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Trivento Malbec 750ml Argentinian Red Wine - £5.66 @ Booths (Barrowford) Instore
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Posted 13th MayPosted 13th MayLocalLocal
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item - we should all limit… Read more

11th June it's £6.00 in Sainsbury's. In Sainsbury's they will be doing an offer of 25% off wine/champagne etc 17th-21st June, it's on this site under Sainsbury's.


£6 in ASDA too if that's handy to anyone


If you don’t have a Booths near you (and let’s face it, most of us won’t) you can get if for the same price in Morrisons if you are prepared to buy 3 bottles. It is £8.50 a bottle, but when you buy 2 you get one free. Personally I think at the price point it is the best value red you can get at the moment.


It was on a tasting once and priced at £8.50 and loved it, so we've been buying it every time it's on offer. It's often £6.50 at Morrisons.


Also £6 @ Tesco's if that helps anyone out. (y)

Adnams broadside 500ml 6.3% abv for £1.50 Instore @ Booths (Penwortham)
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th MarLocalLocal
Adnams broadside 500ml 6.3% abv for £1.50 Instore @ Booths (Penwortham)
Rare deal at Booths normally a little more at Waitrose

Indeed! Them and more drank and enjoyed at Cloudwater F&F festival over the last two years. Bring on the beers!


Oooohhhh..... Craft credentials! What happened to Wylam, Cloudwater and Northern Monk? 8)


LOL it's been so long since I had this I thought it was session strength but I've probably been out cold on impy stouts for the last year or so... Good deal I guess but not my bag anymore. Spoilt by the likes of Verdant, LHG, Buxton, Shiny, Pentrich or closer to home Round Corner or Framework for Leicestershire folk. So much choice these days. I figure this is value for money though. Thanks for posting op.


Nice. Had some in the 4for6 at mirrisiians at Xmas. This and the plum Porter. Wicked.


Only if you're normally a Carling drinker.

Booths Supermarket Free Bottle of Peroni Libera non-alcoholic beer 330ml for card holders
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Posted 8th JanPosted 8th JanLocalLocal
Booths Supermarket Free Bottle of Peroni Libera non-alcoholic beer 330ml for card holders
On Friday 10th January, Booths is giving away 1 x 330ml bottle of Peroni Libera non-alcoholic beer to all 18+ cardholders between 3pm - 8pm, all you have to do is scan your Booths … Read more

I went to my local Booths at t-time and there was an assistant in store handing them out to card holders.


I’m off to Booths, Costa and McDonalds to claim my freebies later. God bless HUKD!


It is a family owned independent supermarket chain with its headquarters in Preston Lancashire and it is mainly based around the North West of England. It is similar to Waitrose selling fine fair( as in quality not cheap and nasty).


I tried this and liked it. I seem to be the odd one out here. (confused)


Same here, went to a pub chain and had this instead of a soft drink in a meal offer. Wasn't impressed at all

Russian Standard vodka 1L £18 @ Booths
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Russian Standard vodka 1L £18 @ Booths
£5 off usual price of £23. Spotted in Hale Barns store

Good stuff but cheaper elsewhere


£16 in Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco.

Deanston Virgin Oak 70cl Single Malt Scotch Whisky £25 instore @ Booths
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Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019LocalLocal
Deanston Virgin Oak 70cl Single Malt Scotch Whisky £25 instore @ Booths
Deanston Virgin Oak £25 in store at Booths (nationwide) I'll update if its any good after the weekend...

Didn't like the 12. Gave the bottle away. Tasted like drinking beer. Or should i say it was more beer like.


Heat. Deanston is distillery that presents it whisky how the whisky folk want, like all the distillers in the Burns Stewart group ( natural colour, non chill filtered, 46%+ ABV) I like the 12 much more but thats personal taste. For £25 this is a great buy, shame no store near me


Taste is always subjective, but this is certainly interesting with loads of depth of flavour, yet very easy to drink. Note: this is not a smokey or peated whisky. Highly recommended for both newbies and those with a more experienced palate. If you like Clynelish 14 (for example) then buy this, lots of this.


Was at the distillery a couple of months ago - very interesting sealed vault warehouse which means that the casks don't breathe a huge amount. You get a very mellow, spirit-heavy dram which doesn't taste young, but also hasn't taken many of the casks characteristics. A unique bottle, well worth £25.


Bottled at 46.3%, Non-Chill Filtered and no added colouring. Bargain at £25.

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Booths £5 Frozen Meal Deal - Pizza, Garlic Bread + Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - instore only
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Posted 12th May 2019Posted 12th May 2019LocalLocal
Booths £5 Frozen Meal Deal - Pizza, Garlic Bread + Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - instore only
Includes Goodfella's stone baked thin pizza, Goodfella's garlic bread or 10 garlic bread slices and any 500ml Ben and Jerry's ice cream. No link online and in-store only.

