Borders: Yellow Stickered items - 3 for £6 @ Borders in store

Borders: Yellow Stickered items - 3 for £6 @ Borders in store

Found 19th Dec 2009
I was at Borders Angel Islington today and over the Tannoy they mentioned that the price for yellow stickered items was 3 for £15. Then they released another tannoy announcement with a blatantly mocked up coversation (e.g. Tim asking Howard what the correct offer was again and Tim (names made up) went "oh it's 3 for £6"). Yellow stickered items are most the items on prominent display.

Borders closes Tuesday, so get some stuff whilst you can.

It's 50% off most things now. Blurays are good value, some are £5.

Additionally, they are setting everything in the store down to fittings. Tables are going for £30, shelves for about £10, Book Cabinets only £50 each!, tables chairs... I picked up some thermal labels, 6 massive rolls for £3. I'll find a use for them later.

They're even selling the Health and safety books, along with ringbinders etc...Pretty much anything not fixed to the floor is for sale.


Just been in Borders at Silverlink. They were doing discounts of 80% on travel, science & transport books. Just paid £34 for £169 of books

norwich is 60/80% off, not much left closes in 4 days got a couple of microsd cards 2gb for £2.50 each

dont forget that most of the prices are off the RRP and no one sells for RRP so you will get most cheaper
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