BOOTS 70% off SALE  disney hairdryer £7.50 was £25 ,playdough ice-cream maker was £20 now £6.00 @ luton

BOOTS 70% off SALE disney hairdryer £7.50 was £25 ,playdough ice-cream maker was £20 now £6.00 @ luton

LocalFound 15th Jan 2014
Popped into town this morn and picked up these beauties.....
Disney hairdryer £7.50 was £25
Playdough ice cream twist £6.00 was £20
Playdough cookies £3.60 was £12
Peppa pig flip watch £1.80 was £8

Was a few left when left luck of the draw I guess....assistant said they stocking back up later!!!!
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Think it'll be pot luck what's left (if anything!) when I can finally go at 1pm during lunch break! Would love to get hold of the peppa watch though my LO would love it! You got some good bargains though.
Totally agree putting away til xmas! There was loads of stuff behind the tills that people had changed their mind on they were waiting for staff to put it back out......
No doubt some people will vote cold but a deals a deal
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I went this morning, folk had stuff by the trolley load!
They must be selling the stuff on as some had a trolley full of the same thing!!
Its just greedy......Ive never seen such hysteria lol
Got some lovely gift sets this morning. The gift aisle was getting very busy when i left !!!
Hot, hot, hot!!
Exmouth store didn't have much left but still managed to get a couple of things to put away for birthdays /Christmas :-)
I got to cribbs at 9.30 and the shelves were empty! People with baskets full!!!! Was gona loiter for some put backs but couldn't be bothered! Bristol galleries had a few more bits left but not much! X
I orderd some stuff offline at 5am when hubby got up for work. Got to my boots store at 9am opening time and it was packed, people had baskets full of stuff, I did get a few bargains though so I'm happy. It cost less than the 3 for 2 at xmas x
boots in store bury st edmunds was insanity this morning. got some great bargains tho
Still lots in fareham
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