Boots Baileys Mini and Ice Cream Maker £12.50

Boots Baileys Mini and Ice Cream Maker £12.50

Found 2nd Jan 2009Made hot 3rd Jan 2009
Amongst all the half price gift sets in Boots, I found an ice cream maker with a sample bottle of Baileys. Reduced to £12.50, I think this is an excellent price for an ice cream maker. This is an electric machine, not just one you have to shake about. Not sure of the quality, but as an example, the next cheapest one I could find that wasn't a toy and similiar style online costs 23.62. Plus a shot of Baileys as an added bonus!

This is my first post, so please let me know if anything is amiss so I can fix it. I've only just started using HUKD and I'm already addicted!


I reckon these will be few and far between by local boots store has very little sale items left now

But good find OP and welcome to HUKD:-D

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My local one (Maidenhead) has lots of gift sets left, along with at least 5 or 6 of these machines, so if anyone else is local...

Thanks for the welcome.

Hi, Boot in Middlesbrough had 2 or 3 of these left this afty, i had a good look and nearly got one, they look ok for the price:thumbsup:

Newcastle , Team Valley and Gateshead Metro Centre have virtually nothing left...not even much in the way of paper ...doubt if there will be a 90%off this year will be nothing left>>

these where £25 just b4 xmas

I ordered one of these online on Boxing day only to just recieve an email to say they won`t be delivering it due to stock issues. I could have had one of the 2 left in my local store the day after I ordered online but decided against it since I had already ordered online. That will teach me.. Not a happy bunny......:x

My mother in law got one for Xmas, worked very well. Great price Welcome to hukd!


these where £25 just b4 xmas

Obviously, since it's in the half price sale. :whistling: :prop:

I brought the ice cream maker for my hubby for Christmas, we have tried it twice, following all instructions carefully but the ice cream will not set!! I though the 1st time maybe I had not whisked the cream into the milk enough, but the second attempt has been no better. HELP would your mother in law have any ideas what might be going wrong? or any one else out there?:thinking:
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