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Maus I & II Paperback Box Set by Art Spiegelman (+ sixteen-page booklet designed by the artist) £14.99 delivered @ Blackwells
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
I haven't seen this newly reissied (07/05/2020) boxset of the excellent Maus I & II this cheap. Elsewhere it seems to be £20+ still. If you are in any way into graphic novels a… Read more

I got charged again yesterday, and then got a dispatch e-mail, I'll see if anything turns up now. It's very odd.


Received the email a couple days ago and got the book today. Ordered a couple books over the last couple of months and the service has been just the same as with any other book seller.


Woeful service from this website, had to send an email yesterday after the order had not been dispatched after 9 days. Got a reply saying it's been despatched but still no despatch email sent. I'll stick to other sellers In future.


That's what I thought. No, nothing at all since ordering. It was still available earlier too but isn't now. I'll drop them a message and see what they say, if not it's 50p cheaper on eBay and I'm not in a rush


Weird, did you get a "shipped" email from them? Might have been oos

A Pocket Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Captain Francis Grose (edited by Steve Mockus) for £7.72 delivered @ Blackwells
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Good price for a book of 18th century slurs you can use against people who won't know what you are talking about. £7.72 including delivery seems a steal. Learn to understand your… Read more

Don't think it's worth this much, but an entertaining read.


Thanks! You Fartleberry :)


Heat added, but also free on Kindle (well, similar one)!

Tokyo Ghoul Complete Graphic Novel Box Set (vols 1-14 / 2,800 pages) - £59.99 @ Blackwells
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Tokyo Ghoul Complete Graphic Novel Box Set (vols 1-14) 2,800 pages of Manga gold. £59.99 @ Blackwells with free postage. To compare, Amazon have it reduced down to £75.
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Tokyo Ghoul is one of the more expensive series, normal price £8.99 a book, if your lucky they might be in a 3 for 2 offer (around £90 for the series) or reduced to £6.99 each (around £97 for the series). That price isnt too bad.


great manga but damn, that price stings

Essential Gaelic Dictionary £11.33 @ Blackwell
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Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Essential Gaelic Dictionary £11.33 @ Blackwell
Gets very good reviews. I will be using it in conjunction with the free Duolingo Gaelic course. Please note this is Scottish Gaelic and not Irish. Hope it helps someone.
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So the English efforts of cultural cleansing was unsuccessfull


Love garlic bread, thanks


Cool, thanks for the info.


The term “Gaelic”, as a language, applies only to the language of Scotland. If you're not in Ireland, it is permissible to refer to the language as Irish Gaelic to differentiate it from Scottish Gaelic, but when you're in the Emerald Isle, simply refer to the language as either Irish or its native name, Gaeilge.


'S e do bheatha a charaid.

SIGNED COPY of Lenny Henry’s autobiography Who Am I, Again. Reduced to £10.00 with free delivery from Blackwells.
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Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
SIGNED COPY of Lenny Henry’s autobiography Who Am I, Again. Reduced to £10.00 with free delivery from Blackwells.
Lenny Henry, arguably one of the greatest comedians and campaigners of our time has finally released his long awaited autography. The renowned bookshop Blackwells have a number of … Read more
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Yet oddly you still understood the meaning.




Or correct grammar.


He was great, back in the day. Then like so many from the 80s, hit a poor or quiet patch, then came back a bit better. Not my cup of tea any more, man out of time, but that's just my miserable opinion

Watch Dogs 2 Collectors Guide £8.52 Delivered @ Blackwells
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Posted 11th Apr 2018Posted 11th Apr 2018
Watch Dogs 2 Collectors Guide £8.52 Delivered @ Blackwells
The Watch Dogs 2 Collector's Edition Guide includes... Bonus Item: Only available in the Collector's Edition. Mission Completion Guide: Uncover every single detail for all ma… Read more

Managed to pick this up for a £1 a while ago at Game in-store and it's pretty good, while I didn't really use the game help the book itself is nice and the accessories are decent.

