Boots Glitch on 3 for 2 and 1/3rd off toys
Boots Glitch on 3 for 2 and 1/3rd off toys

Boots Glitch on 3 for 2 and 1/3rd off toys

Hold on, I've done this all worng, will try and edit. gah, my first post. Sorry!

Right. Boots have some of their toys on a third off. They are also in the 3 for 2 section.

If you put 3 of one item in your basket, it shows the full price, takes off the 1 'free' then takes a third off all of the items.

I have just bought 3 Buzz Lightyear Lego 'Construct a Buzz'

They were orginally, £20 and I have just paid £20 for 3 of them.

Please can someone help me if the link doesn't work?

Be gentle with me!


ok so whats the glitch, how about some info

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Does this link work?

I'm not sure the direct one is working and I can't seem to edit.

The section is easy enough to find under the 'toys' section and then the 'third off' section on the website.

A few things are out of stock now, but there's a Thomas Swingball, Peppa Pig ride-on, Playmobil helicopter, a couple ofscooters and a few other bits. Might be worth a look if you're putting bits away for Christmas.

I'm confused... comes up at £26.66 for 3 for me which is what it should be @ £13.33 each & 3 for 2

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Item details Item price Quantity Giftbox Returned Refunded Subtotal
LEGO Construct a Buzz
3 for 2 on selected toys
Save 1/3 on selected toys

Add to favourites
£20.00 3 N No £0.00 £20.00

Order summary
Discount 3 for 2 on selected toys -£20.00
Save 1/3 on selected toys -£20.00
Total discount -£40.00
Delivery £0.00

Order total £20.00

Hot! Ideal for some xmas bits...Thank you

Streetz Advanced Series Construction Site @ £13.33 comes up as £20 for 3 so as per post
works only for 3 same items

think the glitch has been fixed

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I think it's still working. I've just tried to add 3 of the Little Princess sets and it's coming up as £15 for 3 - saving £30

There's a LOT of things out of stock now, so someone must have grabbed a bargain or two!

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Kickmaster Backpack Training Set

3 for 2 on selected toys

Save 1/3 on selected toys

Remove – £30.00
Save 1/3 on selected toys -£15.00

Items sub total:
Including VAT and giftboxing £15.00
Advantage Card You could earn 60 Advantage Card Points. Enter your Advantage Card number, login or click here to apply. Advantage Card

Promotions If you have a promotional code, please enter it here Promotions

You have saved: -£30.00

Thanks Mrs H ~ some up coming birthdays sorted!! 3 toy story clocks and 3 aqua beads - £29.99 - so glitch still working!! x

Nope it does not work

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Well, the people on MSE are still using it!

It's still working for me, it has to 3 of the same items though, as banita said

voted hot for finding the glitch,
though i cant think of anyone buying 3 same toys

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Aaah. I have 2 boys myself, and 4 nephews, all of whom would love the Buzz Lightyear Lego - maybe I should have bought 6 instead of 3?!

Anyways, I'm off now, so Happy Shopping to those who might still read this (if there's anything left!)

Still working on other items.

Probably an Ebay seller expired to get them all themselves.

why expired, just oredered. thanks
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