Boomtown: Complete series 1 (5 DVD box set) - £5.84 delivered !!!
Boomtown: Complete series 1 (5 DVD box set) - £5.84 delivered !!!

Boomtown: Complete series 1 (5 DVD box set) - £5.84 delivered !!!

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Boomtown: Complete series 1 (5 DVD box set) is just £5.84 delivered from DVDi.co.uk

Receives Excellent reviews at Amazon where this box set is sold for £39.99

Description : A stylish and gritty multi-angled drama about crime in Los Angeles, the highly acclaimed Boomtown is unlike any other cop show on TV. Intelligent and sophisticated, the series uses fast-paced Pulp Fiction-style narrative to uncover crime stories from the viewpoint of everyone involved. Crimes are seen from the diverse perspectives of the city’s unsung and less than perfect heroes – the cops, paramedics, reporters and members of the D.A.’s office and city officials whose stories overlap and intertwine. Starring Donnie Wahlberg and Band of Brothers’ Neal McDonough, this DVD box set contains all 18 episodes from the first series.

Episodes: The Pilot | Possession | The Squeeze | Reelin' In The Years | All Hallow's Eve | The Freak | Insured By Smith And Wesson | Crash | The David McNorris Show | Coyote | Monster's Brawl | Sinaloa Cowboys | Home Invasion | Execution | Storm Watch | Fearless | Blackout | Lost Child


What are DVDi like? and is this worth getting?

I have this, got it a while ago for about £10, and in case anyone's interested in a quick review: I'd say it's pretty good, worth seeing at least a few episodes of, but the gimmick does wear thin after a while. Basically in each episode you see something happen from one person's point of view, then another, then another. So you might see the policeman's perspective, then the victim's, then the ambulancwoman's, etc. The perspectives overlap and... sometimes it works well, other times it's just boring and feels forced. If I hadn't seen it I'd definitely buy it at this price but would expect to pass it on (or sell it on) rather than re-watch it.

if anyone's looking for some really good TV which was cancelled after one season and most people haven't heard of, both 'Wonderfalls' and 'Freaks and Geeks' are excellent, although I think only available as Region 1

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I loved it. I have pretty much watched it back to back because I was so riveted & had to find out what happened. It's unique, stylish & I actually started to care about the characters, especially Donnie Wahlberg's tormented Joel Stevens. OK it was a bit slow in places but I was still glued to my screen.

It made me laugh & cry. The crimes were a good mix & the footage not too glorified. It also had good twists (I'm notorious for guessing the outcome & was surprised quite a few times) and it wasn't full of the usual cliches.
If you like cop shows, BUY IT. Clear your diary for the weekend, fill the fridge with beer & enjoy. You won't be disappointed! Boomtown: RIP - You will be missed

http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/G/02/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-4-0.gifExcellent Cop Show, 23 Sep 2005

I was only ever able to catch glimpses of Boomtown on television as it usually clashed with other, and in my opinion more popular shows, like Law & Order, Law & Order SVU etc.

However, I did like the directors perspective of engaging all parties interpretations on the actual events that had taken place. I watched the whole Complete Series 1 in less than a week, and I was pleasantly surprised. I knew I would enjoy the episodes but not to the extent that I did - I was totally engrossed and for me the last 2 episodes are the best storylines ever. Punchy, emotional drama. They should never of axed this show, it was still too new and people were just getting used to this new idea. What I would ideally love to see are the last 6 episodes that were originally screened prior to the show being axed. That is the closure that is needed to bring this absolutely engaging cop show to rest on the shelf with the other DVD's, eg Murder One (Season 1) and Law & Order SVU, and Law & Order Trial by Jury, another show axed after its first season, that unfortunately did not get a chance to be shown over here! This DVD is one for the collection!

Thanks for this edi.5% cashback from quidco.:thumbsup:

Bear in mind that unlike the Tru Calling boxset this one doesn't include the 6 episodes of season 2 that were made. It's unlikely those 6 episodes will ever be available as a dvd set.

(Although season 2 was rather different from season 1 - due to it's crappy ratings they tried to change the show up and it failed even more)

This is an excellent show. I can't understand why it bombed so badly on the ratings in America. Well worth it at this price. I saw it on the tele and I am still tempted.

I loved this show, it was brilliant and too think it was a shame that it was cancelled.
Series 2 wasn't as good because they did try and change it and wasn't the same (and frankly why try to change such a good formula).
I'm sure I have seen a Region 1 boxset that contains both Series 1 & 2.

Thanks edi.

I watched a couple of episodes on tv last year, this is well worth buying.

I saw this when it was broadcast on Five a couple of years ago - I thought it was excellent, can't understand why it didn't do well.

Saw Boomtown on this forum and ordered a copy of Nov 2nd.
No responses whatsoever, from the company - no phone number or any way of contacting them except via email, whch results in a automated reply!!
AVOID like the plague!! Ordered from another site!!:x
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