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NOOK® GlowLight e-reader now £49, down from £89 @ Blackwell's
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Posted 29th Nov 2015Posted 29th Nov 2015
NOOK® GlowLight e-reader now £49, down from £89 @ Blackwell's
As above, there are some on their website for £49 reduced from £89 but they seem to be running out fast.

I wish I could... turns out my nook was a US item based on serial number and they couldnt return or repair it in UK.


You could have just returned it to get refund or repair.


Expires after 24 consecutive months without use. As long as you buy something and return it you have another 24 months :).


I got the nook a year ago. stopped working (lines on display, parts of screen blank) within couple of month, absolutely rubbish customer service - no repair, no replacement - I was told to wipe it at the sides as the dust apparently can break it! didn't work. With the amount of time I spent, I gave up in the end... 49£ down the drain. :(


These are really good....i was lucky to get one this year for £59 from sainsburys x

The Nook HD+ 16GB tablet is now only £49, and the 32GB only £65! @ Blackwell
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Posted 4th Sep 2015Posted 4th Sep 2015
The Nook HD+ 16GB tablet is now only £49, and the 32GB only £65! @ Blackwell
The Nook HD+ 16GB tablet is now only £49, and the 32GB only £65! 16GB was £99, NOW £49 32GB was £119, NOW £65 Also accessories up to 80% off...
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We got two from this deal put cyanogenmod on both and had no problems


AVOID! slow and has custom charger! installing roms helps but not much. better off with fire hd probably or if you can save get a nexus.


You can get the Nook for £65 (16GB) anywhere now on the internet, but at £50 it's still a good saving. For £50 you could buy a generic Chinese tablet or buy the brand-name Nook for the same price. This thing is CHEAP. My one gripe with the Nook is that the screen is unpleasant to the touch - I think it's what they call "gorilla glass", (edit* no it isn't) it has an odd rough feel to it completely different to the screen of my Samsung Galaxy, I don't like it. You could use a stylus, but it's not a good tablet for games due to the horrible feel of the glass. Still, it's only £50 for a 9" display. Another minor irritation is that you have to enter an email address to set up the Nook - and if you don't have an email address you'll have to use a different device to set one up, and you can't skip the email set-up. Btw, to get Google Play, you must update the software (in Settings) to version 2.10 or better.


Just got back from vacation to find mine, for the money - gotta say wow!


Thanks for the feedback. My Nexus 7 2012 is literally grinding to a halt, I think it's going to implode, it can't even cope with Yahtzee with buddies - had to uninstall it!

Nook HD 8GB (and others) from £49 with Free Delivery @ blackwell
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Posted 5th Feb 2015Posted 5th Feb 2015
Nook HD 8GB (and others) from £49 with Free Delivery @ blackwell
Just received an email from Blackwells, advertising Nook's on offer. Nook HD 8Gb £49 Nook HD 16Gb £69 Nook HD+ 16Gb £99 Nook HD+ 32Gb £119 Seems a reasonable price for a branded … Read more

Hue Hue Hue. Back in your safety cage, junior.


I hear you ..... lol. Ps. Which bit of 720p is actually 1080p FULL HD please? hahahahahaha .. HOT Deal stilm lool. :-)


£72.95 on their Ebay store:


I have the nook, which i installed slim bean on. great screen, so sharp. there is no better screen than this at this low price. heat added


Which rom do you use? Is it the standard CM rom or a custom rom? Anyone have any experience with the custom roms? Which one is the best?

Nook simple touch - Blackwells £29 + £2.50 delivery
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Posted 10th Sep 2014Posted 10th Sep 2014
Nook simple touch - Blackwells £29 + £2.50 delivery
Brand new Nook simple touch eBook reader...This is still an ongoing deal, I'm looking at rooting a nook to use it for books and also have a few games . You can also use it for acce… Read more

Is this still available anywhere at this price? OOS on the website now :(


Correct! The service was great tbh. I was meant to but they never emailed me the UPS labels to send it :/ the old one is currently sitting under the bed!


Even though you messed it up, they sent you a replacement. That is pretty amazing customer service. :| :D By the way, did you have to send your old one in? And was it at your cost (P&P)?


