Booster Cables/Jump Leads £10.99 R+C @ Halfords

Booster Cables/Jump Leads £10.99 R+C @ Halfords

Found 7th Jan 2010
It's that time of year where the person who has a set of these becomes more popular. These are from Halfords so they shouldn't kill you when you try to use them and they are their budget ones so they don't break the bank. Always handy to have in your boot.

Car booster cables are a very useful emergency breakdown product. Budget Booster Cables/Jump Leads feature colour coded clamp handles.

Features and Benefits:
100% low resistance multi-stranded copper booster cable / jump leads for minimum voltage drop
Extra thick colour coded insulation for added strength and durability
Insulated colour coded clamp handles
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No jump leads will try to kill you, If you use them porperly
Only up to 1000cc these ones - need the thicker ones for most cars.
If you got cheap nasty ones with bad insulation they might.
These look like very thin cables. Had some like these before and if your battery is completly flat, the voltage drop across the cable will mean that you will not be able to start the car. Of course you only find this out when you most need it.
Not a deal but if anyone looks for a good set of leads, Argos has for £15 and it is very thick and strong.
the cheap ones have more insulation to make cables look bigger because they cut down on the copper conductor core.Have look were cables connected to crock clamps as poor quality ones have small copper core and really thick insulation still worth having but dont expect it jump start car with really flat battery though unless you leave them on for about 10 mins to charge from other car
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