BoomBox £5.99 @ Oculus / Meta Quest Store

Posted 23rd Jun 2022
Great reviews, matches lowest ever price
4.9/5 (63 ratings)

Are you looking for a fun drumming fitness game that will make you sweat? Then search no further! BoomBox team prepared something special for you, including music, fitness, community, and your own pet!
Music - BoomBox is the first VR Rhythm game that allows downloading community maps directly from the game menu - yes, you've heard that right! No more 3rd party tools - you get everything necessary to have a good time.
Fitness - we implemented unique positions of notes to engage full-arm movements; the wall location and shape allow squats and a great core workout.
Community - we work directly with modders to implement your favorite streaming and gaming tools which are updated along with the game updates.
Bonus: achievements, skins, and colorful environments are already included in the game!

- 29 core songs mapped [OST]
- Community maps downloadable from the game menu
- 380+ DMCA-free songs for the community mapping
- Multiplayer
- Achievements, Skins
- Editor
- Tournaments
Community Updates