Boots Meal Deal Now Includes Galaxy Caramel 135g

Boots Meal Deal Now Includes Galaxy Caramel 135g

Found 3rd Feb 2010
Just a heads up, I went into the Leeds train station Boots to find that Galaxy Caramel 135g sized chocolate has been added to the meal deal, I was over the moon so just letting people know! Think the Galaxy bar would have been £1.40 when bought seperate.

Meal deal £3.49 in London.


£3.49 in London.

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£3.49 in London.

Didn't know it was more expensive in London, unlucky.


Love the Meal Deal.

Previous posts have revealed that any snack or chocolate up to £1.35 will go through as part of the deal, I always put the diabetic sweets in my hubbys they are about £1.30, you can also put the medium grab bag of Maltesers or the Haribo in too.

The big bags of Maltesers, Revels or Minstrels go through too, they aren't supposed to as they are £1.89 but they do.

I'm answering this as an employee of good old Boots, an amazing company to work for

Any snack item (which includes all sweets as far as I'm aware) with a price of less than £1.35 should be compatible with the meal deal. If it doesn't work, just ask your cashier and they should be able to override it for you I believe!
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