Boots No7 Make up reduced to LOW prices INSTORE

Boots No7 Make up reduced to LOW prices INSTORE

Found 5th Sep 2007Made hot 5th Sep 2007

My first post so be gentle!

I went in to my local Boots yesterday (Carlisle) and lots of No7 make up items were on sale. Prices were:

Individual eyeshadows: 33p (on 3 for 2 as well!)
Full impact mascara: 45p
Eyeliner pencil with smudger: 34p
Lipstick: 45p
Nail varnish: 45p

Some real bargains to be had, not sure if this is happening in other branches, but thought it worth mentioning!


I'll be sure to check it out in Brighton - can't turn down bargains like that!! That would be my xmas and birthday pressies sorted for the next few years!!

I couldn't find those deals in my local Boots (London)...Is it nationwide??

not just boots no7! from the southport branch i just bought:

bare foot polish 50p
body firming capsules £1
no7 factor 15 self tan and sunspray £2.50
2 x factor 15 'mens' sun spray 50p
2 x no7 lipstick 50p
3 x bronze gift bag 10p
elizabeth arden lilac eyeshadow and liner pencil 50p *omg*
all for just £6.80! and i got the £5 skin care voucher too

stock up for xmas and birthdays me thinks!

Just got back from Boots Brighton, not a sniff of a bargain. Will keep my eye out though. Thanks for the heads up!

Bigger, older branches are often key with offers like this!

If you recently got the freebie make up bag from No7, there was a voucher in it for 250 free points with any No7 purchase too...

I reckon some of the stores send over the end of line stuff to shops that are more low key.
For eg Marks & Spencers here they don't usually sell light fittings and larger home items,but when there a sale on,we have this sort fo thing on shelves,I'm sure it comes in from Canterbury store and the 1 in Bluewater or something.In the larger stores they don't want lots of messy shelves with sale stuff on,all the bits and pieces etc

[SIZE=2]well im off into taunton tomorrow for an interview so will have a look after that, hope there is something as i always spend lots on No7! i like their stuff[/SIZE]

Which Southport branch Central12 or Chapel St i live here so it would be handy to know thanks?

small low fell branch in gateshead has all of them there, including pizbuin suncream at 50% off, so next yrs hols sorted. £7 for a tube of 1 application SPF 15 all day was rrp of £19.97

Boots in Calne, Wiltshire had various products stupidly cheap. For example, Soltan sun lotion (various factors) from 90p to £1.10 for big bottles. Nasal breath easily strips (own make) pack of 30 for £1. French manicure sets for 50p. Certainly worth poping in if you are passing.

im off tomorrow so im going to pay my local boots a visit! Cheers for tip


Thanks for the tip vix, i'll have a looksie tomorrow

How come there's none of this at my branch?!?


[SIZE=2]well im off into taunton tomorrow for an interview so will have a … [SIZE=2]well im off into taunton tomorrow for an interview so will have a look after that, hope there is something as i always spend lots on No7! i like their stuff[/SIZE]

Good luck with the interview Lynsey! :thumbsup:

My Boots didn't have any of this stuff, but it is quite a new one so previous posters theories hold up there.

I have seen these sales in previous years at my local boots store, so I'm hoping that it will be on in mine this time! I might go and have a look later. I hope the sun cream isn't in the sale though as I only bought some last week at full price!

Hi vix i am in carlisle too and at last have an excuse to use my bus pass to go to town tomorrow thanx

There was none in the Cheltenham store. A few end of line summe items, but only reduced to prices of £4 per eyeshadow and £8 per set of eyeshadows etc, not really much cheaper than they were originally and def no sale items.

Although not No7, thought it would be best to post here.

If you're Southampton way, may be worth popping into the West Quay branch - they have added more stock to clearance and reduced it all further - something about clearing it all this weekend to make way for the Christmas range.

Amongst others i got a Boots Pedicure Pefection kit from £15 to only £3…709
And 15 pairs of opaque hold-ups (diamond and plain, Boots and Pretty Polly) reduced down from either £8 or £5 a pair to only 50p a pair.
Plenty of knee-highs and tights left all 50p a pair.
Unfortuately the 3-4-2 doesn't kick in on these.

Thanx for tip Vix went to boots today in Carlisle too stuff selling out very fast but i managed to get some i spent £5.37 and got

3 No7 eyeshadow Trios 45p but got them 3 for 2
6 Matte lip gloss compacts 50p
5 Nail Varnishes 22p
1 Eyebrow pencil and brush 34p
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