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Soap and Glory Winter Wonder Glam Set £25 and 3 for 2 at Boots Online
I think this is amazing value as last years big makeup set was £50 and was reduced to £25 as a star gift. However this year it is £25 and on 3 for 2 making it about £17 each when you buy 3. Charme… Read more
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I love the S&G make up. 3 bought with £1.05 cashback through topcash back. Thanks, heat added

Still in stock for me too. Ordered 3

Original Poster

It's still in stock for me?

Out of stock 😯

That would make a lovely gift. The mascara is fab
Lacoste Mens Blanc L.12.12 175ml £39.99 @ Boots
Great deal on mens Lacoste aftershave. 175ml bottle only £39.99 down from £67.00 The 100ml bottle is £39.49 so definitely worth the extra 50p for 75ml more! Says sold out online but they are availabl… Read more
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Smells just like freshly washed clothing lol

This is a good deal. Cheers for posting. Been trying to get the 100ml on a good deal for ages. Nice one. But this is a great price for 175ml 👌🏻
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Light and fresh - I really like this stuff for day-to-day casual wear

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Boots Xmas 3 for 2 lego advents. £25 each, 3 for £50
Star Wars, friends, city great for all those glitchy points collected during the year :) general 3 for 2 starting to load on to the site ....
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Thanks just ordered 3!

buythat17th Sep

Order keeps getting cancelled. Only tried to order 3 SW. Not sure if …Order keeps getting cancelled. Only tried to order 3 SW. Not sure if anyone else having the same issue.

Worked fine for me just now. :-)

Order keeps getting cancelled. Only tried to order 3 SW. Not sure if anyone else having the same issue.

Heat. Worth mentioning that other toys are included in the 3 for 2, I got an advent calendar plus some other toys ready for Christmas

EnaSharplesHairnet3 h, 1 m ago

How the hell did we, as a nation, get to the point where we spend more on …How the hell did we, as a nation, get to the point where we spend more on an advent calendar than some families have to spend on food in a week. FFS Britain, get a grip.There was me thinking this was a site for thrifts.

No this is a site where people buy stuff they don't need, and earn referral commission for some faceless corporate types, whilst the site is managed by volunteers.

Edit: I've ordered 3 SW calendars
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Mini Club Floral Print Dress was £6 now £3 in Mid Season Sale @ Boots (more Mini Club offers in OP inc items £6 each or 2 for £8 / 3 for £12) Mod & Ed
Love mini club clothing, think it's really good quality & wears / washes well, have a few baby / toddler birthdays coming up, so was having a nose & found that they have an upto 50% off Mid … Read more
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That xmas dress is gorgeous, oos unfortunately
Home & Garden
No 7 Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar Waiting List is Live @ Boots
I know its just a waiting list but as least we should get the heads up as soon as they go on sale as they usually sell out pretty quickly. RRP: £40 GIFT CONTENTS WORTH £169 *worth value based on item… Read more
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Original Poster

Yep, back up and working again now !

It's still working I just signed up! At 3.15am

h00ver4 h, 2 m ago

anyone any idea why link is down?

I think it stops working after so many people join the list. It happened last year but it makes no difference as you dont need to sign up to get one. They email the people on he list to say when you are able to buy. Last year they emailed in the afternoon to say you could order online the night before it went in the shops. It is usually posted on here anyway.

anyone any idea why link is down?

Ah, 23 items of tat you don't really need, and a couple you do. All for £40! Bargain!
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L'Oréal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner £0.75 @ Boots and on offer 3 FOR 2
L'Oréal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo 250 ml , Conditioner £0,75 @ Boots and on offer 3 FOR 2
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This reminds me: for any students still undecided, there is a three year Fibrology BSc Honours degree course at London Metropolitan University. Be quick, courses commence on the 25th of September.

Original Poster

Normal shelf

Was it on the normal shelf or in the clearance section?

Original Poster

In store

Clinique For Men Trial Kit £5 @ Boots - Free c&c mod
Boots have this back in stock again, nice little set to try if you have never used Clinique products before or could be stored away as a stocking filler (y) Contains Face Wash 30ml Exfoliating Ton… Read more
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Ha, cheers. I'm consciously phasing out all products (using up, not buying more of) I know are made by companies that test on animals.
Many that say they don't in fact do.
Pretty horrific if you give some thought to it. But easy to not think about.
The big French laboratories are particularly bad.

