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Green & Black's Organic Connoisseur Collection 580g £9 Booths instore
LocalLocalFound 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
RRP £18 LOL - but Amazon currently £13. Just seen in Booths MediaCity - at all booths apparently.

Tesco Offer was for a smaller box I do believe


Nope, have a look at the Tesco one again.


£5.50 in Tescos

Ginvent Calendar £100 instore @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 2nd Dec 2016Found 2nd Dec 2016
If you are a gin lover my local booths at penwortham have the ginvent calendar at £100 this was selling for around £125 on amazon and everywhere else at least £10 more expensive a… Read more
Hobgoblin Halloween 8 bottles for £8 @ Booths Instore
Found 24th Oct 2016Found 24th Oct 2016
£8 for 8 bottles, Bargain! Booths at Hale Barns, not sure if Local or National
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picked up @ tesco For 1.25


Aldi sells dunked fester!


Brilliant stuff. one of my favourites. I just wish I could find somewhere that sells Dunkel Fester.


Available in Ulverston too. These are lower ABV at 4.5%, the £2.15 ones are 5.2%. Still cracking value and a nice beer.


Sadly, Booths isn't national. I wish it were...

2 pizzas, choice of drink and a side £10 @ Booths (instore)
Found 7th Sep 2016Found 7th Sep 2016
I posted this the last time it was on, and I've just seen their Facebook page with this again. They've added a few items this time as well. Still think they should add a dessert… Read more

This could persuade me to go into a Booths. oO


Booths is the closest supermarket we've got to Waitrose & they're great for sourcing local suppliers.


​Yes it is,


Booths? Is this an "up norf" only deal?


thought you had a lisp and you meant boots, there

Old Pulteney 12 yr old single malt, currently £21.89 in Booths
LocalLocalFound 11th Jul 2016Found 11th Jul 2016
Booths currently have the 12yr Old Pulteney for £21.89, that's the lowest I can ever remember seeing it. I've yet to try a bad expression from this distillery, at this price it wou… Read more
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Very true. By the way, its not in stock at the moment, and at the price quoted, I'm not sure it ever will be, but Amazon have a Port Askaig 16 year old single malt for £44.99. Normally this is around £80. Its been bottled for the owners of the Whisky Exchange ("Speciality Drinks Ltd"), but chances are its a Caol Ila.


​I have a (un?)healthy selection of most of the Scottish regions as well as Japanese, I find it's down to mood as much as taste. Sometimes i really want a big antiseptic, peaty hit, whereas others it could be sweet, or salty or floral etc. In other words... why stick to just one type? ;)


Sorry abumonkey. You're quite right. That would be the 35cl. They do a good deal on the liqueur version (Stroma) 50cl at £16.99 though. Lovely stuff.


I guess it all depends on what you want in a whisky. I also love Aberlour 12 (more of a sherry influence), but not such a fan of the Glenmorangie 10 (too much if a bourbon taste in it for me). The likes of Lagavulin, whilst loved by many don't do it for me at all because of the peat. With whisky it really can be trial and error for most people until you come across something you really like.


Bought this last time it was on offer. I was disappointed, much better whiskey out there for this price imho.

Jennings Bitter 3.5% Booths 0.70p a bottle Booths
LocalLocalFound 1st Jul 2016Found 1st Jul 2016
Booths Media City Jennings Bitter 3.5% (very drinkable) 0.70p a bottle and/or 8 packs for £5.60 And ok session beer

love it on tap. not sure I've had it out of bottles. any good?


it's only slightly stronger than Bass Shandy.. Hopefully it tastes ok. Hot from me as it can be drunk anytime of day due to the lack of alcohol in it.. Sunday morning breakfast with poached eggs and beans and 6 pints of Jennings. :)

The Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky 12 Years Old 35cl (half bottle) £12.00 @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 15th Jun 2016Found 15th Jun 2016
This extremely popular whisky is being discontinued in the UK, for the no-age-statement blend. A real shame... Get it while you can. £12 is a bargain price, I expect it to sell out… Read more
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I am with the original poster. The 12yo is a lovely drop of scotch. The Founders Reserve is a poor replacement and the half a bottle I've not drunk can sit there waiting for an unwelcome visitor. I'd love to be elitist about scotch but my budget won't stretch that far. thanks for sharing James Smith. I'll be on that when I'm back in the NW at the end of the week


Masterofmalt ratings, Founders Reserve - 2/5 from 148 ratings, Glenlivet 12 - 4/5 from 203 ratings.


