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Sale 90% off leftover stock instore @ Boots The Glades, Bromley

In store: London · Boots Deals
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About this deal

All left over Christmas bits 90% off! Fair bit of stock left depending on the store.

Should be nationwide.

In store only


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  1. zizi10's avatar
    Got £94 of great items in Boots for £9.40 today. Loads of great gifts including bath bomb making kits, cheese making kit, fortune cookie making kit, calming tea with sleep mask and cup.
  2. NuffinisFree's avatar
    Boots sales are like buses, you wait and wait and wait for one and then 2 come along!

    Congrats on you mini haul, I doubt there will be much left this evening (edited)
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    There’s usually more of a gap between so wasn’t expecting it when I went in store today!
  3. DealJourno's avatar
    They used to do this 90% off sale in January. Amazing that they want to waste space in stores up until March now with old stock.
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    It obviously works for them, selling off gift sets for Valentines and holding onto some for Mothers Day before launching into the sale.
  4. anaxom's avatar
    49757252-81OWZ.jpgthanks for posting the deal, managed to get to the store just before closure and got all these for £3.80 and paid with my points.
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    nicee! was it in Bromley?
  5. Boynamedsue's avatar
    Congrats good first post
    I got my stuff early at 50% off but split purchases to get recycling points on each spend so feel I did well out of it. They waited too long for 75% but you landed lucky to get these - well done
  6. YH_Lin's avatar
    Voted for cold because I am not where close to the store(mad)
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    It’s nationwide. In any boots that have still have Christmas stock. (edited)
  7. AgentLipsy's avatar
    Thank you for this. Boots have taken forever!
  8. Shantoya_Deer's avatar
    I rushed to boots after I saw this but All the shelves are empty now
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    pics or didn't happen
  9. andywedge's avatar
    Thank you for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread
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