The other thing I look at more now is the ingredients.
Loads of them are majorly bad for you - endocrine disruption - feminising etc.

Paste ingredients in here:…php

And check the high numbers here:…ep/

To make informed decisions

Mancave and Bulldog are both great brands for men.
And you can get good deals on them (e.g. third off, half price sometimes at Boots and Amazon for Mancave etc.)

Wow, what a mixed bunch of opinions; the one about killing bunnies was my favourite...

Buy 5, for £25, get 75ml moisturiser, 150ml face wash and 150 ml exfoliating. As the 100ml moisturiser is £25.50 on its own, seems like a fair price.

i think its a good deal. its inexpensive for xmas add on, plus you get 20 boots points

They kill bunnies - I'd get Mancave or bulldog instead - Boots regularly discount it.
Nyx Lip liner normally £6 but boots selling it for £3 @ Boots
Im unsure as to whether it was a mistake or not but Boots is selling Nyx's lip liner any colour for £3 instead of the usual £6 :)
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Original Poster

cupcake12553 m ago

Recently bought a eyeliner that was reduced to £3 it was rubbish …Recently bought a eyeliner that was reduced to £3 it was rubbish smudged,not sure about their products now

I suppose it depends on how your skin reacts to it. Personally, I have really watery and sensitive eyes and had tried endless types of eyeliners by all sorts of brands, bought an eyeliner from Nyx (also at a reduced price) and it stayed on through tears and makeup wipes, all the way until the next day.

Recently bought a eyeliner that was reduced to £3 it was rubbish smudged,not sure about their products now

kolibri12 h, 10 m ago

£2.95 on Amazon …£2.95 on Amazon

That's only a selected few shades.

love nyx

I never seem to find any promotions or discounts for nyx at boots. Voted hot. Thanks for sharing
Boots ad card 20th anniversary. 20 points per pound over the weekend - £50 min spend
To celebrate Boots 20th year of Advantage card, this weekend you can collect 20 points per pound spent rather then the usual 4 points per pound. Minimum spend applies Instore from Friday 8th Sept
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Was an amazing promotion.

Was able to get Johnson Baby products on offer at buy one get one free as well as regular Cow & Gate formula (non infant) at £8.50, but there was also 20 points back per pound spent as well as the usual 6 points as part of the Parenting Club.

The usual discounts given in the Boots app were also valid, so received 150 points for over £15 spend and £3 specific discount on Johnson Baby products.

There were a limit of 6 per item so had to buy a lot of different things though.

Thanks OP.
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Thinking of getting a fitbit Alta hr

The permanent 3 for 2 offer on vitamins and supplements is worthwhile. I got 3x200 Gopo rosehip capsules for price of 2 today, that's £53.98, then got £10.60 in points. That's good.

Original Poster

Online and Instore

Great thanks OP! Heat added
150 ml ted baker body spray was £7 now £3.50 and other ted baker items reduced ( Boots )
Found in boots.150ml ted baker body spray ( pink ) was £7 now £3.50 found on bottom rack where all ted baker items are. Ted baker body blush cream £5 some other bits but was only interested in body sp… Read more
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Original Poster

Thank you to the person that posted the picture, also forgot but as I brought over £10 worth of ted baker I got a till spill with 100 points ( worth £1 ) when you next spend £10 or more on ted baker so if a few bits to buy this might come in handy. Shame it wasn't on 3 4 2 but you can't have everything lol
Free Chanel Gabrielle Sample (Be warned you will have to keep refreshing at the moment) @ Boots Proof below that it DOES work
Could be worth trying later as it took me 3 attempts. These terms and conditions apply to the “Chanel Request A Sample” (the “Offer”) being run by Boots UK Limited (the “Promoter”). Offer open to al… Read more
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I had a sniff today as I walked past a department store in the city centre....hmmm, not sure.