I've had a nook simple touch for ages, never seen an operating system problem! Calibre is the software to have... It's free, and excellent.


I have a nook and now they don't support all operating systems if its the same as mine. You may need win 8, and as for my mac that i upgraded to 10.9, no chance. I much preferred it to my kobo, but alas I've gone back to actual paper books this week!

Blackwells Charing Cross Road London 50% off
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Posted 14th Jul 2014Posted 14th Jul 2014
Blackwells Charing Cross Road London 50% off
Blackwells is relocating and has 50% off all remaining stock except book vouchers until Wednesday.

grab me a nook

NOOK® Simple Touch - £29 plus £2.50 p&p @ Blackwell
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Posted 7th Jul 2014Posted 7th Jul 2014
NOOK® Simple Touch - £29 plus £2.50 p&p @ Blackwell
I have been looking for a good price for a e-reader for a while and this seems to be extremely well priced for a new item. I know this was posted a while back, but the deal is sti… Read more

Thanks for clearing up and putting into one post, if anything there is a confusing set of backs and forths going on through comments. This is exactly what I needed!


Yep, I pretty much covered that in posts #62 and #71, you would be surprised the amount of technophobes though that do not even know how to drag and drop files, let alone convert them with plugins in calibre. It is that market whereby the walled gardens of buying through a dedicated store that Barnes & Noble and Amazon rely on. It does have its advantages for those that subscribe to daily newspapers, for me personally I am quite happy to stick with my old trusty well built Sony PRS-650 that does not have and frankly I have no need for an online shop. I never even used Barnes & Nobles shop on the 1st Edition Nook.


Try posts #20 and #21 for a start! I was just trying to make it crystal clear that the Nook uses an open format, .epub, just like the Kobo. It is Amazon who have the proprietary format. You are right that if you want to buy books from Amazon you have to either buy them on your PC, convert them and drag and drop them, or you can root the Nook and put the Kindle app on it - which is possibly a bit too much hassle for some people. However, there are loads of bookstores that stock .epub books and it isn't really any hassle to buy them on a PC and drag and drop them on to a Nook and it doesn't have to be rooted. For the odd occasions when it isn't possible to do this, then books can be bought directly on the Nook from Barnes and Noble over a wi-fi connection.


There is no misinformation going on here. To be able to buy books from anywhere else ON the Nook itself you have to root it, I already mentioned if you want to buy books from Amazon you have to convert using Calibre (unless your Nook is rooted and using the Kindle app through android). Where is there misinformation on this thread?


There's a great deal of misinformation going on here! I own a Nook and so does my mum (and my OH owns a Kobo) The Nook uses the open standard .epub format for books, exactly the same as a Kobo. The Nook is not locked to Barnes and Noble. You can buy .epub books from any store (or get free ones from Gutenburg etc) on your PC and simply drag and drop them into the Nook, either to internal memory or microSD. If you want to buy books from Amazon then you will need to convert them to .epub from their proprietary format - this can be done very simply and quickly on your PC using Calibre with the Apprentice Alf plugin installed. It is not necessary to root the Nook to do any of the above! I have rooted my Nook, but I can run it as a standard Nook (most of the time) or as a simple Android tablet by just pressing one button. I have the Opera mobile browser installed (quite usable if you set it to default to landscape) and it's more than adequate as a quick email checker if my phone is not to hand. It's also possible to add a Kindle app - but I haven't bothered with this because I use Calibre on my PC. In short, this is a great little reader and £29 is a good price.

Nook simple touch (not glowlight) in stock online at Blackwells: £31.50 delivered
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Posted 6th Jun 2014Posted 6th Jun 2014
Nook simple touch (not glowlight) in stock online at Blackwells: £31.50 delivered
Ok, so it's not the cheapest the Nook simple touch has ever been but you'll struggle to find it this cheap and in stock online anywhere else. It's listed at £29 but there's a £2.50… Read more

Still in stock. Thanks.


