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Jelly tots tube 25p @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 8th JanFound 8th Jan
130g jelly tots tube. Seems like a decent deal in Booths.

One for me, One for me, Oh and one more for...


Managed to get 3 tubes. (y)


Will be popping there on the school run! Thank you


I thought the same. They had a lot of them on the shelf, I went mad and bought 4 tubes! Lol


I remember these from when I was a child but they were in a plastic bag, did not know that you could still get them. 25p, heat added

Fullers Vintage Ale 2018 - £2.70 instore @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Fullers Vintage Ale 2018 reduced from £5.00 to £2.70 at Booths Chorley. I don't know if its national or store specific.

It’s usually £6 in Waitrose so £5 is pretty good!




Still £5 in Hale Barns, also have 2017 stock for some reason

Diet Coke 24x 330ml cans just £4.66 in Booths
LocalLocalFound 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Booths is selling 24x330ml cans of Diet Coke for £4.66. Deal found in store Booths, Hale Barns
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Booths not boots


I got 4 packs today at booths garstang. Brilliant offer


its the last day for the deal they had a few packs left in barrowford


I've just been to Boots and this offer was not present, I also checked online. Please expire. Kindest regards

Wainwrights ale £9 for 8x500ml bottles + free glass £9 @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
£9 for 8x500ml bottles of Wainwrights 4.1% ABV plus a free glass. These bottles individually retail at £1.80 each at Booths. It works out at £1.12 per bottle. And they are selling … Read more
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That's a cracking deal you've spotted there, OP. Wish we had a Booths down here.


Sorry...I thought it was an on-line deal.


I cannot vouch for the link but it certainly exists in store because I purchased it myself today.


Had this in Cartmel and it was bloody lovely! Heat!


This doesn’t seem to exist on their site. Can you send the link please?

Aberlour A'Bunadh cask strength scotch whisky instore at Booths for £40
LocalLocalFound 16th Sep 2018Found 16th Sep 2018
Aberlour A'Bunadh cask strength scotch whisky instore at Booths for £40
£40£79.9550%Booths Deals
Was not hopeful on finding a deal in this given its recent price hike to £80 but popped into Booths and saw this. Not marked as a deal/ to clear and only one left in-store. Hopefu… Read more
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Was Two left in Lytham Booths - non in StAnnes


Not only is there nothing wrong with adding water, but if you only ever drink whisky neat you're missing out. A teaspoon of water can radically change the flavour profile of the whisky, and sometimes even make the flavours more intense. Don't feel emasculated by a little h2o.


Part of the enjoyment of cask strengths for me is seeing how they open up as they are diluted.


Crikey you have some steel. yes i took a few sips neat of my last bottle but 50% water 50% whisky is how i have to drink this. there is no wrong amount of water though (even zero). put in as much (or as little) as you like so you enjoy it most.


I still think this will be £38 -£40 when Amazon Christmas whisky deals roll around. I might be proved wrong but there will be something similar at a reasonable price to fill the stocking. No way i am paying £90+ for it though.

Bunnahabhain stiuireadair @ booths - £26
LocalLocalFound 15th Sep 2018Found 15th Sep 2018
Bunnahabhain stiuireadair @ booths - £26
Bunnahabhain stiuireadair @ booths for £26 £10 offf 46.3 vol nice tipple
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bloody nice whisky for £26 i am a AnCnoc man (party)


Welll if amazon says it, it must be true! Never mind the basic fact that if it was "unaged" they wouldn't legally be able to call it whisky!


It said in the description unaged on Amazon.


Well, there is no age statement, that doesn't mean that it is "unaged", it must be at least three years old and could be blended with older barrels. I was always a bit sceptical, until I tried Laphroaig QC.


It's unaged. On Amazon it's £35. Amazon description: Dried fruit and creamy caramel with hints of brine, vanilla, nuts and a touch of spice Creamy mouth feel with a dried fruit influence, sea salt, creamy caramel and gentle spice Long and lingering with hints of dried fruit.

