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Borderlands 2 VR @ PSN
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Borderlands 2 VR @ PSN

Posted 20th Dec 2019

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The iconic shooter-looter gets in your face! Virtually immerse yourself in the untamed world of Borderlands. Step into the boots of a treasure-seeking Vault Hunter armed with 87 bazillion guns on a quest to line your pockets with loot. Blast bandits with real-world aiming, punch psychos in the mouth, race across the desert in stolen bandit vehicles and free Pandora from Handsome Jack’s clutches!

Become one of four playable classes: Siren, Commando, Gunzerker and Assassin, each with unique skillsets and combat styles!

Shoot-and-loot with bazillions of procedurally-generated guns, each with their own capabilities and modifiers. Plus, lust after procedurally-generated shields, grenades, relics, class mods and more for maximum power and mayhem!

Use the new Slow-Mo ability to set up your next attack! Plus, with Teleport, glide across Pandora as gracefully as Claptrap, if he had grace.
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Now this is tempting thanks Op
Is it actually any good tho?
Thought doom vr was total garbage
Edited by: "bo9dster007" 20th Dec 2019
Game is fun in VR.

Ps move controller are a pile of grabage for VR period, moreso with games that must have a thumb stick for movement.
No online, no coop, only single player.

And yes Doom vr is also a pile of garbage on the PSVR, even with the joypad your arms just stick out all the time, very lazy VR port, as for this game, i would say the perfect price for it would be £9.99, but that is only my view, take of that what you will.
Edited by: "XP200" 20th Dec 2019
Can you use the aim controller with thiis?
Loved doom with the ds4, this is a great and exact conversion of the original but too much game for VR imo, not suited to hours of rpg grinding.
bo9dster00720/12/2019 10:08

Is it actually any good tho?Thought doom vr was total garbage

Great point. Thanks for positively influencing people to reality on this thread
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