Boots baby clothes 3 for 2, £25 off £100 & 10% code stacker £60 +£10 worth of points for £150 worth of kids clothes

Boots baby clothes 3 for 2, £25 off £100 & 10% code stacker £60 +£10 worth of points for £150 worth of kids clothes

Found 29th Sep 2013
Boots baby clothes new collection. Any of these that are on £25 off £100 spend ( click website link ) then narrow results by promotion select 3 for 2 and you'll get all the ones that are on the Christmas 3 for 2 offer, select over £150 worth. 3 for takes off £50, leaving it £100 checkout automatically takes £25 off £100 spend, leaving it £75 then input MINI10 for a further 10% ( thats 10% off full pice before any promotion ) leaving £150 worth of shopping for £60. You'd need to want a lot of clothing but £150 for £60..... And another £10 in points
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links dead?
just go on the boots website..
They take off the cheapest items in the 3 for 2 offer so unless you order everything at the same price it's unlikely that they'd take off the full £50 when ordering £150 of clothes
I spent about £150 on 2 sepperate orders yesterday, a little tip if you order the discounted items (25% off mini club) first eg. 2 items reduced to £3.75 from £5 you can get a full £5 item for free so £7.50 for all 3 items. Even better if you want any of the less than 1/2 price items eg. 2 of the £2 hats reduced from £6 you can get a £6 item for free so all 3 items for £4! And so on... I did check all other reduced price stock in store, toys etc but all sold out.....
Remember to order the reduced first
Shirks - boots actually allocate the 3 for 2 fairly i.e. buy 3 £5 items & 3 £10 items they take off 1 £10 & 1 £5, always have since 3 for 2 started
Oh and by he way order 3 of the reduced items and they credit you with even extra so almost free eg. 3 pairs of the Thomas shorts £3 each reduced from £8 for £1. Don't ask me why or how but a bit of a glitch.

To add to that above... order 3 of the same again Thomas shorts as the example which reduce total to a £1 add the MINI10 code to wipe out the £1 and reduce to £0 for all 3 items, free stuff great!
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Didn't work for me when i put the 10% code in it removed the £25 off 100 spend.
Also 500 extra points when you spend £50 or more with code MOBPTS
Good deal, except every item I tried to buy was oos!!!
Yes almost everything is oos
I started getting cookie errors when I had loads in the basket but has all gone through ok - nice deal and better than half price overall
Thanks hayleylm09. Nearly missed that code!!!
I put one code in but it won't allow another code. Can't stack! How doin add the 500 points code guys??
Do I *
10% doesn't work at all and when I input mobpts the advantage card points go down from 1032 to 912 for some strange reason. Good work on the offer tho - £83 for £200 worth of clothes by adding the cheapest offers first
Does anybody know if these codes are specific to clothes? Can they be used for normal 3 for 2 gifts?
The £25 and 10% only work with baby clothes on the 3 for 2, the 500 points code might work. Would wait a few weeks until they are offering £12 of points with £50 spend they normally do it 3 times in the run up to Christmas
Quidco have a code for 10% off when you spend over £70
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The MINI10 code isn't working
hi, i can't figure out how to stack codes at checkout, only lets me apply one? Any ideas?
i always duplicate the page then add a promotion code separately and they all add up!
Is it possible to stack discount codes on boots website? Eg- can two different codes be placed on the same order?

I have a 30£ code off for nursery furniture and a separate code when buying a pram?
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