Bargain Ferrero Rochee at Booths £1.63
LocalLocalFound 13th Apr 2018Found 13th Apr 2018
Bargain Ferrero Rochee at Booths £1.63
Discounted Ferrero Rocher filled egg - contains 16
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Burscough store - loads left!


Which branch? also nice find op, heat added. (y)

Springbank 15 year old Whisky - Booths instore £45
LocalLocalFound 7th Apr 2018Found 7th Apr 2018
Springbank 15 year old Whisky - Booths instore £45
If you know your whisky, you'll know this is a good deal. I do and I grabbed a bottle from Booths in Windermere. Two bottles left on the shelf now. Marked as Reduced to Clear - w… Read more

Still on the shelf when I visited this week, now £45


Also spotted in lytham st annes


Surprisingly one of the few (maybe only) Springbank single malts that Ralfy has not reviewed. My manager at work often heads up to Preston at the weekend....sod's law she's not this weekend or I'd have placed an order with her to get me one. £46 is a fantastic price for this.


Fantastic premium whisky at a great price. Wife treated me to this when our second was born. Almost worth going for a third?


Booths is the Waitrose of the North.

Mornflakes porridge oats 2kg for £1.80. @ Booths
Found 25th Feb 2018Found 25th Feb 2018
Mornflakes porridge oats 2kg for £1.80. @ Booths
As above

Cheaper in Morrisons. £1.75 for 2Kg.


It is certainly not the Mornflake I used to buy. And there is a smooth creamy sensation to the normal Mornflake.


Yep, Booths: the Waitrose of the north. I've only been in one: very impressed until I got to the checkout! (shock)


Like Waitrose but up North, great shops but generally pricy.


Never heard of booths is it a online store or something

Cadburys Retro Selection Box £1.25 @ Booths - Knutsford
LocalLocalFound 8th Jan 2018Found 8th Jan 2018
Cadburys Retro Selection Box £1.25 @ Booths - Knutsford
Just seen these in Booths Knutsford. Cheapest other ones I can find are £5, and they are on ebay for up to £12. There were selection boxes in there for 75p, chocolate coins for 25p… Read more

Tastes fine. It was for this Christmas after all. Chocolate doesn’t last long in this house.


Does the chocolate still taste alright?


Love Booths For the ignorant people from down south - google it! The Waitrose of the North but better




Misspelled 'Boots'

Judge 1.5 litre ice cream maker 1/2 price *local deal* - £14.99 instore @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 23rd Dec 2017Found 23rd Dec 2017
Judge 1.5 litre ice cream maker 1/2 price *local deal* - £14.99 instore @ Booths
£14.99£25.5041%Booths Deals
Live in or near Lytham? I found this Judge 1.5 litre ice cream maker on the sale shelf at Stringers inside Booths. Next best price I found was £25.50 On Amazon and £30 everywhere e… Read more

Thanks for that useful info


Voted hot. Make pure ice-cream free of chemical emuslfifiers , colours and preservatives. Some of the emulsifiers present in supermarket ice cream cause cancer


Well it’s heat from me. Nice find Op (y)


A local deal for local people.

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2017 3 for £5 @ Booths (instore)
LocalLocalFound 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
Fuller's Vintage Ale 2017 3 for £5 @ Booths (instore)
£5£1872%Booths Deals
£6 each elsewhere £4.50 Each or 3 for £5! 500ml 8.5%

Waitrose of the North


Just bought this from Waitrose ;(


Amazing value. £6 each at Waitrose. Cracking brew.


What the hell is booths ?. Never heard of it


Wow this is a good buy, lovely stuff heat there but never herd of booths ;(

Founders All Day IPA x6 £5 @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
Founders All Day IPA x6 £5 @ Booths
Seen at Lytham Booths. For those who don’t shop at Home Bargains...

Picked up 12 in booths Chorley, they had loads. Might go back when I've not got the Mrs with me and spend the rest of my money.


Best lPA around in my opinion.


Hooray for Booths!


Awesome beer. Have some heat


Saw these 6 packs in asda "Sheffield" today. It's a nice well hopped ipa.