Got my Nook simple touch last year as it was such a good price and I wanted to get back into reading novels after years of neglect. I am now working my way through a mix of great classics and top-rated thrillers and really enjoying it, having probably read more books in the last year than I had in the previous decade. I really like the fact the Nook has a touchscreen. It's a doddle to turn the page with a quick tap of your thumb on the right-hand side of the screen while holding it in your hand and for me, easier than using the side buttons which need a firmer press to do the same thing. The touchscreen is also great for quick highlighting of words you want to look up in the dictionary. As an e-reader for reading outdoors in the sun and indoors during the day, the Nook simple touch is an excellent little device but I would suggest that if you read in the evening under artificial light or like dimmed lighting in the room, the glowlight model is probably the better option to go for.




Bought one of these when they were on offer last year for my daughter and returned it as battery life was less than half that of my Kindle (it was much less than that until I registered it). Got a second with the same result. In the end paid twice as much for the Kindle and daughter is much happier with it. Kindle is less bulky, feels better put together and (in my experience) has a vastly superior battery life. Another strange thing with the Nooks we had is that went the battery went you had little or no warning which was incredibly annoying. On the Kindle you can get another hour or two of reading after the warning. It is a good price but for me the Kindle is better value.


Voted hot. I think these are OK. Have used on holiday abroad in the sun and read screen OK. Have had no reliability probs and battery life is excellent. Have converted ebooks from other sellers to a format that the Nook can read. I have a second one and I am trying to get my other half to use but she prefers real books.

Nook SImple Touch £29 ( Not the Glowlight), £2.50 UK postage @ blackwell
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Posted 24th Apr 2014Posted 24th Apr 2014
Nook SImple Touch £29 ( Not the Glowlight), £2.50 UK postage @ blackwell
Basic eReader - no back lighting -with touch screen control. Have been using the Glowlight version for over 1 year and like the interface. Buy your epub books from any source and … Read more

£3 case from UK: accessories £5 sale:


I got one of these last year, well pleased with it until its screen froze and i've not managed to free it. any one else had this problem.?


Been looking for a NOOK ereader as my NOOK HD+ is great as a tablet but not ideal for reading. Missed this last time it was at this price due to quickly selling out so was glad to find this, thanks OP. Still have stock left; ordered Tuesday and should come tomorrow (Thu) to coincide with £5 cover from B&N. Thanks again.


Can you stop saying "it's not a deal" or "it's at that price everywhere" then downvoting. This particular e-reader at this price has been out of stock for so long it's not funny. I've been looking for one for an absolute age and thanks to all you downvoters people stopped posting them on here. Thank you rarrar, I've finally managed to get one.


My favourite E-reader. I bought one months ago when the price first dropped and have read countless books on it. Ordered one of these from Blackwells as a back up last Friday and it came the next day! Avoid the glow version as my friend has one and within a week had scratched the screen, also, side by side, i preferred the screen on the simple touch, there was something off about the screen on the glow.

Selected Studio Ghibli Bluray £7.49 (£5.99 + P&P) ..... Blackwells
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Posted 6th Feb 2014Posted 6th Feb 2014
Selected Studio Ghibli Bluray £7.49 (£5.99 + P&P) ..... Blackwells
A couple of Studio Ghibli films on Bluray at a decent price. Laputa, Castle in the Sky Castle of … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

snap but mine are totoro, laptua and earthsea only problem with this company is they have taken payment twice. one is s holiding payment that will be refunded. not to happy about this as its pushed me into my overdraft...


My 2 Blurays arrived today in one parcel and I've a card to pick up another parcel which was too big for the letterbox. (I'm not expecting anything else so reckon it's the rest of my order). The invoice did say that my order may come in separate parcels. Castle of Cagliostro and Laputa I received are the double play Bluray/DVDs like these:


has anyone's arrived yet?


i lie.. i did get an email to say dispatched and i ignored it


yup. mine have been dispatched but i didnt get any email. just checked my order

NOOK HD 8GB in Snow £79.99 @ Blackwell's pick up ~(+£3.50 delivered)
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Posted 21st Jan 2014Posted 21st Jan 2014
NOOK HD 8GB in Snow £79.99 @ Blackwell's pick up ~(+£3.50 delivered)
in stock atm, can't see a better price right now

this is how much it is now, and how much it has been for many months, so not really a deal ..