It's a bit "basic" (as the fashionistas might say)..I'm wondering what it reminds me of? Some long-forgotten hairspray maybe? It's "quite nice" but it still doesn't beat my favourite Chanels - Allure Sensuelle, Chance, Cristalle.

It's quite citrusy, slight echoes of Boss Orange, not as sweet? Doesn't seem to last long, and I like my perfumes to be long-lasting, not necessarily a powerhouse perfume that stinks out rooms, but to feel I'm getting longevity for my money - and Gabrielle is pricey.

I was afraid it might have the awful "old lady aldehyde pong" of Chanel No5, luckily it doesn't.
Edited by: "louiselouise" 11th Sep

Just come into store, we have loads! Plus Chanel Bleu samples for men came in alongside

Deal closed for me, heat added anyways!

Mine went through alright. I left out my Advantqge Card number as I didn't have it handy.

thankyou square79. went straight to site filled in form and hey presto my sample is on way
Home & Garden
Yankee candles was £23.99 now £6.00 large / £5 medium @ Boots
Yankee candles large and medium jars. Scents include Flowers in the sun Lemongrass and ginger Sea salt and sage Large jars were £23.99 now £6.00 Medium jars were £23.99 now £5 In Boots the chemist… Read more
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Lots of thanks to the OP for this! There were quite a few candles left at my local of different sizes and scents. I picked up two large ones for £6 each to set aside for gifts, very pleased.

I got large lemongrass for 6. sea salt and sage medium for 5 boots in Wigan

I managed to get a medium flowers in the sun for £5 and they had the large lemon grass and ginger for £6 but left it as not my kind of smell! Also had wickwood ones £6.25 and £7 definitely worth a look

In North Street, Brighton loads of Vanilla Cupcake medium for £5, 4x Flowers in the Sun Medium £5 and 1x Sea Salt and Sage Medium for £5.

Lemongrass and Ginger fully stocked also but no mention of a reduction on that one.
Edited by: "kim432" 6th Sep

oh I hope Wigan have them might nip down and look
Lego Star Wars sets reduced tie striker £40 at
Few sets with good reduced prices on £40 for Tie Striker set from rogue one seems a good price, beats Lego in its sale! also First Order Tie fighter £43 U wing £50 krenick shuttle also re… Read more
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rog2nd Sep

[Image] wish i had caught it at £10 it's well gone

What website was that??

Or you could always wait for the £650 Falcon released soon(shock)


wish i had caught it at £10 it's well gone
Edited by: "rog" 2nd Sep
Better than 1/2 price on selected Beauty Works @ Boots
Prices from £7.50. High quality synthetic hair. Maximum styling temperature 180 degrees. Free delivery on orders to store
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Thanks OP. I don't think they will work with my hair but I've always wanted to try and at this price I'm having a go.

Massive savings on the human hair clip ins, great find/pricefor the quality of the hair!

Paid a fortune for my extensions.
Boots up to 75% off kids toys and kids and baby items
Toys and products up to 75% off to put away for Christmas eg Pepper pig was £30 now £7.50… Read more
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Collected my toys today. Very happy with them. Thanks again for the post


Though Im not quite sure whether your Chewbacca is quite a deal in your description!

Some of them are coming up as 'stock coming soon' so fingers crossed !

Original Poster

clairewordley1 h, 50 m ago

Missed out on what I wanted 😭😭

Boo - but keep checking for returns

The real pug pet looks cute but out of stock
Boots Online Glitch, 3 Sleek sets worth £25 each for £22.50
A post has already been created for the offers at Boots Online however when I added 3 of the sleek sets to the basket (priced at £15 each) the total was £22.50. All 3 sets are worth £75 combined.
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Out of stock already.

Item oos. Please expire

Thanks, I've ordered mine! Christmas pressies started

Original Poster

If you buy 6 it works out even cheaper per set

ah yes it does its on for 3 for 2 and buy one get one half price too
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes £1 per pack @ Boots
I didn't receive an email but I just found some handy wipes. On offer for 3 for £3 i.e. £1 per pack. Mix and match Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Wipes Garnier Micellar Extra-… Read more
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Is this offer also available in store?

Fab deal thanks OP

Thanks op ordered.