Boots Meal Deal includes the triple pack of Cadbury Cream Eggs!
Boots Meal Deal includes the triple pack of Cadbury Cream Eggs!

Boots Meal Deal includes the triple pack of Cadbury Cream Eggs!

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Sorry if this is a duplicate, i couldn't find this deal when i searched.

The great boots meal deal now includes the triple pack of Cadbury Cream Eggs, handy for Easter! Or even for your desk drawer at work! They individually cost £1.26 which is under the £1.35 maximum for your snacks.

I noticed that the mini egg post are on offer at 2 for 85p which would mean you would only pay the difference between the ingle pack cost and the 85p.

There are also mini Cream Egg packs and cadbury mini egg bags floating around the stores, but for me the 3 pack one it!

The juices that are on offer for BOGOF are Dr Pepper, Irn Bru, Sprite, Oasis and i think Fanta, but I'm only sure on the first 3.


HOT - Great info - thanks. But now I'll totally ruin my healthy sandwich and diet drink lunch with 3 eggs (which I probably eat all on the same day!) Oh well....

Boots have an airside store at Luton Airport where I usually stock up with sani/drink/eat on the way to a Ryanair plane - nice tip.

Same at Stansted, but did u know that the Airport ones are not allowed to put up posters about the meal deal?....it is because it takes trade from the restaurants.

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LOL, sounds daft but you can understand why though. The meal deal has always been a winner for me. Especially now with the buy 5 get the 6th free.

Ohhh....so if you buy a meal deal with a drink on BOGOF, can you get both drinks and still pay just £2.99??

Gotta love the chicken triple and carrot cake :-)

wow... good deal

love those butties.

Does the BOGOF on drinks work then? I tried the Creme Eggs last week and it worked fine, I was happy. Ate them all in quick succession though, heh.

This is a bargain, these meals are a bargain anyways when I go to Manchester airport and Liverpool airport I always get one as they are so much cheaper than Burger King and the restaurants.

if i got chicken tripler
2 cans bro as theyre on bog off
and the 3 creme aggs

you dont get crisps too do you!?

No because the crisps are part of the confectionary part of the meal.


cool ta!

just went in there n got 2 drinks, 3 creme eggs n a wrap. AWESOME
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