Nook SimpleTouch (£29) in store at Heffers / Blackwells (Cambridge) - possibly national?
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Posted 9th Aug 2013Posted 9th Aug 2013
Nook SimpleTouch (£29) in store at Heffers / Blackwells (Cambridge) - possibly national?
Just been in to Heffers (Blackwells) in Cambridge and they had a lot of Nook SimpleTouch's on the shelf for £29. They were previously available online through Blackwells, but now … Read more

Excellent - sounds like a wife Xmas present then :)


Can these rum modified firmware


They took my credit card number and shipped them to me. They did get mixed up about the more expensive £69 one with me and I said I wanted the £29 one. Mine haven't arrived yet - hoping they do now as I have bought cases for them. They only took £58 from the Credit Card.


As a member of a number of libraries across the UK (yeah I've moved a lot!), I love the fact that so many have picked up on ebook lending. Check it out - all you need is your library card number and PIN. I would say that the collections still seem in their infancy, though I know many libraries are adding new titles all the time. You'll generally find newer books alongside the classics (which you can get for free from project gutenberg too). Oh and do support your local library. They are immensely valuable resources and it is an absolute crime that these fantastic places are being closed down across the country.


ewww, sorry to hear it. Avoid John Lewis in that case! Saw another deal today - looks like they are back in Asda...

Nook simple touch is back in stock £31.50 @ Blackwell
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Posted 8th Aug 2013Posted 8th Aug 2013
Nook simple touch is back in stock £31.50 @ Blackwell
I know not everyone likes nook, but for those who missed the ASDA deal yesterday, it may be the only chance to grab one online. The price is £29 plus £2.5 standard delivery. Prior… Read more
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Thanks a lot mate! I was desperately looking another one for gift and was about to give up. These are nowhere to be found if you have changed your mind recently. So I'm not sure why this is cold. This is (unlike many places) in stock and from a well known retailer. And for those that complain about delivery, I bought mine in store, so it was just £ 29. Heat added!


I don't mind a Nook... but I still prefer the full Nookie :p


If you can find it cheaper mark it cold, if you cant then its a good deal and mark it hot - simples!


It is £29, but delivery is £2.50. Personally, I'm a bit cheesed off with all the smart Alec comments about it being RRP and not a good deal. These things are rare as hen's teeth at the moment and for those of us who weren't fortunate enough to purchase when they were in abundance, it's very useful to be informed where they can still be found. The device can be easily rooted and the Kindle Android app loaded which allows access to the Amazon Kindle bookstore as well as the Nook bookstore. If that isn't a bargain for £29, I don't know what is. OK, so I've invited the smart Alec's to respond. Enjoy! :)


Because I changed my mind :)

Nook HD/HD+ Power Kit - £17.45 @ Blackwell's
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Posted 31st Jul 2013Posted 31st Jul 2013
Nook HD/HD+ Power Kit - £17.45 @ Blackwell's
Hard to get hold of in the UK. And with the Nook HD/HD+ being discontinued it might be a good idea to pick up a spare charger/cable as they could be very hard to find in future. Ca… Read more

No, this is just a travel adaptor, the most important thing (the 30 pin to USB lead) is not included

AG01 Is this the same thing? Much cheaper.


:) Arrived from the Netherlands in 3 days tracked, pretty good service. Bit expensive for a charger, but a just in case measure as B&N are pulling the nook hd+ (which is a lovely tablet for the money) so worth it I think


Don't forget £back - eg TopCashBack 5.25% at Nook UK.


lol..u beat me to it mpkernow !

Nook simple touch £29 @ blackwell
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Posted 27th Jun 2013Posted 27th Jun 2013
Nook simple touch £29 @ blackwell
Still available at Blackwell's bookshop, 100 Charing Cross Road. If not in London i think they can deliver. Got one yesterday said had 46 in stock and expecting more end of week … Read more
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... and if you still want one, you'll find it hard to find one price ABOVE £29.00


I think everyone in the country has one now