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Born Unwanted: Life Lessons in Dealing with Verbal Emotional Abuse,Surviving Painful Past, Becoming Stronger [Kindle Edition] Free @ Amazon
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Born Unwanted: Life Lessons in Dealing with Verbal Emotional Abuse,Surviving Painful Past, Becoming Stronger [Kindle Edition] Free @ Amazon

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Posted 10th Feb

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5.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings - Paperback - £7.64 - Length: 173 pages

Have you experienced verbal, emotional abuse? Is your behavior looking like your upbringing? Are you interested in exploring incidents from your past to improve your self-image?
Follow the author as she walks through her life, overcoming her mother’s comments and actions beginning with her birth.
The lived shared examples are designed for you to discover yourself through your reflection after reading each story.
Your family of origin is the beginning of where your personality started and has developed into who you are today.
By looking into your past history of how you were brought up, you will discover how and why you respond or react to specific circumstances.
For moms, dads and grandparents too, examine how you communicate with your children's grandchildren or maybe even great-grandchildren. Your actions, love, and attitudes will be how they will relate to their children in the future and sometimes even to you.
Teachers can benefit by not only observing their students but by how they relate in teaching both verbally and non-verbally. You and your actions are an essential piece in the students’ years and can make or break their confidence, performance, and behavior.
Everyone can improve their lives and live in the positive instead of the negative many of us have lived with since we were born.
Follow author, Helen Damon Hesketh, as she shares her years of experiences in these memories to assist you to have a light bulb moment in your mind of your past and aid you in developing your future.

5.0 out of 5 stars Resolve Life Issues
10 February 2020 - Published on Amazon.com
Loved this raw and vulnerable journey of one humans experiences. Life can make you bitter, or life can make you curious. The author uses herself to expose situations and experiences that may have stunted us of called us to change. The threads she weaves enable others to stop and dissect problem areas holding them back in life.
This process allows the reader to navigate new behaviors while understanding why one might feel and act the way they do.
Loved this so much. The “Letter to Mom” at the end was quite touching. Give it a read!
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