Wrong. In fact the majority of single malts are blends. NAS assures you of the youngest whisky used, so the contents of Glenlivit 12 are aged for 12 years minimum. As we all know, whisky improves with age. That's why NAS is an indicator of quality, which is sorely lacking from founders reserve, which is bulked out with an unknown quantity of whisky that isn't matured. I can only echo what Matty said regarding The Glenlivit.. OK the 12 isn't the worlds most amazing whisky, but it's popular - the world No.2 biggest seller - and for many people their first foray into single malts. So it's very strange for someone to defend the discontinuation (in the UK) of one of the most popular, recognisable products, for an inferior substitute. If you don't find this argument compelling enough, consider that the producers of The Glenlivit, Chivas Brothers, put out a the following statement which you can read in full at the link beneath.


Theres a good reason the 12 was almost always reduced when it was more widely available too; and as i said, hop off the bandwagon for a second and see them both for what they are, entry level malts, and they both fill that role nicely, to say the 12 is distinctly better is completely subjective and down to personal taste. If the founders reserve was distinctly poorer, then its competition would be cheap blended whiskies like grouse, that isnt the case though, its a cheap malt that does the job just like the 12.


A NAS whisky is NOT on par with a 10/12 year old whisky. The founders reserve has been slated in reviews and is nowhere near as good as the Glenlivet 12. The fact that it's a similar price is more about buyers being ripped off rather than it being of a similar value. There's a good reason why founders reserve is nearly always reduced.

2 x Pizza, 1 x Salad, 1 x Prosecco £10 @ Booths
Found 3rd Jun 2016Found 3rd Jun 2016
Title and Photo say it all Pretty good price from a more pricey supermarket. Seen in Booths MediaCityUK, Red, Salford M50 2BS

ah Booths , where it's still 1958!


Already listed


​In my stomach by the end of tonight! ;)


where would this be?

2 pizzas, 1 salad and a bottle of Prosecco or a 4 pack of Peroni £10 @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 30th May 2016Found 30th May 2016
Not sure on pizza flavours as I've seen this on their Facebook page, but a good offer. This is available in all shops.

why not sell up and move house, for a cheap pizza deal? Makes perfect sense really.....


there is one in hale barns near manchester airport


as good as m n s if not better


Only better


very confusing i was on my way down to the chemists

The Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky 12 Years Old 35cl (half bottle) £10 @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 22nd Apr 2016Found 22nd Apr 2016
Another dependable classic single malt sadly being out-populated by a founder's reserve-blended whisky. Probably accounts for it's very low price, as they clear these out for the l… Read more
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Hi yes I did search. That was weeks ago though. Actually I remembered your submission, went to my local branch of Booths off the back of it at the time but they were out of stock. I guess they've had another batch in from the main warehouse since? Anyway, there were a fair few left at Booths Knutsford yesterday, but I don't think they will last long. I'm having a tipple now, it's very nice I would also buy a few bottles if I could afford it!


Very nice single malt. My first. I was introduced to the world of aged single malt. Many of my friends who tried this later were totally impressed with this. It is being discontinued with NAS which far inferior. But this while you can. Stock it.


Already posted


Turns out this most popular whisky is being discontinued in the UK, for the no-age-statement blend. A real shame... Get it while you can.


I bought 8 bottles the other day. This is a scorcher.

