Born To Be Riled by Jeremy Clarkson - £3.99 (in-store only, rrp £7.99)

Born To Be Riled by Jeremy Clarkson - £3.99 (in-store only, rrp £7.99)

Found 14th Feb 2007
Looking for a last minute little Valentine's Day gift for him? Pop into Waterstones for this book. I know it's available on Amazon for the same price, but you can get this instantly in the shop! Looks like it is in-store only though, as it shows £5.59 online. It was £3.99 in-store when I saw it a couple of days ago.

Jeremy Clarkson, it has to be said, sometimes finds the world a maddening place. And nowhere more so than from behind the wheel of a car, where you can see any number of people acting like lunatics while in control (or not) of a ton of metal. In "Born to be Riled", Clarkson takes a look at the world through his windscreen, shakes his head at what he sees - and then puts the boot in. Among other things, he explains: why Surrey is worse than Wales; how crossing your legs in America can lead to arrest; the reason cable TV salesmen must be punched; and that divorce can be blamed on the birth of Jesus. Raving politicians, pointless celebrities, ridiculous 'personalities' and the Germans all get it in the neck, together with the stupid, the daft and ludicrous in a tour de force of comic writing guaranteed to have Clarkson's postman wheezing under sackfuls of letters from the easily offended.


I'm not going to vote on it either way, but I just want to say I cannot stand this guy

£3-73 in Asda.


The only thing offensive about Clarkson is his stupidity.

I would hate to think that a penny of my money is going to this horrible man..unfortunately it is because I pay my TV licence fee grrrrrrrrrrrr.

each to there own.
I find his books quite funny and sometimes very truthful.
He also has a very good point about global warming, but thats not for here to discuss I guess.

£2.97 in Tesco :-)
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