Sorry! Never heard of it.


Booths not boots


When i stay in Keswick, Booths is the reason i travel all the way to Cockermouth Aldi as their prices are horrific, so this deal is actually reasonable for Booths (shock)


Its Frozen, of course it goes cold. I'm voting cold on behalf of my 6 y/0, who is complaining there is no mention of Elsa, Anna or Olaf.


Not really a great deal. Pizza around £1.50 to £2 garlic bread is cheap and Ben and Jerry’s often on offer most places.

McVities Moments Biscuits (400g) - £1.50 Instore @ Booths (Penwortham)
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Posted 2nd May 2019Posted 2nd May 2019LocalLocal
McVities Moments Biscuits (400g) - £1.50 Instore @ Booths (Penwortham)
Found at Penwortham Booths

Thanx for sharing your first post @danpne1 Not far from Me Either! I might have a mooch round there tomorrow ;)


Nice find & first deal @danpne1 - not a million miles from me, so might check this out in the next few days :) Heat from me, thanks for sharing.

Speyburn Single Malt £20.50 instore @ Booths
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Posted 28th Jan 2019Posted 28th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Speyburn Single Malt £20.50 instore @ Booths
Nice stuff, and half price. Good deal for single Malt.

A few stores confirmed they have this on sale. Have my vote. The reviews I found were good, just a shame it is 40%.


For a second I was thinking 'When did Boots start selling alcohol!?".


Lovely whisky. A steal at £20. Shame there are no stores near me.


Why is it being voted cold?


I honesty couldn’t say, but it was on display as you walked into the store and it’s got an official price tag the same as in the rest of the store so I would say it’s company wide, but I have only been to one store.

Jelly tots tube 25p @ Booths
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Posted 8th Jan 2019Posted 8th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Jelly tots tube 25p @ Booths
130g jelly tots tube. Seems like a decent deal in Booths.

One for me, One for me, Oh and one more for...


Managed to get 3 tubes. (y)


Will be popping there on the school run! Thank you


I thought the same. They had a lot of them on the shelf, I went mad and bought 4 tubes! Lol


I remember these from when I was a child but they were in a plastic bag, did not know that you could still get them. 25p, heat added

Fullers Vintage Ale 2018 - £2.70 instore @ Booths
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Posted 29th Dec 2018Posted 29th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Fullers Vintage Ale 2018 - £2.70 instore @ Booths
Fullers Vintage Ale 2018 reduced from £5.00 to £2.70 at Booths Chorley. I don't know if its national or store specific.

It’s usually £6 in Waitrose so £5 is pretty good!




Still £5 in Hale Barns, also have 2017 stock for some reason

Diet Coke 24x 330ml cans just £4.66 in Booths
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Posted 18th Dec 2018Posted 18th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Diet Coke 24x 330ml cans just £4.66 in Booths
Booths is selling 24x330ml cans of Diet Coke for £4.66. Deal found in store Booths, Hale Barns
Get deal*Get deal*



Booths not boots


I got 4 packs today at booths garstang. Brilliant offer


its the last day for the deal they had a few packs left in barrowford


I've just been to Boots and this offer was not present, I also checked online. Please expire. Kindest regards

Wainwrights ale £9 for 8x500ml bottles + free glass £9 @ Booths
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Posted 29th Nov 2018Posted 29th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Wainwrights ale £9 for 8x500ml bottles + free glass £9 @ Booths
£9 for 8x500ml bottles of Wainwrights 4.1% ABV plus a free glass. These bottles individually retail at £1.80 each at Booths. It works out at £1.12 per bottle. And they are selling … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

That's a cracking deal you've spotted there, OP. Wish we had a Booths down here.


Sorry...I thought it was an on-line deal.


I cannot vouch for the link but it certainly exists in store because I purchased it myself today.


Had this in Cartmel and it was bloody lovely! Heat!


This doesn’t seem to exist on their site. Can you send the link please?

Aberlour A'Bunadh cask strength scotch whisky instore at Booths for £40
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Posted 16th Sep 2018Posted 16th Sep 2018LocalLocal
Aberlour A'Bunadh cask strength scotch whisky instore at Booths for £40
Was not hopeful on finding a deal in this given its recent price hike to £80 but popped into Booths and saw this. Not marked as a deal/ to clear and only one left in-store. Hopefu… Read more
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Was Two left in Lytham Booths - non in StAnnes


Not only is there nothing wrong with adding water, but if you only ever drink whisky neat you're missing out. A teaspoon of water can radically change the flavour profile of the whisky, and sometimes even make the flavours more intense. Don't feel emasculated by a little h2o.