Day of the Dead Beer 330ml @ Booths Supermarkets for 75p
Found 10th Apr 2016Found 10th Apr 2016
Day of the Dead beer reduced to 75p a bottle in store at Booths supermarkets. I picked up bottles of the Blonde, Hefeweizen and Amber ales for 75p each yesterday at Booths in Chor… Read more

Dead beer . . . . reminds me of those opened but undrunk party fours left over from the night before.


The hefeweizen is the only one I've had but it was a really good wheat beer. Shame there's no Booths up here in Scotland as far as I am aware. Have some jealous heat.

Cloughbane Chicken or beef dinner £3 was £4 at Booths in Lancashire
LocalLocalFound 30th Mar 2016Found 30th Mar 2016
These are not your average ready meals they are like as close to a home cooked meal as a micro meal can probably get, I love them and I think £3 is a bargain at the moment consider… Read more

v tasty meals made here in n ireland. heat added


Glenlivet 12yo 35cl only £10 at Booths. grab it while you can...
LocalLocalFound 14th Mar 2016Found 14th Mar 2016
Booths Penwortham, Preston. Probably all stores. Glenlivet have replaced the 12yo with new Founders Reserve so this may be the last chance to buy. Equivalent £20 for full bottle is… Read more

Yes I have always found their staff super friendly and polite.


They are a very accommodating store. I suspect if you phoned they may put a few bottles aside, if asked politely. :)


Bargain at £10 for 35cl. These were cheaper at last tesco clearance including 70cl. Grab it as these are discontinuing in UK with NAS Founders reserve. Booths branches are few and mainly in north. Trip to booths this weekend !


Shame no store near me. Head added anyway!


hot. Just picked one up in Knutsford Booths. Plenty left

Wainwright Ale 8 x 500 ml £8 Booths, MediaCity
LocalLocalFound 9th Mar 2016Found 9th Mar 2016
Wainwright Ale mini case, 8 x 500ml £1.25 a bottle, or £8 for 8. Cheapest I have found.

Awww, nice thanks


This is available in all Booths stores not just Media city.

Aberlour 12 Year Old Non Chill-Filtered £26 @ Booths
Found 5th Mar 2016Found 5th Mar 2016
This is a variation of the Aberlour 12. It's £40 pretty much everywhere. At a higher ABV (48% vs 40%) and without the use of chill filtering the whisky holds on to more of its ori… Read more
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Great find, heat added :)


lovely whisky. bargain


Cask Strength Aberlour A'Bunadh is 60.5% ABV and it packs some serious punch. I have a bottle of both and while the 12 is cheap, the A'Bunadh is a clear winner.


No shame in adding a drop of water to make it suit individual palates. I've got some of the Aberlour A'Bunadh which is bottled at cask strength (60.1%), and it's impossible to drink that neat - just numbs your mouth! :)

megaman666 regular 12 yr old also reduced @ waitrose

Bombay Gin 1L only £17.39 at Booths. North England only.
Found 8th Nov 2015Found 8th Nov 2015
Bombay Gin 1L only £17.39 at Booths. North England only.
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Due they drink gin up north? I thought it was all Buckfast and meths!


cold , thought it was at boots


Heat for Booths. Waitrose of the North


Great price for those with a store nearby. :)


Heat for north of england

​Quality street 1.315kg tin £6.99 @ Booths
Found 4th Nov 2015Found 4th Nov 2015
​Quality street 1.315kg tin £6.99 not sure if store specific as just opened larger booths locally.
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I miss the cracknell, that was my favourite, what they have now is a pale imitation of the QS of old.


Aye, and when the tin was empty you had a cheap drum. Stick a hole either side of the tin, thread some string through it, then hang around a kids neck. Give them a couple of sticks and they could annoy the whole street for weeks... Of course, elfin safety, would never allow anyone to put string around a kids neck these days and even if they did, they would be forced to wear ear defenders.


Yes although the 10KG Quality street tubs were annoying to lug about.


