Borat (DVD) - £1.98 @ Choices UK

Borat (DVD) - £1.98 @ Choices UK

Found 6th May 2011Made hot 16th May 2011
Remember minimum spend 2.50!!!

Feature mockumentary starring Sacha Baron Cohen that brings one of the 'Da Ali G Show' star's most popular characters to life on the big screen. Borat Sagdiyev (Cohen) is a leading journalist from Kazakhstan's state-run television network. He is sent to the United States to report on all aspects of American life. However, after stumbling across an episode of 'Baywatch' while channel-surfing in his hotel room, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying the show's star, Pamela Anderson. He purchases a ramshackle ice-cream truck in which he and his faithful producer Azamat (Ken Davitan) make their way across the Great Plains and on to the sunny West Coast - all the while coming into contact with a wide variety of 'typical' Americans.



probably the funniest film ever made

hot hot hot

great success er i mean film

Very NICE .....

Wowa wee wah!


I LIKEEEEE! Added heat

The bedroom fight scene scarred me for life...

No way is borats tackle 1.5 foot long, the fat guy on the other hand.


The bedroom fight scene scarred me for life...


Very funny but painful to watch.....

It's nice

In my country we say to let a woman drive a car is like to let a monkey fly a plane, very dangerous yes.

"This is Natalia"............"She is my Seeester".

Great film - so wrong but so right....

Sacha truly has balls of steel the dangerous situations he put's himself into. Great film.

Beautiful..........Very clever film........Very clever guy
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