Bop-It Original, Was £16.99 Now £4.24 @ Sainsburys

Bop-It Original, Was £16.99 Now £4.24 @ Sainsburys

Found 24th Apr 2009Made hot 24th Apr 2009
As title, not sure on the exact price but I think it was £4.24 (definately below £4.50).

Had loads in stock at Grantham store.


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my kids have Bop-it Extreme, it's quite addictive:thumbsup:Brilliant … my kids have Bop-it Extreme, it's quite addictive:thumbsup:Brilliant price btw

Never played it myself, but the gf has wanted one for ages so picked one up at this price.

Brilliant for drinking games!!!

Hours of laughter!

bop it!!
Flick it!!
spin it!!
twist it!!
pull it!!



Hot. this game is awesome fun

Cool, mine is broken (read worn out!)


bargin i think !! i love this game hours of fun !!! so funny!! but once you start you cant just put it down haha !!! hot from me

never played the original but have the extreme one! my other half and I were so addicted the kids didn't get a look in! although we were quite upset when we found out that once you get to 250 points that's the limit and games over! not we'll never know who's the best! mum vs. dad continues!

WOW actually found something in my local Sainsburys (Withymoor Brierley Hill) WITH 6 ON THE SHELF! But alas when I got to the checkout it scanned at £12.46 (Not much of a saving)
I don't know why I even bother going there anymore as I have never had anything from there that has been advertised on here.

I went to my local Sainsbury and it was priced at £8.47 - didn't buy, went to another Sainsburys and they had it marked for £4.24.

Were several on the shelf in Uxbridge on Friday lunch time if it helps anyone
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