Boots Photo - £5 Off A £5 Spend

Boots Photo - £5 Off A £5 Spend

Expires on 31/05/2020Posted 17th May
3465463.jpgBoots have set up a new online photo supplier and are offering £5 off a £5 spend 3465463.jpg
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Delivery charge ruin everything.
Mmm boots whisky
Delivery charge ruin everything.
Photo prints went from 6p to 15p after the switch to the new system. With the added delivery charge, it’s more expensive.
The delivery charge is unreal.
Boots Photo old provider Snapfish charge 10p per photo.
So basically this only covers the delivery charges. Not worth it.
Send a personalised single card. Works out not much more expensive than a stamp (well it worked on the Irish site, just about the try the UK one)
Doesn’t work as the cards only go up to £4.99. Irish one cards are €6.19 and the voucher is for €5. Damn it
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