Booster Gold: 52 Pickup (Paperback) £5.98

Booster Gold: 52 Pickup (Paperback) £5.98

Found 18th Jan 2010
Contains the story No Joke in which Booster attempts prevent the actions by the Joker in the Batman Killing Joke graphic novel.

When Michael Jon Carter travelled back into our time from the 25th Century, he planned to use his technology to become a hero - and to make a fast buck!But the 'hero' side won, and he bravely sacrificed himself to save Metropolis...or so it seemed! Plucked from the timestream at the last moment, he fought crime as disguised hero Supernova. But now he's the greatest hero history never heard of - travelling through time with the Time Master, Rip Hunter, setting wrongs right in secret - including fighting Sinestro, setting out to save Batgirl and Blue Beetle, and more!Written by comics superstar Geoff Johns ("52"), with art by Dan Jurgens ("The Death of Superman"), this brand-new series spans the whole of comics' history - and future!

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I used to like this. Did NOT know or imagine anyone else wuld be into it EVER. Especially in where my comic jonkies at?
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