Part of the enjoyment of cask strengths for me is seeing how they open up as they are diluted.


Crikey you have some steel. yes i took a few sips neat of my last bottle but 50% water 50% whisky is how i have to drink this. there is no wrong amount of water though (even zero). put in as much (or as little) as you like so you enjoy it most.


I still think this will be £38 -£40 when Amazon Christmas whisky deals roll around. I might be proved wrong but there will be something similar at a reasonable price to fill the stocking. No way i am paying £90+ for it though.

Bunnahabhain stiuireadair @ booths - £26
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Posted 15th Sep 2018Posted 15th Sep 2018LocalLocal
Bunnahabhain stiuireadair @ booths - £26
Bunnahabhain stiuireadair @ booths for £26 £10 offf 46.3 vol nice tipple
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bloody nice whisky for £26 i am a AnCnoc man (party)


Welll if amazon says it, it must be true! Never mind the basic fact that if it was "unaged" they wouldn't legally be able to call it whisky!


It said in the description unaged on Amazon.


Well, there is no age statement, that doesn't mean that it is "unaged", it must be at least three years old and could be blended with older barrels. I was always a bit sceptical, until I tried Laphroaig QC.


It's unaged. On Amazon it's £35. Amazon description: Dried fruit and creamy caramel with hints of brine, vanilla, nuts and a touch of spice Creamy mouth feel with a dried fruit influence, sea salt, creamy caramel and gentle spice Long and lingering with hints of dried fruit.

Bargain Ferrero Rochee at Booths £1.63
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Posted 13th Apr 2018Posted 13th Apr 2018LocalLocal
Bargain Ferrero Rochee at Booths £1.63
Discounted Ferrero Rocher filled egg - contains 16
Get deal*Get deal*

Burscough store - loads left!


Which branch? also nice find op, heat added. (y)

Springbank 15 year old Whisky - Booths instore £45
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Posted 7th Apr 2018Posted 7th Apr 2018LocalLocal
Springbank 15 year old Whisky - Booths instore £45
If you know your whisky, you'll know this is a good deal. I do and I grabbed a bottle from Booths in Windermere. Two bottles left on the shelf now. Marked as Reduced to Clear - w… Read more

Still on the shelf when I visited this week, now £45


Also spotted in lytham st annes


Surprisingly one of the few (maybe only) Springbank single malts that Ralfy has not reviewed. My manager at work often heads up to Preston at the weekend....sod's law she's not this weekend or I'd have placed an order with her to get me one. £46 is a fantastic price for this.


Fantastic premium whisky at a great price. Wife treated me to this when our second was born. Almost worth going for a third?


Booths is the Waitrose of the North.

Mornflakes porridge oats 2kg for £1.80. @ Booths
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Posted 25th Feb 2018Posted 25th Feb 2018
Mornflakes porridge oats 2kg for £1.80. @ Booths
As above

Cheaper in Morrisons. £1.75 for 2Kg.


It is certainly not the Mornflake I used to buy. And there is a smooth creamy sensation to the normal Mornflake.


Yep, Booths: the Waitrose of the north. I've only been in one: very impressed until I got to the checkout! (shock)


Like Waitrose but up North, great shops but generally pricy.


Never heard of booths is it a online store or something

Cadburys Retro Selection Box £1.25 @ Booths - Knutsford
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Posted 8th Jan 2018Posted 8th Jan 2018LocalLocal
Cadburys Retro Selection Box £1.25 @ Booths - Knutsford
Just seen these in Booths Knutsford. Cheapest other ones I can find are £5, and they are on ebay for up to £12. There were selection boxes in there for 75p, chocolate coins for 25p… Read more

Tastes fine. It was for this Christmas after all. Chocolate doesn’t last long in this house.


Does the chocolate still taste alright?


Love Booths For the ignorant people from down south - google it! The Waitrose of the North but better




Misspelled 'Boots'

Judge 1.5 litre ice cream maker 1/2 price *local deal* - £14.99 instore @ Booths
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Posted 23rd Dec 2017Posted 23rd Dec 2017LocalLocal
Judge 1.5 litre ice cream maker 1/2 price *local deal* - £14.99 instore @ Booths
Live in or near Lytham? I found this Judge 1.5 litre ice cream maker on the sale shelf at Stringers inside Booths. Next best price I found was £25.50 On Amazon and £30 everywhere e… Read more

Thanks for that useful info


Voted hot. Make pure ice-cream free of chemical emuslfifiers , colours and preservatives. Some of the emulsifiers present in supermarket ice cream cause cancer


Well it’s heat from me. Nice find Op (y)


A local deal for local people.

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