Borderlands PS3 £[email protected] or 2 for 25.00 via glitch
Borderlands PS3 £19.99@Argos or 2 for 25.00 via glitch

Borderlands PS3 £[email protected] or 2 for 25.00 via glitch

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Similar to how the recent Brutal Legend glitch works, this is in the two for 45.00 offer still but takes 15.00 off one of the copies.
CEX currently offer 18.00 trade in or 12.00 cash , so is either a copy of Borderlands for 7.99 or 18quid towards another game.
Is available on reserve and collect


What's the glitch then??

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Glitch being that the system takes the 15.00 quid off still should be only be working on the two 29.99 games for 45.00

Makes Borderlands for 13 quid. Cheaper than the other deal as CEX only give 6 quid for Brutal Legend, making Borderlands 14 quid then. Just print off the reserve thing and if they ask questions, show em that and you should get it.
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You could always reserve online and pay via the instore terminal to avoid questions ;-)

As it's an age classified game it doesn't allow you to do this i'm afraid.

they dont honour it i tried it yesterdaY AND THEY CHARGED ME FULL PRICE

Have honoured some. I have figured out why this glitch is on. It says "buy 2 29.99 games for £45" but borderlands is on for 19.99 and not 29.99 therefore its saving you a tenner on each game from the sum of £45. Score! Gonna go try now in town...

one of our local stores honoured it another didnt cos the manageress called head office to check if the price was right and thy said no but st albans spencer street did and we got both games for £20 it added the second to the basket for 1p and the other was normal at 19.99

Ahahaha, score! Did it at two stores and each one said we can't just do it so I showed them the reservation email on my phone and they checked the sender and what not and the manager honoured it. Should come in use for future trade ins
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