Boots upto 1/2 Price Sale now LIVE!

Boots upto 1/2 Price Sale now LIVE!

Found 25th Dec 2017
For those that wanted a heads up! Merry Xmas
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Site is not workin
Sites crashed! 🤣
So the website is now down..... Everyone doing their on-line shopping at 9am on Christmas Day?!!
Website down
Site down thanks anyway op!
Will go 70% off in about 10 days 😊
site down since yesterday start of sale 17:30hrs
Brrr it's getting cold, I got on fine
Its not 50% off though. 3 £10 gifts cost £20 in the 3 for 2. Now they cost £15 so its only really a 25% discount. Clever marketing, but dont be fooled
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Ffs the site is dead ! Stop posting links
Got on there real early and bought quite a bit. Guess all the stuff will be gone once the sites back up
Managed to get on about 5:30 this morning, ordered a decent amount of toiletries to see me through the next 3 months at least.
Soooo you want me to get in line and wait like a store buying scrub? Nope.
Took me over 20 attempts to check my basket out; complete nightmare!!!
Can just skip the waiting time anyway
Apparently if you go via Facebook it cuts the wait
Really disappointing. It's like queuing to pay then having everything taken from you by security and getting thrown out of the shop to queue again outside. Complete waste of time.
Search was not working at all. Then the whole site out of service again and again after a few clicks. Finally settled down now just to find out mostly wanted stuff OOS.
Whens the 70% sale please
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