Borderlands GOTY (360) £17.89 @ sendit (poss 3.5%quidco)

Borderlands GOTY (360) £17.89 @ sendit (poss 3.5%quidco)

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Fantastic game given it's got the original game plus 4 DLC's it's great value

DLC included:
* The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned: Enter the corporate owned small town known as Jakobs Cove, and put an end to the rumours of the walking “undead”…New areas ,new missions, new enemies, Oh My!
* Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot: Are you god’s gift to gun fights? Think you’re the best? Wanna prove it? Then help us celebrate the grand opening of Marcus Bank by killing hundreds and hundreds of people in the only competitive arena around where your next of kin can be assured that you’re coming back famous.. .or not at all.
* The Secret Armory of General Knoxx: Want more of the Borderlands story? Want more loot than you could possibly figure out what to do with? Of course you do! Add new guns, missions, vehicles and increase your Level Cap!
* Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution: This destructive adventure invites you back to the inhospitable environments of Pandora to battle a vicious new threat, a massive uprising of your former friends; the claptraps.


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^ changed post for just XBOX for ya


^ changed post for just XBOX for ya

Only posted to save your deal going cold because the PS3 version is cheaper else where.

I gave you heat aswell as cheapest place for the xbox version.

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Only posted to save your deal going cold because the PS3 version is … Only posted to save your deal going cold because the PS3 version is cheaper else where.I gave you heat aswell as cheapest place for the xbox version.

i did search originally but didn't see urs so thanks for pointing it out

Bear in mind if you buy this that you have to download the DLC from Xbox Live, it's not on the disk, you just get given codes to redeem. It's about 4.5GB or so for all of it, so make sure you have the space to save it. It's good fun though, especially in co-op. The original game was plagued by bugs and glitches when it first came out, but most of them have been patched now, so, even though the game is well over a year old, now is probably the best time to be playing it.

One of the best xbox games I've ever played, HOT from me!

Hella deal.

Game didn't do it for me. Mates hyped it up way to much, but they say it's brilliant. Wouldn't argue with them.

Brilliant game. Didn't like it at first so passed it on but came back to it later and never looked back. You have to give it a few hours to get the hang of it and when you do it sucks you in.

Not really a hot deal as it's only a couple of pence cheaper than quite a few other E-tailers and as both WH Smith and LOVEFiLM Retail offer 4% quidco cashback for game sales, they would both be a little cheaper than this deal after cashback.

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Includes Duke Nukem Forever beta access as well if that swings it for anyone

I brought Borderlands and all the dlc when they came out and still play it now with my gf. This game is excellent in solo and co-op (one of the few games where co-op is actually a better experience)

ordered it at this price at the hut when they said they had stock. a week later they tell me i can cancel if i want because they cant get it for a while. would buy this but i really cba registering on yet another website. if it comes down on play, shopto or amazon i will buy

Asda Entertainment are doing the same deal, but you're probably better off with this, as their delivery service is, at the best of times, abysmal. I waited 10+ 'working days' for it to arrive. I suppose it was worth it, as other retailers are listing it around the 30 quid mark.
Brilliant game though. Any FPS/RPG fan should own Borderlands.
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