Books worth £25 for Free -just pay £4.95 p&p

Books worth £25 for Free -just pay £4.95 p&p

Found 26th Nov 2006
Thanks to sandralovescats @ MSE for the pointer.

Apparently, you can get Four books for FREE selected at random from a whole range including biographies, thrillers, history, romance, classics, etc. Just pay £4.95 p&p

Claim on the Daily Mail Hotline - 01206 307 999
Ref. BK-DM-01/12 (BK-x4)

Daily Mail readers or anyone knowing more about this offer, please share in the comments.
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Four books selected at random = bin end rubbish that no-one has been willing to buy over the past 5 years!
Any more information on this one? has anyone called up or even taken up the offer?
...its a Daily Mail (yawn) offer....think I'll leave it at that!!!!!
The four books are:

Ha'peth Across The Water - workhouse scullery maid swept off her feet by rich gentleman, can't adjust to high society, realises she's happy living in a bin.

Bomb Everyone Different - team of crack commandos lead by Jack "Jack" McMental are given a mission to destroy everyone who isn't heterosexual and white.

No Mummy, Please Don't Smack My Legs - boo-hoo tale of a young girl brought up in a middle class household who once got told off for eating biscuits when she shouldn't have and as a result is unable to function as an adult in normal society.

The Gyles Brandreth Book Of Amusing Knitwear - Gyles guides us through 460 pages of amusing jumpers, cardigans and scarves throughout the 20th Century. Includes pull-out poster "BBC Children's TV presenters 1985 - 1989".

The four books are...

LOL - great blurbs
thought one of the titles was "Rugby The Hard Way- Get Selected For England" Andy Robinson
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