Boom Blox Bash Party (Nintendo Wii) - £3.99 delivered @ Sainsburys
Boom Blox Bash Party (Nintendo Wii) - £3.99 delivered @ Sainsburys

Boom Blox Bash Party (Nintendo Wii) - £3.99 delivered @ Sainsburys

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As many will know (there's plenty posted at the moment) that Sainsbury's have a load of reduced DVDs and games. I've been searching through them and a lot of the cheap ones are a bit pants, but this one caught my eye.

It's a great game to play with a few mates and it's a cracking price for it.

£13.95 at amazon.


another cheap filler thanks

Hot deal but I can't get through on websit!e.
Pretty poor show for a major retailer.....
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heat added! coz its a great party / drinking game!! ooh kids love it too!

Good luck getting on the site, can't log in and stuff vanishes from the basket when you try to checkout!

Site not loading

cannot add to basket. no buy button

Boom Blox...CRASH more like.....sites down

Original Poster

I've just managed to put one in my basket. It's not that obvious that you've added it.

I think their site is a little crippled at the moment, as there's quite a few cheap games and dvds on there at the moment.

You ca n put it in your basket....but try and buy it....you can't. Amazing how hot this is considering no one can get it!

This site is just under stress, if you voted cold because the site was overloaded that would seem as equally stupid as it will return to normal sooner or later

great price - i wander if this is available instore aswell?

i just wondering the rating for this game...
is there anybody can share their opinion about this game?

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I've bought two copies myself and that was after I posted the deal.

The cover art reminds me of a 32X game.


i just wondering the rating for this game...is there anybody can share … i just wondering the rating for this game...is there anybody can share their opinion about this game?

Its really fun, would highly recommend it

Sounds fab, but have tried about 10 times to add to basket and checkout and disappears every time:(

wont let me buy ill keep tryin

has anyone managed to buy this a successfully get throught the checkout yet?

an hour later ... and still not been successful :-(
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Tryied to buy several times !!! site still down ..grrrrr

Have tried even more times now, nightmare.

This and all other Sainsbury's posts get hot but 2 hours after posting you still can't buy it?! This site confuses me sometimes!

no heat for me yet, shame as is a great deal.

Sainsburys entertainment site now 'under maintenance', hopefully this will sort out the problems.oO

After 1 hour 15 minutes... its ordered - not expired but painful.

Original Poster

Gah. Please don't expire something just because the site is having problems. I just got back home saw it expired, clicked the link and got straight through and put it in my basket.

btw - I didnt expire it.

Original Poster


btw - I didnt expire it.

Lol. I know. Some muppets out there just expire things if they hit just one hurdle. Glad people are managing to get a copy. It's a fantastic game after a few drinks. Especially the jenga style game (multicoloured multliplayer mayhem - I think it's called).

woop woop finally got mine

Hot from me, just ordered this and Samba De Amigo £7.98 total :-)

Just ordered our copy - took half an hour but its worth it! Thanks heaps

Finally got one ordered too, hope it's good! Heat added. X)

At last got a copy only 6 hours after it was posted, site is still slow! Got this and Pure £7.98 or something so great deals.

brought great stocking filler for kids, thks for posting :o)

A struggle, but got one in the end! Cheers.

A long wait but my persistance paid off ! Thanks :-) ordered three

Xmas almost sorted...............cheers:)

Original Poster

You're welcome peeps Glad you've all got a copy. It's a cracking game.

£26.47 In tesco online!!!

Ordered TY x

Couldn't order this yesterday...but no problems at this time of morn. Cheers.
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