Borderlands For PC - £3.99 @ Play
Borderlands For PC - £3.99 @ Play

Borderlands For PC - £3.99 @ Play

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Great price for a great game, Normally you looking at £5+ for a 2nd hand copy so £3.99 for brand new is a bargain. If you havent played borderlands yet then youve gotta.

Dont forget cashback.


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Also when youve played the game you can trade it in at CEX for,
We buy for : £4.00
Give exchange : £5.00
So you get your money back after youve done with it

Enjoyed this lots on the PS3, good game

Excellent FPS worth every penny, good replay value as once clocked, in next playthroughs they bump up the monsters hit points and bonuses etc much like in games like Diablo.

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Some fantastic guns in this game.

Bah I paid £19.99 for this on Steam last weekend.
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Put 50 hours into this one, shame the DLC is such a rip. You're best finding a cheap GOTY copy!

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Dont forget this is 1 day only so will go back up soon... Buy before it goes back up

worth playing for a week or two and selling to CEX, it becomes repetitive and you waste time deciding which weapons to keep/sell/use.

Brilliant game, definitely makes you play through it twice for the tougher enemies and the rarer guns. Still, could have been harder though. Good online integration as well.

Price now £5 when I checked at 11.30 pm

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went back up last night price now £5... still a good price

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