Boots 17 make up
Boots 17 make up

Boots 17 make up

Free gift when spending £5 at Boots with make up brand 17.

The gift is lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara & mirror by Eley Kishimoto in a box.

Also Boots 17 foundation & concealers are on offer at 2 for £6 (usually approx £4.99-£5.49 each.)

So you could buy 2 foundations & get the above free gift all for £6!

Also the No 7 range has a free gift of bag & small No 7 make up/skin care products free when you spend £15 on the No 7 range.

These are available on line & in store.

My Ist post any hints would be appreciated.


good deal, and welcome.

Just to add the free No.7 gift bag can be used in conjunction with Boot's 3 for 2.

I ended doing an online shop and amongst other things I got 2 items at £15 (one of them be a No.7 item) got a 3rd item free as well as the No.7 gift bag, tripple advantage card points, 10% off, free delivery and 6% quidco.....

All future presents are being bought from boots! lol

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Thanks for the comments MinstrelMan.

I too will do an online shop as cant carry it all home lol....

PS Ive not joined quidco yet as put off my the £5 fee is it worth it?

Well the £5 fee comes out of your quidco earnings, so its not really out of your own pocket.

Its certainly been worth it for me I only signed up a couple of months ago and due £63 in earnings (minus the £5 membership) so £57 quid for not doing much, merely navigating to somewhere I want to shop via quidco has got to be a bonus in anyones eyes.

Especially worth it if your taking out insurance online :o)

Quidco is a good idea if you shop alot online...

Ive just recieved a £40 payment of cash back after Ive paid my fee...

Remember its the only thing they charge and you will get cash back for basically nothing after that....

Think of it as a reward card


You don't pay anything up-front with quidco, they just take £5 off the first load of cash they send.

It's really worth it, and if you buy big items then its really worth it.

I sometimes buy stuff for the company I work for, and I always go through quidco to get a nice little back-hander!

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Thanks all for your help, I love this site, & only found it last week. Yippi...

Carefull.... it has a habbit of tempting you to buy things, you don't want, but the oppertunity will be too good to pass up, or maybe thats just me lol, I have no will power.

I've been with quidco for just over a year and have had over £400 cashback and another £150 or so pending.They have been nothing short of brilliant and all enquiries have been dealt with courteously and successfully.
Five stars in my opinion.....or 5 santas :santa::santa::santa::santa::santa:

the milky bars are on bazr

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ok seems like a good thing, looking forward to the milky bar too.

thanks for posting!
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