It's shocking the decline in standards from the Quality Street of yesteryear, shrinkflation has really taken it's toll, the plastic tub is smaller as are the chocolates inside plus the quality has been reduced as well. I recently bought the 2 for £7 tubs of QS and Roses and even at £3.50 a tub I won't ever be buying either again as the decline in standards really is unacceptable.


I've put it down to being a bad dream :)

Aberlour A'bunadh Cask Strength Sherry-Monster Single Malt Whisky, reduced by £10 to £33.49 at Booths
LocalLocalFound 21st Sep 2015Found 21st Sep 2015
One of the most frequently discussed and applauded whiskies at it's usual price point, and very rarely reduced below £40. If you're lucky enough to have a Booths within striking di… Read more
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According to the website the offer runs until 7th October...can't see them having much left by that point!


Good deal. Trip to Booths this weekend


Oh yes! I posted it on here, but it wasn't allowed as it was a third-party seller from - £37 for a litre bottle delivered :D EDIT: I may have been lucky with duty...


Half my comments on this site are deriding the permanently-on-offer 10yo. Have you got the Glenfarclas 105?


Fantastic, I'll pick up a bottle when I'm getting my prescription.

Thornbridge Halcyon 500ml  4 bottles for £8.07 (4 for 3) @ Booths
Found 26th Jun 2015Found 26th Jun 2015
This is probably not going to get very hot but is useful for anyone who likes this fantastic beer. If you like strong, hoppy craft beers you will love this 7.4% imperial IPA, it i… Read more

Awesome Beer this is. I am at thornbridge festival of beer this weekend cant wait.


cracking beer


all the thornbrige beers are 4 for 3 as is every other beer in booths!. Jaipur is really nice too


Thornbridge is my favourite brewery. Quality beer. Try chiron too if you can, and jaipur.


I am loving these booths offers picked up a few bottles tonight. the most awks thing about the offer is u cant really nail down which ones u get free unless u ask them to put them through separately.

The Balvenie Doublewood 17 year old reduced from £77 to £50 in store in Booths, Ripon
Found 21st May 2015Found 21st May 2015
Marked as reduced to clear, still £80 or more at the usual online retailers. Haven't tried it yet , but come the weekend I will :) Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Agreed not bad at all :) will let it rest for a month or so and see what that does for it...


Glorious stuff and a superb price.


Nah mate....I'm just having fun on a day off work. I dont drink anymore anyway, don't miss it either...:-) I'm sure its good value for an old single malt...I gave you some heeeeeat...:p


Ah but at least with this you have a bottle at the end, to be used as a candlestick, receptacle or stabbing weapon afterwards... you can't do those with a brick, no matter how much you love it. :) If you get a headache after a dram then I suggest you don't buy this...however if you can find a better price for this particular brand of brain rot please let us know!


Use a brick! :p You can kill just as many braincells, still get a headache and you'll save £50.

Young's Admiral's Pie 340g .62p Booths supermarket
Found 18th Apr 2015Found 18th Apr 2015
Frozen Young's Admiral's Pie 340g with butter sauce .62p Bargain if are near a booths.

Probably the best supermarket chain in the country, but they're only in the North West.



a students dream, great for hangovers


WTH is a Booths!


**** A'hoy

Cadbury egg 'n' spoon £1 Booths Instore
Found 4th Apr 2015Found 4th Apr 2015
Cadbury egg 'n' spoon £1 at Booths Instore. Know these are the same price at B&M but just a heads up for any people near a Booths.

Where are these stores?! Never heard of them!


Also in all poundland stores in the UK.


Not these again!!


Comment Booths is like the Waitrose of the North, expensive but they have some great quality items and use local suppliers where they can. My nearest 2 supermarkets are Booths so I end up going there for top up shops and spending too much money. I didn't even realise they were a northern thing until last year!