Whitley neill quince gin 70cl - £21 at booths supermarkets
LocalLocalFound 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
Whitley neill quince gin 70cl - £21 at booths supermarkets
Whitley neill quince gin now £21 from £28 Booths stores. All stores I was told. Till January next year

Or try half a shot mixed in to a double of any of your regular Gins (Gordons for example) for a nice change.


Great find, I have tried dozens of gins over the last few months, but this one is by far the absolute blast of flavour. I drink it neat over ice, it's superb.

5 Kinder Egg Surprise for £1 at Booths, Kendal
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
5 Kinder Egg Surprise for £1 at Booths, Kendal
5 Kinder Egg Surprise for £1 at Booths, Kendal. Not sure if it's all Booths. RRP stated as 85p each
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Booths in Garstang have them.


That is good for Booths, only been in that shop when visiting Kendal , Windermere and Keswick and blimey they are more expensive than Harrods ! :o


Eggs-cellent deal! Sorry (horror)


Still 100's left 10 mins ago.


Booths is the Waitrose of the North for those who havent heard of it.

Blackwoods 2012 Vintage Gin (40%) @ Booths Supermarkets for £18
LocalLocalFound 1st Sep 2017Found 1st Sep 2017
Blackwoods 2012 Vintage Gin (40%) @ Booths Supermarkets for £18
I'd popped into my local "Booths" expecting to pay the usual slightly-over-the-odds price for a bottle of my favourite gin and was pleased to find that it was on offer - £18 a bott… Read more
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Was 19 quid at Sainsbury's on Saturday if not got a booths. If you like Blackwoods check out their 60% version. It's awesome!

Completely free tea, coffee, latte, cappuccino at Booth's stores NORTHERN ENGLAND ONLY
LocalLocalFound 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
Completely free tea, coffee, latte, cappuccino at Booth's stores NORTHERN ENGLAND ONLY
This chain of about 40-50 stores still doesn't make one purchase something for a free hot drink from the machine. Simply have your card scanned at a manned till and a cup shall be… Read more

I think Waitrose do the same.


Tally Ho old bean, one could get a cup on the way to the 3 day eventing :)


Great thanks ...


includes cadburys hot chocolate(when available as a lot ask for it so sometimes you have to wait a few days for new stock) in a sachet given at til w ith cup~just add hot water from machine.


Spiffing. Thank you

Free Coffee (incl. cappuccino, latte) or Tea at Booths stores every day from machine (Northern England only)
Found 7th Apr 2017Found 7th Apr 2017
Free Coffee (incl. cappuccino, latte) or Tea at Booths stores every day from machine (Northern England only)
Interestingly, as Waitrose has ended its (not it's) 4.5 year old freebie offer, Booths has continued its "copycat" offer. One cup of Tea or Coffee is free for Booths members daily… Read more

also cadburys hot chocolate is free too


Wow didn't even notice Booths wasn't in the South until now when I checked their map! Surprised to see a supermarket with so few stores in the country, no wonder their prices are so high!


Also free drinks in the cafe if you buy food. Teapig herbal teas available in the cafe as well. This offer has been on for a while but some people still don't know about it at they are still paying for drinks !! But definitely makes me go in more often than I used to so it has worked from a marketing point of view


How dare a company only have outlets in the 'North' and not London. They then have the cheek to offer a freebie which is then plainly not available to Londoners. Call the Mayor of London, get this outrage stopped now !


but its free and you're complaining

Ravenhead 7 piece serving bowl set for £3 instore @ Booths
Found 10th Feb 2017Found 10th Feb 2017
Ravenhead 7 piece serving bowl set for £3 instore @ Booths
My local booths (chorley) are selling these sets for £3. Left over stock from Christmas.
Booths Cafes, free hot drink to sit-in when buying any food item from 60p
Found 25th Jan 2017Found 25th Jan 2017
Booths Cafes, free hot drink to sit-in when buying any food item from 60p
Not as good as the Waitrose Cafe offer, for this you have to buy a food item, and bananas are not available. You can't buy a drink upgrade or kids meal. The cheapest item is yogh… Read more

Updated OP to show 60p minimum cost.


you get a free drink to take out when presenting your Booths card at the till with any purchase


Thanks op, the cafes sound nice