Bop It Extreme 2 Adult Light - £12.49

Bop It Extreme 2 Adult Light - £12.49

Found 23rd Oct 2007
Pull it and spin it and flick it and twist it and bop it and One Hit and you'll be hooked!

Adult Dark also available for the same price.
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Got this last year for wife for christmas. Very addictive
WTF! what do you do with it! Is it some sort of sex toy?! :shock:
Ordered a couple of these for xmas a few weeks back from Amazon. The kids version is £12.99 (bit more colourful).

Cheap for a Bop-it, voted Hot.

brill these are great fun, I seem to remember them being a lot more colourful - maybe we played the kides version - either way we'd had a few to drink and ended up playing this for about 5 horus non stop!

WTF! what do you do with it! Is it some sort of sex toy?! :shock:

lol you havent lived if you havent at least tried to "bop it"Its a great party game. It shouts orders of what you need to do the more you get right the faster it shouts the orders and higher your score. You have to bop it, twist it spin it pull it or whip it - oo er does sound like some adult toy when you think about it.
Voted Hot.
Had one of these (not the light version) for a few years now, very addictive, and one of things you just can't get rid of.
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