£1 also in BM Bargains if anyone has one local

Big Cadbury Easter Eggs half price £5.50 @ Booths
Found 25th Feb 2015Found 25th Feb 2015
These are normally about £10 but Booths (mediacity, salford) have them for £5.50! They had dairy milk and creme eggs and cheapest I've ever seen them. Had loads of others on offer … Read more

Yeah all the large eggs are half price for a month



Heat for seeing Booths on HUKD. I miss it as a Northerner down south. Hot deal too :-)

Booths End of Season Sale. Sweets, Treats and more! reduced by 50% or more.
Found 27th Dec 2014Found 27th Dec 2014
There is currently lots of stuff in the Booths end of season sale. Most Xmas stuff has been reduced by 50% or more. I'll list some of the highlights from what I saw this morning b… Read more

large tube of Jaffa cakes down to £1,50 (4 packets inside the tube)


Is it the price of the tubs or the quantity of the tubs that's reduced by 50% ;)


Love the Hobgoblin set! Love Booths so will pop in to our local Garstang branch and see what they have, thanks OP


I personally purchased two of these Hobgoblin sets. Seems like a steal at £3. Its currently the same price at Waitrose for anyone interested.

Ardbeg whisky £31.99 @ Booths
Found 2nd Dec 2014Found 2nd Dec 2014
Ardbeg 10 year old whisky. Usually £45-£50 in most shops. I think Booths is a northern chain so apologies if you don't have one. I discovered it on holiday in the Lakes.
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Not until January sometime


WOW !!!! - does anyone know when this expires? -


If you like peated whisky then this is a must. Ignore the fact that it's 'only a 10yo', this is a serious bargain!


Great price. Never seen it below around £40 before (regularly about that price on Amazon) Had it saved in my basket on there for ages hoping it will come down but it never seems to. Shame I don't have a Booths anywhere near me.


Just got a bottle for my birthday (last week) that I'm waiting to open...Still got a bottle of this year's special release open ;-)

Abunadh cask 49 - £31.50 @ booths
Found 20th Nov 2014Found 20th Nov 2014
Good price for this single, saving about a tenner. Especially considering that it's difficult to get of hold of in the first place...

heat added, great deal thanks.


60.1% add water to taste so so traveling to booths at Ilkley is on the books ;).......hope they have anCnoc on offer


Fantastic price for a fantastic cask strength whisky. Anyone voting this cold is clueless.

Arberlour 12 Year Old Whisky 700ml - Was £52 - Now £26 @ Booths
Found 17th Nov 2014Found 17th Nov 2014
Normally £52 - in Booths supermarket for £26. Could make a good xmas present for someone.
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If it was I'd be searching every store for that cask strength beauty! but no it isn't :(



Great thanks


is this the abundah?


12yo is a good dram, much nicer than 10yo. But it's never been £52. I think I last paid £38 for a litre in an airport (not duty free).

Ferrero Rochet 48 box - half Price £8 @ Booths
LocalLocalFound 14th Nov 2014Found 14th Nov 2014
Was in Lytham St Annes Booths at lunch and they had 48 box of Ferrero Rochet reduced from £16 to £8. Looked like a nationwide deal, but will need confirming Seems a better deal t… Read more

Is that Bolton Middlebrook or Astley Bridge?


Got these in Asda for £5.25 on offer same size that's Bolton asda


booths?? thought ya meant boots lol


You've never got 48 for £4 EVER


Not for a box of 48 I'm sure

Lindt Excellence *99%* cocoa/cacao (and other) bars £1.50 @ Booths
Found 29th Oct 2014Found 29th Oct 2014
Various Lindt bars. The 99% is not often stocked by retailers I was quite surprised to find it. I was even more surprised at the price, bargain at £1.50. Remember, the 99% bar is 5… Read more
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You sure bruv? Anyway.. rare bargain... never seen it this cheap anywhere. One gets the feeling that 'lightweights' who "can't handle" 99% chocolate may be voting cold. (_;)


May I be the first to apologise for the fact that Booths do not have stores world wide. (_;)


Shame they don't have a store in Birmingham


also at Asda.


i could only find the 99% ones at lindt's outlet stores, and the price was £2 something, so it seems to be a good deal but only if there is a store near to you...

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