Boomerang game rentals 21 days free trial INC SOME PS4/XBONE TITLES

Boomerang game rentals 21 days free trial INC SOME PS4/XBONE TITLES

Found 23rd May 2014
boomerang game rentals are offering 21 days free trial of their game rental service, some decent games available with a maximum rental of 3 games during the 21 day period
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Just a heads up... they do a preauthorisation on your card for 2-3 times the value of the package you choose...

We require a valid card for every subscriber. This is to verify your identity and to ensure any potential subscriber is over 18 years of age. Your credit/debit card will not be charged during your free trial. We carry out a "pre-authorisation" on your details to the value of 2-3 times the subscription package you select. While we don't take any money, some banks will "ringfence" this amount for a few days, which can affect your available funds.
Anyone any experience with these guys?

Anyone any experience with these guys?

I've been with them since Lovefilm gave up the ghost with game rentals. (Tried out Blockbuster shortly after but never stuck with them for obvious reasons.....that wasn't a good month for maintaining a game rental through post. LOL)

My experience is they are very very quick at delivering games that are in stock. Return freepost goes first class and they also post first class. They stock most new releases and a lot of older titles. Obviously new releases are in demand so you might find yourself waiting on those specifically. The range I don't think is as good as say blockbuster or Lovefilm was but I'm certainly making the most of it as there are loads of games I've not played that nobody else now wants to so always in stock.

I'm on the 13.99 per month package and it has more than paid for itself even in the short while I've been with them.
The trial isn't so good to be honest as I think they only offer 1 disc at a time up to a maximum of 3 I think. (I just activated my sub immediately anyway to stop beating about the bush)

*just realised the max of 3 was mentioned in the OP. Doh!

EDIT - One other thing which is good, is that your subscription allows you to rent anything they do, so 'next gen', old gen, portable. Anything. (If you carry on the subscription - trial is just old stuff I think) It's been a while so might be worth checking that factoid.

I don't work for them.

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I too did the whole Blockbuster thing went LoveFilm went down and then on to Boomerang when Blockbuster went down but I haven't had the best experience with them.

For the first few months there was no customer support and even now it takes a long while for them to get back to you, the waiting time for the games is the worst I've ever experienced but they do reward you with points towards a free months rental for every day you have to wait. So far I've spent around £80+ since November 2013 with them and only received 7-8 games.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking to play the latest games quickly, you're most likely going to be waiting a few months. I often find myself missing LoveFilm and buying a lot more games now.
I miss lovefilm and blockbuster game rentals.

Boomerang it's not worth it the waiting is a killer. By the time you receive a title you'd have spent the equivalent.
ps4 and X box one titles aren't included in the 21 day trial I tweeted them about this they said I had to "set my membership as active " mean pay straight away for the account ill find the tweet and post it here
Been using them for a couple of months with no problems whatsoever! As long as you get Proof of Posting you can avoid any horror stories and can't be accused of not returning games.
site shows that you now get ps4/xb1 rentals included, just not their 'new' releases...
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