over 1,500 tonnes of books from landfill and pulping each year and redistribute them through our centres where they are swapped and shared.

Without Books For Free, thousands upon thousands of books would end their lives piled up on a landfill or torn apart for pulping. Surprisingly, this number includes unsold books that have never been used. It’s an unimaginable waste on many levels. So that’s why Healthy Planet set up Books for Free, a project that is as simple and straightforward as it sounds.



Great idea.


Great idea.

Very true! lol ...

I've made use of these people before .. need to hook them up some more me thinks ..... lol. :-)

Cool Deal OP. :-)

This is a fab idea.

Great idea.

I'm sure we had one if these in Fareham until recently. If not it was another organisation doing the same thing. They used an empty shop (? Deal with Council/landlord as it had been empty for years) until Papa Johns Pizza went in. Not sure if it's moved somewhere new in town now. It's a great way to recycle books.

great idea. why bin a book when someone else can make use of it

These have been around for a couple/few Years now .. but have proved to be not as common/popular at the time still? .. until now .....

Excellent idea/concept still. :-)

What a surprise, The South West doesn't exist.

so kind of like a library. ..
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