Boots: Mens Botanics, King of shaves, Hackett, Gillette 75% off in Baker Street Store, London

Boots: Mens Botanics, King of shaves, Hackett, Gillette 75% off in Baker Street Store, London

Found 13th May 2009
There are lots of mens shaving and face care range in this store at Baker street with many items upto 75% off

As per employee there...they are discontinuing selling some of those lines in that store. She didnt know which other stores were doing similar deals.

Most of the King of shaves range are cheap:
eg SPF24 moisturing cream was only £2.06, face scrub for £1, face wash for £0.96.

The new Gillette after shave balm range were £1.xx

Some of the Hackett range had items 75% off.

Boots botanics range had some good items with their moisturing lotion for only £1.35.
However, they went through the till as buy one get one half price on all their botanics range (I bought a few items), meaning the lotion came out as £2.02 for 2. I dont think that is bad, when their normal price is more than £5 each.

I dont know which other stores have the same offers, but good for anyone near the Baker street store (its the one down Baker street itself, next to the cinema, as opposed to the one by the underground station.

I will scan my reciept so you can see.


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Yup, one in Canary Wharf doing a similar clearance, not all these particular products, otherwise i'd have snapped up the king of shaves stuff, but plenty of Ted baker skincare, (body and hair wash, eye cream, face scrub) , hackett (showe gel), trevor sorbie (clay and wax) , loads of Fish stuff too. :thumbsup:

I found similar deals in a small store in Birmingham (Wylde Green), so HOT and rep, sounds like it's national too! I think they are simply changing the packaging on some of the products and selling the stuff with the older packaging off, but it seemd the same stuff! I found a lot of Adidas stuff reduced too.

The Botanics stuff is really good as well, I went to look again this morning and picked face wash up 55p, moisturiser £1.35, hackett body wash was 97p, and after shave balm King of shaves for £1.20. They also had the brand new gillette after shave balm for £1.63, i'm sure its only been out a little while too. There is also cheap French Connection stuff, Bryllcream and Nivea for men. Stocked up on so much now that I wont be needing toiletries for ages.

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Found out that it also works with their 'buy one get one half price' offer on botanics, and 3 for 2 on some fo their lines.

got 2 FCUK deodrants (97p each) and a Hackett shave cream jar (£1.63) for total of £2.60, which is cheaper than the retail on one deodrant alone!

and I will second on their botanics range...i tried the shave gel for oily skin yesterday, and was without a doubt the best shave gel i have used, and i have used a fair few...and this was with an old mach 3 blade that needs replacing!...that wasnt bad for 50p!

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